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  1. How many interviews is Slash thinking about taking?

  2. The 2006 tour seemed like a success. Does anybody have any tour gross info from that year? No doubt it was much more financially successful than the 2002 tour.
  3. I don't mind Fortus on RQ with Slash. What really grinds my gears is when Slash does 15 years of noodling on RQ when Guns perform it, fans could run to the next gig and back in the time he takes on that song.
  4. I just think Bumbles solo suits the song more as it more up tempo from the May demo.
  5. Always preferred the album version to the demo.
  6. Can't be that many copies of the locked & loaded boxset yet?
  7. Axl Rose being mocked for no reason

    If you wanted to do something about it, you could always report the post. I'm not on Twitter so not sure how it all works.
  8. Just listening to TWAT. I think Slash would struggle to top that anywhere on the record even if he stuck around.
  9. Boxscore

    I've been looking at this today as a matter of fact. Weird there's no new info. Came across this on Billboard.com. Billboard's 2018 Money Makers: 50 Highest-Paid Musicians. Its dated 7/20/2018. So not sure if the Berlin & Odense shows are included. Also not sure about sales of Locked & Loaded box-set, super deluxe versions etc are included in this also. Billboard's 2018 Money Makers: 50 Highest-Paid Musicians https://www.billboard.com/photos/8465835/highest-paid-musicians-money-makers
  10. According to Official GnR site, only 400+ Locked N Loaded Boxsets Remain..anybody who's ordered yet..tempted?

  11. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    We we get more NITL shows after the upcoming leg?
  12. When Are Guns Going To 'Bury' Appetite?

    I love the album. I just feel its still dominating Guns N' Roses, its got a high percentage of all songs being performed live at every gig, the latest release by the band is centered around it.
  13. Its been over 30 years since AFD came out. AFD got the remastered/expanded treatment and some rare released tracks featured in the ultimate locked/loaded boxset, all I'm asking is will this be the end of Guns promoting Appetite and moving on to newer material, expand the back catalog and moving on? Yes I get AFD is one of hard rock/metals biggest selling albums but you don't get other veteran popular rock/metal bands solely focusing on one album from years past. When is Guns going to 'Bury' Appetite and move on?
  14. Better negotiate a few more legs of NITL tour. Slash must be earning some decent $$$ per month to afford that.
  15. Thoughts on Street of Dreams?

    Always enjoyed The Blues/Street Of Dreams. Ahhh 2002 in the world of Guns, brings back memories lol.