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  1. That's my impression too. He is clearly letting Axl know he is up for that.
  2. Slash Q1043 interview

    Maybe he was wrong on his assessment of his ability to use that technique regularly without causing damage. I know there is this whole "Axl is lazy" belief going around, but his downfall begun right after the US leg with AC/DC. In this last leg of the tour, there were definitively signs of damage.
  3. Steven is way off the curve. Most rock singers become a shell of themselves as they age. Bon Jovi, Paul Stanley, the much maligned Vince Neil. Others just tune their stuff way down and sing conservatively such as Brian Johnson and Robert Plant. The fact that Steven sings within his natural voice range (just listen to him talking) tremendously helps his longevity. As bad as Axl sounds sometimes compared to his prime, he is quite in the middle of the pack. Hasn't completely lost it, still has something special, but lacks consistency and has bad moments. I think he would benefit from a more conservative approach, but he will never be like Steven or like he was in 2010.
  4. What is Axl up to these days?

    I'd never bash a celebrity for being angered or impatient sometimes when crowded. It can be really annoying. I wouldn't bash Axl, particularly, as he never pretended to enjoy this part of being a public person. He is not a person who craves fame and really tends to avoid exposition at most times. When he does have interactions with fans they are mostly genuine, such as when he wandered around Europe while on the AC/DC tour, the China Exchange stuff, videos of him chatting with fans at bars etc. No human being will be in the mood for that all the atime, at least Axl is coherent and doesn't milk interactions for money.
  5. Where are you Axl Rose?

    Axl/DC was amazing, but it was what it should be, really. He filled in, absolutely kicked ass, and that's it. As much as Bon is missed, it was with Brian that AC/DC reached its peak, and if he is able to tour, there is absolutely no reason to have Axl there. Brian is AC/DC. Axl has a massive band to front. Also, I doubt that this current version of Axl could replicate those 2016 performances. That might even have played a part in all this.
  6. Well, the post is fairly recent. If they are behind it, though, it's a fandom ending event for me.
  7. I think you are absolutely right in your approach. I'd even suggest that your attempt to reach them goes beyond this post and this board (maybe downzy could get/provide more direct contact). If that fails, then I'd cause trouble, but the decision in that case falls to you and the other people involved. If you guys do end up wanting to go public, I'm a reporter for a massive news site in Brazil (the biggest, actually). IF and WHEN you want it, I'd be glad to help you get your story some exposure around here. Only if you want it, will not do anything unless you ask.
  8. I'd try to know for sure if it actually has anything to do with GNR before involving any press. It takes little for a public opinion conviction without trial is cases such as this.
  9. Well, just 2 cents from someone who is far removed from what is happening. I know there is a past of clashing and bad blood between this community, some fans and TB/GNR. With that said, it's unfathomable to me that they could be aware of this sort of behaviour, much less condone it. Even removing any sort of "caring for the fans" aspect, this would be absolutely stupid and disastrous from a marketing and financial standpoint after all the work the band did to reposition itself with the public, with massive success, going massively mainstream again. With all shit that is said about him, Axl strikes me as the type of guy that would personally look into this and address it agressively if it reaches him and it ends up having anything to do with somebody actually inside his camp. Just a suggestion, @RussTCB, @downzy and specially the victims. I would recommend investing in getting this message to GNR through official and guaranteed channels. Make sure they get it, and once they do, I'd give them a reasonable timeframe to address it. If nothing happened after that, I'd make it all public, if I were you. Major news outlets public.
  10. I think the letter states pretty clearly that people are threatening families on behalf of GNR. Did you guys tweet this to Axl directly?
  11. Melissa post has all characteristics of a farewell.
  12. I think Axl is aware of how he sounds. It sure seemed so on this leg, with the "I suck" and songs being removed from the setlist on off nights. Unless he can get it back, I doubt he will expose himself with AC/DC. No idea what's in store for him, really. Unlike most of this forum, I thought this leg was tremendously weak in terms of his vocals. The first few shows were kind of a new low, even for a rusty beggining. A few months of inactivity will surely lead to a dismal return. I hope he turns it around, but I doubt it at this point. I'd bet on him being worse and worse with each subsequent leg.
  13. Axl sounds awesome on Madagascat. The beggining is the closest we get to classic Axl these days, and he nails the hugh stuff with rasp and a nice tone. Shadow also awesome, Nightrain awesome. Paradice City has been good for a while now, so has Don't Cry. As Inciting Chaos said, hopefully he gets Jungle and RQ back on track soon.
  14. It's either 1) monitor issues, as he sings nearly the whole song in the wrong range, but somewhat gets it right at the end or 2) voice/range issues, he can no longer hit those notes consistently with rasp. It could be one, both or a mix of both. He's had issues with high notes on this leg, and he had issues with his ear monitor too.
  15. I guess it can be passable, but it's painful how things went south that fast. Back then the tour was just getting started, and it really seemed Axl had a lot left in the tank and could even reach something close to 2006 levels in time. Instead, two years later and he is arguably worse than 2011-2014.