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  1. Wouldn't surprise me if Guns hire her again or Live Nation hire her for Guns for the next tour that will no doubt have to eclipse NITL tour.
  2. Agreed. Guns tend to keep there cards close to there chest regarding most matters so..any news of that will be quite a way off and its only been 4-5 weeks since NITL tour finished.
  3. First time CD tracks were played

    First time I heard CD tracks I was pumped and that includes the leaked versions that leaked quite some time before November 2008 release, if you put a timeline between then & now without new music its quite sad really. I'm not sure many other big active bands operate like Guns in that way. Lineup changes aside.
  4. Sorry Dude. Its more to do with Niven being imo slighty negative, even though yeah he was there doing Guns heyday but jeezus.
  5. Game of Thrones - The Final Season

    Love GOT. Can't wait for this last season. Its in my opinion best of TV since The Sopranos ended.
  6. Alan Nivens endless comments on music journo sites continues...these articles are taken from podcast Rocktalk with Mitch Lafon. Ex- Guns N’ Roses Manager Reacts to Negative Comments Against Himself https://metalheadzone.com/ex-guns-n-roses-manager-reacts-to-negative-comments-against-himself/
  7. Tension in the early 2000's lineup

    I'd love to hear what remains of Bucketheads recorded Guns material & Finck's but I'll be very surprised if we hear any of it & without it being rehashed or whatever.
  8. No mention of Guns yet but Garth has a nice t-shirt maybe its a sign...
  9. Same here. I just get the sense that with all of Guns activity since reuniting I don't think they went that much water to go under the bridge before putting out another record. I'm not sure how far along the record is though, is it older material with new players or is it a fresh slate..who knows!
  10. How long until things fall into place regarding the next release? How long will we be waiting? Anybody optimistic that this year could see the release?
  11. Happy New Year MyGNRForum

    Happy New Year