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  1. Axl Rose being mocked for no reason

    I will never understand why some people think it's cool/funny/whatever to mock other people's looks. I see it all over the Internet. It's one reason I don't tend to post pictures of myself online - I'm not exactly a supermodel (not that supermodels don't receive criticism). I think it's a particularly unpleasant way of mocking people, because it's pretty much guaranteed to be hurtful and undermine people's confidence, whilst there's not a whole lot anyone can do about their appearance, and especially not about aging. Sure, there are some small things - a haircut etc. Some might resort to plastic surgery, but that can go terribly wrong and often looks unnatural. In the case of Axl, there are things he can be criticised about. He hasn't exactly been a paragon of virtue throughout his lifetime. Attacking his looks, though, I think is indeed unfair and petty. Age happens to all of us. There's nothing we can do to stop it. But it's not just random people around the Internet who resort to this. I've seen it on this forum. That's surprised me before, because other members of the band don't tend to receive many comments about their looks (maybe Melissa at times). If I were Axl, I'd probably be hiding out in a bunker somewhere. All credit to him for still going out there in front of large audiences.
  2. Do you think you ever out grow GNR?

    I don't know. For the last year or so, I've felt conflicted about the band. I think it's one of those cases where ignorance is bliss... I got into GN'R in 1987, when I was still a young 'un. English was my second language, and my knowledge of it was very limited at the time, so I didn't realise the meaning of certain songs. Even by the time I first saw them in concert, in '93, I had no clue Brownstone's about drugs, Nightrain about alcohol etc. I was your typical fan - I loved the music, bought the albums, attended some concerts, had the posters on my wall. I've never been one to read up on celeb news. Until I joined this forum I didn't have a clue about TB or, indeed, about the band members' pasts. I didn't know about the violence and the drugs and the load of other bad stuff going on. It's especially the Women's Thread that enlightened me - those ladies are really knowledgeable. I didn't know the extent with which the management treats fans with contempt. I joined the Nightrain site after learning about it on here and had a really bad experience there. And whilst I can brush off the alcohol and drug use in the band's past, as that's hardly unusual in the music world, the abuse and the sexism don't sit welll with me. And I can't even say that that's long ago, because there are Axl's t-shirts, like the one with the lady in the trash can, and the rapist robot still seems popular with them, and there's the new artwork in that $1000 box set. I don't expect artists to be paragons of virtue, but increasingly I find the band to be distinctly unlikeable. Hence the conflict - I still love a lot of their music, and that music feels like a part of me, but there's a big value clash there and I don't know why I should chuck money in the direction of people who don't seem to give a shit about their fanbase. How do you separate the art from the artist? Where do you draw the line? I don't know. A part of me wants to just give up on the band, but here I am.
  3. Thank you for understanding. And ha, that would sure be interesting. When it comes to the band's circle, my mind is well and truly boggled.
  4. Aye, I remember you posting there! It was a nightmare, wasn't it? And thank you. You are a wonderful poster as well.
  5. Aye. I won't go into it further here, as very bad language was used which I don't want to replicate. But that's one thing you'd think any decent forum/site would not, under any circumstances, condone.
  6. People were threatened and had their families threatened? That is so, so horrible and wrong! I hope the people who did this are just making up their connections to GN'R/TB. I really, really do. I do, however, also agree with @killuridols that there are fans who have been subjected to bullying and abuse, and the Staff at Nightrain, at least, were aware of it. Not only were the abusers not warned, let alone banned... they were allowed to feel special. I have seen them be praised. I don't tend to speak out about this, for fear of being targetted more, but I was one of the people attacked and bullied, in public as well as in private. I was subjected to racism and sexism. Nothing was done. Unsurprisingly, I am no longer a member there. That's nothing compared to people being threatened and having their families threatened, of course. I am not trying to make this about me. But it does illustrate that sometimes the people in the GN'R circle, if they're not actually behind it, do condone bad treatment of fans.
  7. The Locked & Loaded video isn't available in my country, apparently. Can anyone tell me if the purple banner replica is the same size as the original? That's the only item in the $1000 box I am kinda interested in and if it's the same size, I might keep my eye out for it on Ebay. If it's just a tiny thing, I won't bother. Glad I watched the unpacking of the Super Deluxe box - I was slightly tempted to buy that version for the book, as I thought it was going to contain lots of pictures from Axl's private collection. But it seems to be mostly pics that have been around on the Internet for ages. So I'm definitely not going to bother now.
  8. Original AFD Artwork Debate

    I know my mind works in weird ways, but... if the art was meant to contain an anti-rape message, isn't it kinda odd that GN'R's Nightrain membership packages contain a t-shirt and laminate (and maybe more, haven't checked in a while as I let my membership expire) of the rapist robot? Like, "We're totally anti-rape, of course, but we think you really want to wear rapist robot stuff!" If the monster is the good guy in this scenario, shouldn't they put him/her/it on there instead? When Appetite was released I was a kid and didn't look into it/think about it too deeply. But if that's the message being sold what with the unpacking of the box, then yeah, I don't really see that piece of art in that light. And that comment from Axl about women getting jealous because they think their husbands want to fuck the lady in the picture... Like @killuridols, I don't think those of us not buying into this being an anti-rape thing are the ones who are removed from reality here...
  9. Any artists here?

    Not sure if I'd call myself an artist, but I like to write. Mostly just for fun - poetry and short stories - but I have published some articles and comment pieces both in the UK and the US, had some of my poems published in the US, and I've just been accepted by a publisher to release a poetry collection. I know that's not exactly gonna make me a lot of money, as the market for poetry isn't huge, but it'll be fun to see it out there. I'm also hoping to get a story collection published, and some children's books.
  10. Fly GNAIR

    Just catching up on this and I am baffled. Completely and utterly baffled. The one thing that popped into my head is... wasn't there something about one of the $1000 boxes containing some sort of "golden opportunity"? Can't remember where I read that. Possibly the big thread on the box releases. So... if there is indeed such a thing, maybe it's tied in with this? And anyone who doesn't get that "golden opportunity" can spend more money buying merch? I'm likely to be completely wrong here, but if this isn't tied in with anything, then I dunno, man... I just don't know anymore.
  11. Thanks for the fun, everyone! And to Spikey Spike. I enjoyed that concert.
  12. I am surprised/impressed his battery has lasted throughout!
  13. And now I have the mental image of Axl doing the dance moves to Single Ladies.
  14. Pretty much. They still have over an hour to play, after all.
  15. If they're going to make it to three and a half hours, I guess they're going to add the covers. Would love them to play more of their own material (still hoping for Think About You one day), but the cover thing is what they did on previous legs of the tour during the longer concerts.