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  1. Axl rolling out of bed and into those festivals after a somewhat big layoff, and after sounding rough throughout the last leg. It has all the ingredients for a disaster.
  2. So, let's do as asked and avoid clogging the show threads with discussion, and discuss Axl's voice freely. Here's what I have to say: Axl has sounded consistently bad on this leg, and increasingly worse since 2016. He always got better this many shows into it, it's not happening this time. On every show now I can see him fail to get that bit of rasp and right tone at parts where he used to, even when not on his best nights, such as bits of Jungle, "while your breaking down my neck" on YCBM, "Tongue like a razor" in RQ, "To break the charms" on Better, most of My Michelle etc etc. The tone on his clean voice has got a lot worse, and mickey is fully back. I've been watching and listening to stuff from 2011-2013 lately and he is better on those than he is currently. Now, there might be a measure of preservation in there, but it would make zero sense for him to take the level of performances down a notch, after what he consistently did last year, which was already a contained effort when compared with Axl/DC. Also, choice wouldn't explain the lack of rasp on parts where it had been present even after 2011. I think Axl's voice might be on it's last legs. Maybe we are seeing the last of his banshee, high note hitting sing voice, with or without rasp. What we call rasp is being used less and less, and, imo, this leg has many clear moments when it seems Axl wants to use it but it's just not there. I wouldn't be surprised if him not releasing material that is already recorded has to do with the voice on that material being gone. Maybe we should just cherish whatever is left.