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  1. The truth, and the end.

    Fair Enough. LTD is the only Slash album that I haven't listened to repeatedly apart from the rest of SMKC and Slash albums. CD gets a huge bad rep and its a shame, its not a bad album...very underrated. I've been a Guns fan since I was 15...I'm 33 now, to say Guns had one album released in the 18 or so years I've been fan 10 years since the last one got released is a bummer. Its not exactly been plain sailing in the GnR world but hopefully there's some new music to enjoy in the next 18 months...
  2. The truth, and the end.

    Its a masterpiece compared to 'Living The Dream'.
  3. Jeez remember Axl copping some crap on here for that World Cup 2014 Budweiser Ad, the whole 2 seconds of it!
  4. I wouldn't mind that album title. Its hard to take that Guns don't have any other unreleased tracks from the Appetite & Illusion eras. Maybe they been holding them back but I'm not sure. I'd bet if they do they would be on par lyrically with Anything Goes...
  5. I'm hoping Slash & Duff bring to the table there own songs for the next record. Slash's 'Living The Dream' is the only one of his solo records & conspirators records that I haven't gone back and revisited due its quality which I feel is below par compared to the rest...so I'm hoping whatever Slash brings to recordings is better in quality than 'Living The Dream' which has created some doubt in my mind. Probably reaching to far but if Izzy sat in the writing/creative process like he did with 'The Project' I feel we could get some great material for the next record. With songs like 'Better' & 'TWAT' from the CD era content, I'm hoping there's a few gems left from that era that could be brought forward onto the next record. You'd think that the next record really has to deliver for them to capitalize on and maybe we could get another couple of albums after the next record arrives.
  6. Maybe fall 2019 maybe we'll get an active GNR with tour dates in markets they skipped over the last three years. Saying that they would have to be some tour branding with the name & I believe any future Guns tour will half to top NITL tour in terms of dates & gross. Or simply release some new music and then tour of the album name.
  7. I know you don't really know me
    I know you don't really care to see me
    I'm into total affection
    Not being scared if you never please me
    You know you really want to lay it down...

  8. So its only like 6-7 weeks since the last show but do you guys think Guns will head out on tour in the summer or will Guns not resurface on tour until they release a record?
  9. Wouldn't surprise me if Guns hire her again or Live Nation hire her for Guns for the next tour that will no doubt have to eclipse NITL tour.
  10. That's a great movie btw.
  11. Agreed. Guns tend to keep there cards close to there chest regarding most matters so..any news of that will be quite a way off and its only been 4-5 weeks since NITL tour finished.
  12. First time CD tracks were played

    First time I heard CD tracks I was pumped and that includes the leaked versions that leaked quite some time before November 2008 release, if you put a timeline between then & now without new music its quite sad really. I'm not sure many other big active bands operate like Guns in that way. Lineup changes aside.
  13. Sorry Dude. Its more to do with Niven being imo slighty negative, even though yeah he was there doing Guns heyday but jeezus.