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  1. He'd be broke and forgotten by 2011. He should have stayed away for tobacco, he should have paced himself a bit more in 2010, and he should have taken the time to relearn GNR classics before this tour, and perform at the absolute limit of his ability.
  2. His voice is clearly failing him dude. Look at around 24 or 25s, it simply fails. It feels as if he is losing the ability do deliver power at higher ranges. Also, from that video it looks as if he knows it, he seems honestly a bit sad with himself while performing, with a "let's get this shit done asap" feel to it. I truly think that Axl's capabilities are decreasing steadily.
  3. This I love is the latest to transition from the "Axl still sounds awesome on it" camp to the "Wow, Axl really sucks on this one" camp. My Michelle and Jungle are fresh after transitioning, while Rocket Queen moved months ago and is firmly established in suck camp. All we got left at this point is low voice centered songs and Nightrain. I'd really, really love if Axl came out in Rio and kicked things up a notch, delivering a solid performance, but realistically it won't happen. As I said before this year, Axl is done, imo.
  4. Haha. A short break for Axl and it's back to square one. He will have zero rasp and falsetto the whole set, just as he did at nearly every 2017 show, in particular those at the beggining of a leg. I think it will suck.Insert other media
  5. Axls Best Scream?

    Sometimes I wonder, just wonder, about how mind blowing this semi reunion would be if Axl sounded like this.
  6. Axl basically still got it when singing material from anybody but himself.
  7. Nobody cares but us. He has absolutely zero incentive to try harder, it means pushing himself, maybe risking his voice, enduring some measure of pain, to achieve the exact same results. I always thought that Axl would get slammed by the press if he came out on a spotlight like the reunion and performed like 2011-2014. He came out strong, conquered the world with AC/DC, and now slipped back into it. Tbh, it baffles me that not a single review so far that I've read has pointed out Axl's shortcomings, how bad, or at the very least how different his vocals sound from his old voice, the one that is on the records and made him famous. In fact, it's quite the opposite, some people go on about his "trademark falsetto" being on point. I gave up going to RIR or Sao Paulo because of how Axl's sounds right now. I'm a bit worried that he is approaching the end here, but I do still believe he will eventually do better than this. Nothing would make me happier as a GNR fan than seeing his voice make a comeback, but it's been 7 years and it gets less likely with each day.
  8. I hope you are right, but coasting imo would be doing just enough, he dropped below that standard. He sounds ok for about 3-4 songs a night now. If he comes out sounding like a god with AC/DC again than he is signaling GNR is over as band.
  9. I'll go on and say he sounds worse than 2012. Maybe on par with the start of the 2014 tour, which is really, the worse he ever sounded. He sounds worse than 2002 too, he had more power back then, even if he sang with zero rasp. I'm fine with Axl deteriorating with age, it's perfectly normal, but there are singers Axl's age who sound good still. Also, the sudden massive drops in performances (2010-2011 and 2016-2017) are really weird and unusual. At this time last year I never, ever thought I would hear Axl go full mickey and out of key on WTTJ or Nightrain. We were discussing just how much more than we thought he had left in the tank with AC/DC and his very respectable GNR performances. I feel bad for him, at this point I doubt he does it on purpose. Also, he seems to have evolved into a decent and generous guy, who has been kind and patient with his fans. There's gotta be a way around this, from medical treatment to vocal to training to changing style to dropping a few songs, but he honestly, truly sounds worse than more than one amateur bar singer I heard in my life right now.
  10. Axl needs to seriously get his shit together. He is either out of his mind by allowing his performances to dip to this level, or, in case he is unable to do better, in dire need of a break as touring is taking a massive toll on his pipes.
  11. Worse than 2016, for sure. A bit better than when this leg started. On a sidenote, what a lame crowd, jesus.
  12. Well, I think Billy is doing pretty well vocally - he's never been comparable to Axl, not in terms of style, range or power. He sounds more or less like he always did, in my opinion.
  13. I'm not saying for sure they do, but as someone with experience lifting weights and with friends their age that use that stuff, it seems almost obvious that they are into some of that. Look at Billy in that video I posted, you just don't get to 61 years old looking like that. The guy looks like an MMA fighter under that jacket.
  14. Brownstone sounds like proper old Axl, but I'd agree with you. That's a big downgrade from last year. That list in 2016 had Jungle, TIL, Rocket Queen, Civil War and others. Granted, I suspect that guys like Bruce Springsteen, Billy Idol and Steven Tyler are on "anti aging" stuff, while Axl is not. A wee bit of testosterone, some hgh, keeps then lean, looking ripped past their 60s, and one must not forget that vocal chords are muscles.
  15. Yeah, take Billy Idol for instance. Guy is older than Axl, and there are shows where he clearly phones it in, making the audience sing for him and all that. However, when they put him in the spotlight with a pop artist and shitloads of people watching he prepared and performed like a beast.