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  1. It's sad, but nothing excites me at this point unless Axl manages to get a least some of his voice back. A new album might make him do that, but at this point I'm doubtful.
  2. The best RQ of the tour he was actually healed from the foot and bouncing around. I remember being really excited when hearing it. I thought Axl had finally found his groove, and was starting to get close to some of the 2006 stuff, after nailing the AC/DC gig. Then it all went downhill.
  3. Its better than the forum. Sounds like he is working on his voice again. I bet we will hear something related to acdc soon
  4. Axl is bouncing back. Even Better has some nice rasp. Also, in the bridge his full fledged AC/DC voice shows up, with power and none of the ever present cracks from 2017 and 2018 https://youtu.be/HMOONdQmhfw?t=214
  5. Yeah. Axl singing the brian songs sends shivers down my spine. What he does is not human, it's absolutely ridiculous. If he is done, he probably lasted longer than most singers would doing what he does. I wouldn't discard a comeback though.
  6. Amazing. Really highlights how far he has fallen. I can imagine him absolutely mickeying this in terrible fashion if he attempted it today. Those AC/DC videos showcase him in absolute beast mode. I truly hope Axl has another rebirth of sorts in him (a realistic one, bringing close to 2016 levels). I do fear however that this is it. His mid range has been problematic for years, and those heights he reached back in 2016, together with the neverending schedule and whatever his preparation routines (or lack of) are finished frying his awesome upper ranges. He still has his awesome lower voice to work with though, and that is probably never going away.
  7. Yeah, he was struggling with that voice earlier this year. He seemed to recover faster than usual from the first gig (not that he sounds great now, but he did evolve). Maybe he's been doing something or there's something in the works with AC/DC
  8. Unusual. It sounds less mickeyish than I expected, but it really seems like he is going a long way to avoid using rasp. It's a bit deeper than his usual falsetto and very clean for WTTJ, a song where he usually brings out a bit of rasp. Odd, and it indicates he is aware of issues.
  9. this is the last Axl/DC show. Sounds good to me.
  10. Doing well is something he is very far from. It's painful to listen to.
  11. Something seriously has to be done. His performances have reached an unacceptable level. It's cringe from start to finish. I've seen amateur karaoke dudes perform those "seriously demanding" GNR song. Hell, I'm one of those, had a band in high school and currently can perform a better (albeit bad) rendition of YCBM. It is simply terrible. Sad that it came to this. In 2016 we had hints of old Axl coming back all over the shows. It's just too much of a coincidence that he sounded good on GNR songs right when he was working his ass off for AC/DC.
  12. That's utterly terrible. And this song was really one of the last to become terrible. It used to be a high point even in bad shows. Painful to listen to.
  13. Axl's voice has been absolutely fried for months now. Apparently he is not very concerned about doing something about ti (or maybe is unable to). It absolutely kills any enjoyment for me. Those performances are impossible to listen to.
  14. That's my impression too. He is clearly letting Axl know he is up for that.
  15. Slash Q1043 interview

    Maybe he was wrong on his assessment of his ability to use that technique regularly without causing damage. I know there is this whole "Axl is lazy" belief going around, but his downfall begun right after the US leg with AC/DC. In this last leg of the tour, there were definitively signs of damage.