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  1. Brian Johnson was an absolute beast of a vocalist. He had ridiculous range, power, and versatility. I really recommend you listen to some of his work before joining AC/DC. He had a somewhat Robert Plant-esque vibe and an absolutely incredible voice. Once he joined AC/DC, all they had him do was sing screamers on the absolute upper limits of his range and with ridiculous rasp. It was awesome for a while. The original vocals of Hells Bells are really an amazing feat. However, doing that on a consistent basis absolutely obliterated his voice through the years, and he has been a shadow of himself for decades, tuning down stuff and adapting his voice to sound serviceable. Singing early Brian Johnson AC/DC material is very harmful for most people's voices. The more rasp and the further above the natural register one sings, the greater the impact on the vocal chords. If singing like that did Axl in at 56 years old, that's absolutely zero coincidence. It permanently changed Brian's voice in a matter of 6-7 years when he was in his 30's and 40's. Edit: this is how Brian Johnson used to sound
  2. He is not holding back at all. If you listen to parts where rasp is mandatory, such as the Better bridge, he goes for it and really struggles. It sounds painful, it cracks a bit as it's not as full as it used to be. Since coming back in 2011 with his voice shot to pieces in RIR 2011 (after a whole tour of insane rasp), Axl has been carefully dosing the amounts of distortion he applies to his voice. Much of the years that followed were full of mickey, but every now and then there were moments that showed he still had it. In each of those years you will find some of those moments, from the Philly show at Electric Factory to the awesome renditions of TWAT in Vegas 2014. That's how he started 2016, but then, with AC/DC and stuff, the switch was flipped. With GNR, he had those monstrous screams in LALD and WTTJ. He upstaged Bach and rasped all the way through My Michelle in more than one occasion. Out ta get me too, Nightrain, even RQ on some nights had rasp. With AC/DC it was insanely high notes with absurd amounts o rasp throughout whole shows. His voice begin to deteriorate already by the end of 2016, and is has been steadily suffering since then. It got to a point where he removed TIL from the setlist - it's a song that is clearly emotional to him, and a spotlight for his voice to shine in shows. He is unable to sing it now. He is been dealing with all those crazy cracks and moments where his voice fails him in the past two and a half years and it's painful. It's pretty clear to me that he knows since 2011 that the rasp would eventually screw him. He got understandably carried away in 2016, produced fantastic performances but pushed himself waaaay to hard. Now his voice is suffering. We all need to make peace with it, because I don't remember a single case of a singer recovering his vocal form at that age.
  3. Listening to live recordings from 2016 has officially become depressing. Axl sounded so fucking great back then. Coming to think of it, the only bits of the NITL where he sounded truly great were the ones around the time where he worked with AC/DC.
  4. Listened to lots of the past few shows, and sadly Axl doesn't sound great. It's serviceable enough that I think he can still perform, but it's just not good. It's telling that he gave up TIL completely, as it used to be kind of his solo spot. He knows he has limitations at this point. I'd say his current level of performance is probably worse than 2012-2014. It's one of the two things a) he came back with a point to prove in 2016, is pushing himself as far as he can but his voice is deteriorating with age, touring with GNR and AC/DC etc or b) his strong level of performances in 2016 are solely due to AC/DC forcing him into working on his voice through that year. 2011-2014, 2017-2020 is just regular Axl aging without a shitload of vocal exercise
  5. 10/11/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    Nah, we was in shape in 2002 and sounded bad, and was in worse shape in 2010 and sounded great. A lot of opera singers are overweight with ridiculous range and power. Tim Maia, a Brazilian singer, has been fat through his whole career and was a great singer. Axl's issue is not carrying a few extra pounds. Doing what he does at nearly 60 is simply not possible if you are in shitty cardio shape. His issue is 30 years of singing way above his natural vocal range with an insane amount of vocal distortion, and possibly without proper technique for a good part of it.
  6. 10/11/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    Saw some videos, and he does sound noticeably weaker, with some hints of Bridge School at some points. The big difference from previous concerts in such a short time indicates some specific issue like a cold or something. Tbh I think the obsessive discussion and derision of Axl's looks and weight that relentlessly takes over threads in this forum has reached disgusting levels. It's frequently toxic and weirdly obsessive, while full of arguments that make absolutely no sense. There are loads of fantastic singers that are overweight through their whole careers, and singers who look fantastic for their ages (Bon Jovi being one of them) that have absolutely obliterated their voices. There is zero correlation.
  7. 10/11/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    Is Axl sounding terrible again? He started this leg on pretty decent vocal shape. Did it go downhill?
  8. Well, for 3 shows into a tour Axl sounds quite solid, even though the setlist is a bit stale. Maybe he used his voice on the time off
  9. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    Axl rolling out of bed and into those festivals after a somewhat big layoff, and after sounding rough throughout the last leg. It has all the ingredients for a disaster.
  10. So, let's do as asked and avoid clogging the show threads with discussion, and discuss Axl's voice freely. Here's what I have to say: Axl has sounded consistently bad on this leg, and increasingly worse since 2016. He always got better this many shows into it, it's not happening this time. On every show now I can see him fail to get that bit of rasp and right tone at parts where he used to, even when not on his best nights, such as bits of Jungle, "while your breaking down my neck" on YCBM, "Tongue like a razor" in RQ, "To break the charms" on Better, most of My Michelle etc etc. The tone on his clean voice has got a lot worse, and mickey is fully back. I've been watching and listening to stuff from 2011-2013 lately and he is better on those than he is currently. Now, there might be a measure of preservation in there, but it would make zero sense for him to take the level of performances down a notch, after what he consistently did last year, which was already a contained effort when compared with Axl/DC. Also, choice wouldn't explain the lack of rasp on parts where it had been present even after 2011. I think Axl's voice might be on it's last legs. Maybe we are seeing the last of his banshee, high note hitting sing voice, with or without rasp. What we call rasp is being used less and less, and, imo, this leg has many clear moments when it seems Axl wants to use it but it's just not there. I wouldn't be surprised if him not releasing material that is already recorded has to do with the voice on that material being gone. Maybe we should just cherish whatever is left.