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  1. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    My vinyl had some sound issues too. I didn’t realize this was a common thing.
  2. Sucks that this was postponed. My kids were really looking forwRd to it. I can’t see this being rescheduled before summer of 2021. Long time for Axl to sit idle. Who knows what he will sound or look like by then.
  3. What a great time to finish up an album. No commitments and all the time and money anyone could ask for. Of course, this may make sense and GnR would never thing about doing that.
  4. It’s very obvious it is Axl. He’s the one that took 14 years to release CD. He’s the one that chose to hide once it was released and not promote it at all. He’s the one that has allowed 12 more years to roll by since CD was released without anything new. This is basically his band and he calls the shots. Even with Slash and Duff back in, he still refused to do any promotion, interviews or release anything new. I think everyone around him would like to release something. That is why all band members mention possibilities including team Brazil. As a result we get our hopes up and think “something soon” is in the works. In reality, no one really knows what or when anything will happen, unless Axl himself says it.
  5. NITL live videos on youtube

    If Axl and team Brazil would work on music and their jobs instead of tweeting nonsense about Trump and creating political T-shirts, we would have more than 1 album and one half ass dvd in the last 27 years. Pretty sad how far things have fallen. Guns n Roses played a packed show during the height of the pandemic and now wants to cast blame on anyone but themselves. Typical out of touch liberal celebrities. Go back to work and actually do something for your fans. Sorry about the rant.
  6. Hopefully we can get word of something before we reach 300 pages.
  7. For me the beat show was when I saw them in 92 with Metallica at three rivers stadium. The whole scene at that time is hard to explain to people that were too young to witness. The Vegas 2016 and Detroit 2016 were close though. I never thought GnR would have so much excitement and buzz again. Trying to get into And then out of Ford field with tons of people dressed in GnR gear and singing really brought me back In time about 25 Years lol.
  8. It was definitely electric. At one point, fans were starting to chant as people were getting pretty pissed that we couldn’t get in to the arena. The mood was really starting to turn dark. I think at that time it was nearing 11pm. If they had not opened the doors when they did, a riot may have occurred. The concert blew away my expectations. One of the best performances of GnR I have seen in my 13 times seeing them through the years.
  9. I was at the First Vegas show. I was able to meet Eddie and Myles Kennedy. Both were very friendly and accessible. I got a pic with each of them. The vibe and excitement at that show was fantastic. Hard to believe it was 4 yrs ago
  10. Sounds good. It would be great to meet you and some of our forum members.
  11. That was a great show. We had a party bus and a great group of friends and family. The sound and vibe at this show was like being back to 1992 again. I hope that the show this year still happens.
  12. There’s plenty of talent between Axl, Slash and Duff to produce a good album. It would be nice to have Izzy back, but that’s not going to happen. I’d take anything at this point. I just want to hear some new songs from my favorite band.
  13. Even if they did plan on releasing it in March, you can be that would be delayed. Much of the worlds economy is halting to a standstill. Not a good time to market a new product. Best we can hope for at this point would be June imo.
  14. I like the overall sound of Hard School, but I think the intro is a little long and kind of dull. Seems like everything he did during that time had these long drawn out intros. It works on Chinese Democracy but not as much on Hard School.
  15. He definitely isn’t referring to the Mexican people. He is clearly talking about whoever broke his piano. He then even jokes that they should be able to find one of his 29. Ridiculous that anyone can try to turn this into something it is not. on another note, since I cannot waste anymore time on the other bs, I thought Axl sounded pretty damn good at this concert. Your crazy sounded fantastic and WTTJ sounded good too. I’m glad to see, makes me have hope for a great show in Detroit in July. I also really think we are going to hear Hard School “soon” too.