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  1. Think GUNS have blown any chance of having Izzy sit in any writing sessions due to the peanuts offer during the reunion and maybe the past was brought up due to Izzy bowing out early during the Illusion tour maybe they doubted he would last a tour. Think Izzy contributes Slash the most out of all the rhythm guys he has played with. Fortus has the talent to lead a writing session and I feel he's underrated with his loyalty to the band when things weren't always going so well. It will be interesting to see what happens.
  2. Paul Huge and the new album

    Is that you Slash?
  3. Love Gorham's work in Thin Lizzy with Brian Robertson. Those guys were the early pioneers of the twin guitar duels, awesome work. Also with Gary Moore's contributions.
  4. The Leak History

    Not sure. He might be starstruck from being played by Pete Davidson in The Dirt.
  5. The Leak History

    Anybody got in touch with Zutaut and asked him about his locker?
  6. New LA Show Sep 21

    Will more shows be added after the upcoming leg is done? Seems like there gonna hit the ground and run from city to city.
  7. I'm clinging on to dear hope that there's still some Buckethead gems left for future releases. I just don't want Slash butching his work.
  8. Same. Although its the only way of hearing stuff associated with GNR. Whether its 20-year-old recordings of songs that didn't make the final cut or Bucketheads farts caught on the microphone from inside his studio coop.
  9. Out of all the leaks, it is Hard School & Atlas that most intrigue me. CD came out in 2008 and I was happy with what got & heard, I'm just not interested in old versions of completed songs.
  10. I agree and at the same time, it's a shame that this band relies so much on its classic and older material. I get the fans who buy tickets want to hear the classics but at the same time that just seems like its a nostalgia feel to the shows. I want new songs and show the band want to add to the catalog, these guys have a chance now to better the catalog of songs by creating two, three, four albums and increase the amount of music in GNR.
  11. What do you mean...operating under a record contract from the '90s?
  12. I think if we don't have a new album in the next 12 months, my hair will fall out...
  13. Anybody expect any of the recent leaks to be featured on the next official album release?
  14. How close did GNR come to an MTV Unplugged performance?