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  1. L' Arc 2010

    I don’t know how, but I’ve never seen these before. Just watched a few songs, fantastic. I forgot how good the 2010 shows were.
  2. I really feel if that happened, this band would be talked about as one of the best or the best rock bands in history. Surpassing the Stones. There also would be a huge attitude difference from the fans and a whole lot less bitching in this forum. This band is still very highly regarded and public opinion seems to have improved since the 2016 reunion. Unfortunately, they will always be tagged for “what could have been”. They threw it all away at the height of their popularity.
  3. The fact is Axl has the most say and has been and will continue to be the reason why it takes 20 years for each album. I really thought Slash and Duff would help streamline the process, but evidently not
  4. I live in metro Detroit and haven’t heard a thing about it. I saw a Janet Jackson commercial this morning lol. I would think they would do some promotion and advertising. I typically listen to Sirius XM so I’m not sure if the local radio stations have been plugging it.
  5. I like the idea of this thread. Unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to find any of the tunes to listen too! This new policy and GnR’s insistence of removing any content really sucks.
  6. I caught that too but couldn’t remember what it advertised
  7. The "New Album" Thread

    I’m in the same boat but in Detroit
  8. My opinion hasn’t changed but I’m surprised that they have not been able to change the direction of the band or inspire some creativity out of Axl. I always thought that the hired hands didn’t have any say so and Axl needed some prodding. The hired guns could not do that without being fired. I expected Slash and Duff to move the ball forward, not just keep doing it Axl’s way. To be fair, since there addition, they have started shows on time and put quite a few deep cuts into the set. We also got the box set and Shadow of your love. I just can’t believe they would hang on much longer if Axl continues to refuse to put out new music.
  9. It would be nice to finally see a real interview with Axl,Slash and Duff. They could promote the hell out of this especially if they announced some new music.
  10. Yeah it’s a little pricey but anymore they all seem expensive especially the $45 in fees
  11. I ended up getting four tickets to Detroit. Section 117. Can’t do put with young ones.
  12. If you think Axl is sounding rough, try listening to Vince Neil. He doesn’t even sing half the words to the song and the ones he does sing sound like he’s making stuff up as he goes.
  13. Anyone know of any ore sale options besides nigh train?
  14. My daughter is 14 and my son will be 12 when they come to Detroit. They wanted to go last time, but I thought they were too young. Going to try to get tix for this one as I think this is the last hurrah.