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  1. Axl sounds awesome on Madagascat. The beggining is the closest we get to classic Axl these days, and he nails the hugh stuff with rasp and a nice tone. Shadow also awesome, Nightrain awesome. Paradice City has been good for a while now, so has Don't Cry. As Inciting Chaos said, hopefully he gets Jungle and RQ back on track soon.
  2. It's either 1) monitor issues, as he sings nearly the whole song in the wrong range, but somewhat gets it right at the end or 2) voice/range issues, he can no longer hit those notes consistently with rasp. It could be one, both or a mix of both. He's had issues with high notes on this leg, and he had issues with his ear monitor too.
  3. I guess it can be passable, but it's painful how things went south that fast. Back then the tour was just getting started, and it really seemed Axl had a lot left in the tank and could even reach something close to 2006 levels in time. Instead, two years later and he is arguably worse than 2011-2014.
  4. The performance people are calling "brilliant" from today. How he sounded 2 years ago: But nah, everything is fine.
  5. I don't want to extend the voice discussion in this thread, but it was different. To be posted on the voice thread once a vid becomes available.
  6. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    It was pretty cool, but the highlight was in 2016, and that's already 2 years ago. Since then, we are getting increasingly worse performances from Axl, balanced with a few changes in the setlist, with mixed results. Slither, Shadow are cool, but stuff like Wichita, meh. Hopefully this run is coming to an end and there are some surprises in the future.
  7. Rosie was played, OTGM was not, I think. I listened to a good chunk, and the part where OTGM usually gets added and didn't hear it.
  8. This is becoming ridiculous. This leg has brought a full new array of new lows, from YCBM being cut from the set once, to Axl being unable to sing This I Love, passing through performances of Jungle with absolutely zero rasp, Coma being unbearable each night, Axl being unable to sing the bridge to YCBM, with him now failing to reach the notes through Rosie. All this two years removed from the AC/DC performances. All in all I actually thought it was a nice show within expectations, never said it sucked or Axl can't sing shit anymore. His upper register has sounded consistently fried and problematic throughout this leg, though, whether you like it or not. This is a board to discuss the band performances, and I absolutely don't care if my opinions are to your liking or not. "Oh, he sang it in the end of a set, it was the first in months". They are making per show more than 99% of people in the world make in a lifetime. Still, it was brilliant, Axl seemed in a great mood, was very talkative, the crowd was very happy and singing along, Axl introduced Slash, it was a 24 hour set, they played Slither, Axl sounded the best he's ever been. Hope that's valuable enough for you.
  9. Yeah, it's not like he had trouble reaching higher notes in at least 4 shows on this tour so far. I've been saying that he is aging and his range is suffering, that's all.
  10. Axl can't reach AC/DC notes anymore. Like to hear everybody says his voice is perfectly fine now.
  11. New music these days is kind of the excuse to keep touring. Most of the new material from those classic monster rock bands is kind of generic, lukewarm. There isn't a song in Metallica's Hardwired, or AC/DC's Rock or Bust that quite stays with you like the classic hits did back in the day. In GNR's case, the fact that there's still some novelty factor to the reunion means they don't need the excuse to tour. Once (and if) this wears off and public dwindles, they might look more seriously into releasing stuff. It's also sad but true that, considering Slash's and Duff's output throughout the years, their creative prime is likely behind them. In this lineup, the one who probably has the most to say artistically should be Axl, and we all know how reliable and predictable he is.
  12. I agree with most of what you said, Russ, but you are wrong on that bit. Singing way above one's natural register is THE MOST harmful thing a singer can do (the second being using excessive amounts of drive/rasp without very good technique). Axl has, unfortunately, done both to an insane degree. TBH I have a hard time thinking of a singer whose singing voice is so far off their natural speaking voice as Axl's. You will notice that Axl's regular register is still fine. He sounds good with it, even when he pushes it (after the solo in Slither, "know I know you better"), or when he adds rasp to it ("please remember, how I felt inside" in DC, "I've been walking the streets tonight", "I won't be told anymore/that I've been brought down in the storm). Those all sound great to this day. It's when he is pushed to go higher that things start to go south. Singing crazy high has ruined many singers. Take Brazilian heavy metal band Angra. Once Eduardo Falaschi took over from André Mattos, he talked about how their songs were way above his natural register. He did them anyway for a while, and actually sounded awesome. Than one day, just like Axl, it was very suddenly over, and he was singing the songs in a way that would remind you of Axl's "mickey". Robert Plant's prime lasted 3 years, he was severely diminished after that. Elton John needed surgery and he doesn't go high anymore. Brian Johnson has been a shadow of himself for who knows how long. Bon Jovi, Paul Stanley are done. Axl managed to do what he did with AC/DC, but who knows what it took. Truth is he has declined quite a bit after that. Those were crazy high notes, but probably the shorter verses meant he could trade some power for control.
  13. Axl is in a sort of limbo, where he is not completely done, but is a complete shadow of his former self. He can have awesome moments on any night, his screams are still piercing, his range is there and he still has reasonable power. The tone on his clean voice is a bit off, though, as is his wording. It comes across as cartoonish sometimes, and when he's on a bad night it just turns bad very fast. He is a serviceable singer, Vince Neil and Jon Bon Jovi are done at this point, Axl is not. Tyler is still awesome and on a league of his own. As much as it would be awesome to have an Axl ressurgence, it is extremely unlikely at this point. The way forward is probably the way down, as he ages, loses range etc. His trademark voice is gone for 8 years now. At this point, the falsetto is his trademark. What could be done is an effort, between tuning down, working with his voice and preparing, to sound his absolute best within his current capabilities. I don't thing he sounds horrible right now, it's just "meh". I don't think it's the absolute best he can be, and AC/DC's adds to that.
  14. He will not address it. At least not while the tour is rolling. Also, it's about time we accept that clean vocals with decent power behind them is what Axl does these days. An "on fire" Axl is clean, strong vocals with the bits of rasp here and there. He is getting there. I don't think he sounds awful right now. He's improved quite a bit since the disaster that was Berlin. He sounds on par with standard NITL stuff, NA 2016 leg aside.
  15. It's on par with late 2016 gigs I attended.