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  1. Bon Jovi toured extensively in the mid 90's and throughout the 00's, last I heard his voice sounds shot.
  2. Any chance of an official blu ray release of a show or two from NITL show. Maybe released after the tour is through?
  3. I thought maybe more people would become aware of CD. Especially those who were not following GNR through the Slashless years, maybe with the NITL tour CD has had a chance to be heard from a bigger audience than the tours that followed its release. Its had like 70 million streams on Spotify since it was released, so its not like nobody has not noticed it.
  4. Mustard

    Don't mind a bit of mustard on steak. Same with beef.
  5. Malibu orders evacuation due to fire

    Seriously though hope his house & property are okay.
  6. Surprised SOD hasn't been played at all.
  7. 11/08/18 - Jakarta, Indonesia

    Don't think Axl has much of a choie this is song where Slash includes an eight minute solo/jam.
  8. 11/08/18 - Jakarta, Indonesia

    Look's a big venue. What's the expected attendance?
  9. I can see them touring for another three years after they release a new album, that would have to be released in the next 12-18 months.
  10. Well..the 'fans' complained & complained about Axl communicating with them..now he's doing that. Take the rough with the smooth.
  11. Its swings & roundabouts. Slash wasn't playing to huge stadiums/arenas before he came back to GNR, Velvet Revolver toured but no where near as extensively as this current band and New Guns. He only seems to book theaters while on the road with Myles & the Conspirators. Even NUGNR managed to sell out the garden and other big venues.
  12. Anybody think he sings at a rate & volume so he can prolong his voice on tour & for the future?
  13. Its like 5-6 hours yet! Its like 10:14PM here..I'll be in Zzzz land then lol.