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  1. Tyler sings within his natural voice range 90% of time, deviating from it here and there for impact. His singing voice is pretty close to his talking voice for the most part - it would be similar to Axl using the voice he uses at ISE or Patience for the majority of time in the majority of songs. Even if he used rasp for a few lines at every song, he would probably still have it at this point in his career. Axl`s singing voice is way, way higher than his natural voice range, which is the Patience voice. He spends the majority of songs way up there, and did that using insane amounts of drive for years and years. That's a recipe for disaster. More so than the rasp, using the upper limits of the vocal range with power is what really kills rockers voices: ir screwed Brian, Robert Plant, Bon Jovi, Rob Halford guys like Elton John. It would sooner or later happen to Axl. I'd encourage you to research a Brazilian metal band called Angra (you might know it). They had two vocalists who didn't use much rasp, both would hit ridiculously high notes for years, Andre Matos and Edu Falaschi. Both are in their mid 40's now and their voices are absolutely obliterated. Falaschi actually left the band after a disastrous performance in RIR 2011 (ring any bells? lol) and released a massive, candid statement about no longer being able to sing that high, and how forcing himself to sing at the top of his range was actually starting to ruin his lower range too. He has a new band and stays well within his natural range now. Axl lasted pretty long for someone who does what he does, as agressively as he does. Longer than Brian Johnson, who ruined his vice in 83, longer than Plant too. There is a chance he actually takes very good care of his voice.
  2. Nah, no need to retire. Axl is a capable singer still, imo he is just a bit to proud and hopeful with his ability right now. He needs to drop those songs down a notch and will be able to sing them just fine. There is no way around it, there are two things that are devasting for male singers: singing at the top of their range and using drive. Axl's done both throughout his career, and his voice paid for it. Bon Jovi and Brian Johnson both did that and adapted for years, it's a matter of trading "wow" moments for a consistent, decent performance.
  3. The first half of 2018

    They could just as easily have released a below expectations record and faded away during the period with so many other good bands.
  4. I do hope you are right, but Axl has always come back unprepared after a long break. Literally always. Even in 2006 and 2010 he was not in top form in the first concerts and found his footing later when the tour progresses. I really hope he doesn't do that, but I wouldn't put it past Axl to come back next year after seven months of doing absolutely nothing vocally, and sounding like RIR, 2014 NA leg etc. or worse. I hope he knows what he is doing and is driven to perform at a high level at this point. At his age, it is much easier to maintain strong muscles you already have than it is to achieve them if you let them lose their strength.
  5. That's not far off. I agree that he is putting a lot of effort in recent performances. I'm a massive AC/DC fan and was glad Axl/DC happened, but it's probably a shame for most GNR fans that Axl's finest vocal work this decade happened there, and not in the reunion (even though NITL had some fine moments). I'm afraid that Axl really blew through that voice, but I might be wrong, we'll see. Logic dictates that returns diminish from this point, so probably 2016 will soon be seen as the new 2010.
  6. I will try to illustrate my point a bit. A random Better bridge from 2016: Yesterdays Better bridge (similar to most in 2017): First one is full, powerful, and on point. Raspy all the way. The second one is painful, sounds unhealthy, cracks all over and struggles to reach the notes. That is exactly the same voice Axl uses for AC/DC Brian songs - BIB, Hells Bells, Thunderstruck. It's a voice he used sparingly from 2011-2014, and never, ever had any issues with. The cracks became bigger and more frequent to the point where they overtook the voice. The voice is now a big, massive crack, whenever and wherever he tries to use it. Ffs, listen to November Rain lately - his voice is cracking at the end parts! Go back and listen to the infamous 2012 vegas shows, he nailed those back then! AC/DC being the culprit is a theory, it could be wrong. Those cracks started appearing there, though, and the voice that is obliterated is the one he overused there on those insane Brian performances. His lower register is sounding arguably better than 2011-2014 still. It's not a tragedy, Axl's career can still go on like this and all that, but to deny there is something seriously wrong with his voice at this point and to say that it will simply come back as soon as he decides to perform with AC/DC is simply insane. That is damage, and he keeps pushing it and failing to produce that voice, which will probably amount to more damage in the long run.
  7. The first half of 2018

    Anybody who thinks Axl can end this leg with GNR and go on to play with Angus hasn't been listening to him sing for the past 6 months. He is in no shape to perform AC/DC songs at this point and what he should (and probably will) do is rest and nurse the shit out of his voice.
  8. He could always reach the note. He reached it in 2006, 2009, 2012, 2014. His voice has been cracking everytime it goes high - the Better bridge, which used to be consistently awesome, is a crackfest at every single show in 2017. There have been cracks on parts of songs where Axl has never faltered even in his worst years. His higher register sounds fucked, tbh, and since that's what he used on those insane AC/DC performances, it's quite possible that they are what did him in. With more dates being added next year, I believe Axl will tour and tour until the voice is gone for good. I doubt he will ever perform with AC/DC again too, unless his voice somehow recovers. At this point in time I'd bet on him being physically unable to sing something like Back in Black or Hells Bells.
  9. He is trying for that note, his voice cracks horribly and he takes a step back. Sadly, the voice he goes for here is the one he used to belt out Thunderstruck, Hells Bells and Back in Black. I wonder if he obliterated that voice singing for AC/DC like he did.
  10. Axl finally went for the high note in TWAT in Chicago. The voice wasn't there. The voice he uses here is the voice he used for AC/DC Brian songs. Unless it comes back with some rest, Axl/DC is done without it.
  11. Lol, you have no idea. But Axl was in much, much, much worse vocal shape in that show than he is now. He was sick tbh.
  12. I fully appreciate the sheer effort Axl is putting into those performances, and he does sound better than all of 2017 and actually better than some moments in 2016. There are however some clear signs that his voice is absolutely ravaged from the massive tour. His lower register falters ocasionally, and that high rasp he uses for the Better bridge, parts of prostitute, and used for AC/DC Brian songs sounds absolutely obliterated right now. Hopefully it comes back after he rests a bit.
  13. It's not an exclusive GNR thing, really. You are noticing it now because of GNR's busy schedule and it being back on the spotlight, but all the classic rock bands have been offering similar experiences. AC/DC, Stones, Metallica, Bon Jovi all are extremely professional, scripted and well oiled performances, and if you follow them through a whole tour every show is very much like the previous, and very much like the next one. The changes in setlist that GNR brings with all the covers and alternates are actually a bit above average for those bands. The truth is that GNR is now another multimillion, professional band. Even Axl, as volatile as he was up to 2012, has been turn into another old dude who is nice to fans, asks how they are doing and goes up there and does his jobs. Those guys are going up there and doing their jobs in a professional, structured and predictable fashion. It works for 99% of fans who attend shows and it keeps things flowing. There is the new album debate, but this iteration of GNR is still quite new. I think there will be some new music, but when it happens reception will be in the "those guys guys are old, but still can rock pretty decently" fashion like Metallica's hardwired or AC/DC's every album for the past 2 decades. Then the band gets back on the road, singing SCOM, Jungle and 3-4 songs from the new stuff up until whenever Axl's voice holds up - that also might not last that long. His voice is shot, AC/DC performances and great shows here and there won't change that. This scenario is the absolute best that can be expected from GNR and Rock'n'Roll in general in 2017: old guys performing consistently but in a professional, trained and predictable way, possibly releasing some decent rockers with a singer fighting hard to deliver serviceable performances of all the screaming and belting he did in the past. The crazyness and intensity of years past is lost to the ages, as sad as it may be.