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  1. Can I please get a link for those rehearsal videos too? Thanaks a lot in advance
  2. It's the middle of the carnival in Brazil. I've been drinking for a few days and it has seriously affected my rasp I'm in a great mood and cracking jokes though, but definitely not less bloated.
  3. I find it a bit crazy that people have created this image of him being lazy when it comes to his voice and doing absolutely nothing. The dude had dozens of different voices throughout his career, and whenever he had vocal issues (and he had them a lot) he kept finding different ways to sing and to bring something out of his voice. We are at a point where he had to remove a song he really enjoyed singing from the setlist, after butchering it live and being unable to belt it out. Cardio and weight loss are really, really not the answer here. Losing weight would do absolutely nothing for Axl's voice or his performance except making him possibly look better for some people. That's the extent of it. Bon Jovi is in terrific shape, has been for years and can't sing anymore. Doing the full rasp thing destroyed Axl's voice in 2010, and he started 2011 sounding like a joke. He recovered, but never fully, never to the same level. He then spent 2011 to 2014 carefully dosing how far he would push his voice, and being shat on by us (me included) at every mickeyed phrase. 2016 came, he took the AC/DC gig, and suddenly was under insane amounts of pressure as the lead singer of one of his favourite bands with most people expecting (and some rooting for) him to fail. Against the wall, he did the full rasp thing again, this time also singing ridiculously above his register. This is the range that obliterated Brian Johnson's voice in his 30's in 3 years. It once again destroyed his voice, but now he is 60, and I can't thing of a single vocalist that sounded shot like he does at that age and made a recovery. There were loads and loads of signs along the way. The cracks started appearing with AC/DC in the NA leg, and then transferred themselves to GRN songs where they had never, ever appeared before. They got worse and more frequent, and Axl kept singing through them, his voice becoming less gritty and sharp progressively from 2016 onwards. RIR 2017 was terrible. The Forum is all over the place, with Axl looking for new voices to be able to sing some songs, and a forced and really unhealthy rasp at some songs like Prostitute. Then came the Berlin show where Axl couldn't sing, and it just keeps getting worse and worse. Although his first few gigs are always extra rough, the decline is a progressive thing through years. I don't think Axl will ever sound like he did in 2016 again. I don't he would be able to perform with AC/DC today, and I don't he will ever be able to do that again too. It's been almost 4 years since he sounded good, and ten years since he sounded like proper Axl Rose. The insane vocal range/rasp era is done, it's over imo. Expecting it to return at all, even in a diminished state, is setting you up for disappointment. What I think Axl could do was recognize that and try to seriously study a way around it, something he is very capable of. Tune everything down if possible, use his regular register (which is still great) as much as possible, the increasingly weak falsetto as little as possible. Work on song selections that suit his capabilites, choose carefully one or two moments per show to belt out a scream, not more, and stop going for notes that are too high. Maybe record some new stuff in line with his current voice. A concentrated effort would wield better results than current ones. It's really, really bad right now. I sound better at a karaoke singing some GNR songs than Axl Rose.
  4. L' Arc 2010

    Well, it's a shame that youtube links are no longer allowed, but by Abu Dhabi in dec 2010 Axl was already starting to struggle a bit with his voice. His performance was still very acceptable, specially by todays standards, but there was already a very noticeable difference from earlier shows such as the acoustic ones or Paris or Budapest. It's more prominent on some songs than it is in others. YCBM for instance is a great example. In Arnheim, Budapest or Dublin Axl gave monstrous, full on rasp versions of it. By Abu Dhabi he was already full mickey on it. There are other songs where the fall is apparent (Better, RQ), but YCBM is the clearest one.
  5. He will, but things are different this time. He is no longer physically able to sing stuff like This I Love. I reckon that will never hear him sing something like Twat ever again too. Not that those are essential songs, but he shows that his capabilities are diminishing. I seriously think he might be aware and considering touring until he is no longer able to.
  6. Also he went all in for those AC/DC shows and probably overdid it.
  7. Finally got around to watching videos of most songs from the Miami show this year. Wow, Axl's voice is in shambles. It's at an all time low. His upper range is absolutely fried, whenever he goes for a high note the cracks are everywhere, even on basic stuff like "I wanna hear you scream" at Jungle. At every single video there a comments from casual fans puzzled after hearing how he sounded at the start of the reunion. Imo it's really, really bad. Also he looks like he is putting in a lot of effort and trying really hard to sing. I think he might need a long layoff and a lot of work to sound good again. At this rate, with the endless touring he had reached the bottom and might keep digging.
  8. Let's all hope for a second wind for Axl. How did he sound on You're Crazy @ Miami? Can't find a single video of it. Saw loads of performances of that song in 2012 and damn he sounded good on them. Edit: found it. He tries so fucking hard on it. It doesn't sound bad, but it is VERY diminished when compared to 2012. He also goes for some pretty high notes and while he does reach them, his voice massively cracks. As I said before, I truly doubt it's a matter of effort.
  9. At this point I don't think it has anything to do with him caring. It's absolutely clear to me that the Axl/DC thing did some serious damage to his upper range. I remember the voice cracks appearing here and there on the American leg of the Rock or Bust tour, and then starting to appear more and more as he went back to GNR. It deteriorated to the point where he is no longer able to even sing TIL. The Better bridge, the ending of TWAT. Those were moments where he would still shine even in the 2011-2014 era. It's not that they sound bad right now, it's more a matter of him being unable to to them. I don't think rehearsals would change that. His tools are deteriorating through use and age. I don't know where this whole "Axl is lazy" things really comes from. He doesn't strike me as a lazy person, particularly when it comes to performing. There is no way somebody in his 50's performs at the intensity he does, for the time that he does without some serious actual preparation. You could see the pride he had whenever he sang the TIL chorus. I doubt he would be ok with simply having to scrap the song from the setlist due to lazyness. Singing is a young man's game, and Axl is getting old. His style is crazy demanding, singing way above his natural register with tremendous distortion for years and years. Lesser singers have lost their voices at younger ages. TBH Axl has probably lasted longer at a decent level than a lot of singers with similar styles do. I would bet that he is fully aware of the deterioration of his voice, and that it could even have a relation with his reluctance to release music.
  10. Sad that the time has come for Axl. His voice is done. That last piece of greatness that were the raspy high screams have finally died too. All that is left is his lower register. He should record some some stuff in it, tune the GNR down if possible and sing out his days with class and dignity. The mickey stuff is just not cool.
  11. The idea of Axl returning from a somewhat long layoff, in a massively publicized gig, considering the level of vocal performances of 2019 is absolutely terrifying. Unless something is actually happening in terms of activity behind the scenes there is absolutely no way he pulls this off. No way.
  12. Brian Johnson was an absolute beast of a vocalist. He had ridiculous range, power, and versatility. I really recommend you listen to some of his work before joining AC/DC. He had a somewhat Robert Plant-esque vibe and an absolutely incredible voice. Once he joined AC/DC, all they had him do was sing screamers on the absolute upper limits of his range and with ridiculous rasp. It was awesome for a while. The original vocals of Hells Bells are really an amazing feat. However, doing that on a consistent basis absolutely obliterated his voice through the years, and he has been a shadow of himself for decades, tuning down stuff and adapting his voice to sound serviceable. Singing early Brian Johnson AC/DC material is very harmful for most people's voices. The more rasp and the further above the natural register one sings, the greater the impact on the vocal chords. If singing like that did Axl in at 56 years old, that's absolutely zero coincidence. It permanently changed Brian's voice in a matter of 6-7 years when he was in his 30's and 40's. Edit: this is how Brian Johnson used to sound
  13. He is not holding back at all. If you listen to parts where rasp is mandatory, such as the Better bridge, he goes for it and really struggles. It sounds painful, it cracks a bit as it's not as full as it used to be. Since coming back in 2011 with his voice shot to pieces in RIR 2011 (after a whole tour of insane rasp), Axl has been carefully dosing the amounts of distortion he applies to his voice. Much of the years that followed were full of mickey, but every now and then there were moments that showed he still had it. In each of those years you will find some of those moments, from the Philly show at Electric Factory to the awesome renditions of TWAT in Vegas 2014. That's how he started 2016, but then, with AC/DC and stuff, the switch was flipped. With GNR, he had those monstrous screams in LALD and WTTJ. He upstaged Bach and rasped all the way through My Michelle in more than one occasion. Out ta get me too, Nightrain, even RQ on some nights had rasp. With AC/DC it was insanely high notes with absurd amounts o rasp throughout whole shows. His voice begin to deteriorate already by the end of 2016, and is has been steadily suffering since then. It got to a point where he removed TIL from the setlist - it's a song that is clearly emotional to him, and a spotlight for his voice to shine in shows. He is unable to sing it now. He is been dealing with all those crazy cracks and moments where his voice fails him in the past two and a half years and it's painful. It's pretty clear to me that he knows since 2011 that the rasp would eventually screw him. He got understandably carried away in 2016, produced fantastic performances but pushed himself waaaay to hard. Now his voice is suffering. We all need to make peace with it, because I don't remember a single case of a singer recovering his vocal form at that age.
  14. Listening to live recordings from 2016 has officially become depressing. Axl sounded so fucking great back then. Coming to think of it, the only bits of the NITL where he sounded truly great were the ones around the time where he worked with AC/DC.
  15. Listened to lots of the past few shows, and sadly Axl doesn't sound great. It's serviceable enough that I think he can still perform, but it's just not good. It's telling that he gave up TIL completely, as it used to be kind of his solo spot. He knows he has limitations at this point. I'd say his current level of performance is probably worse than 2012-2014. It's one of the two things a) he came back with a point to prove in 2016, is pushing himself as far as he can but his voice is deteriorating with age, touring with GNR and AC/DC etc or b) his strong level of performances in 2016 are solely due to AC/DC forcing him into working on his voice through that year. 2011-2014, 2017-2020 is just regular Axl aging without a shitload of vocal exercise