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  1. Xbox questions from the uninitiated

    I've had my Xbox One for a couple of years and honestly, I've never had any problems with it. The download speeds are a drag though but that's not the console's fault I just put that down to the download speed from my provider and the internet speed in my area which is not the greatest. Let's say I'm downloading a tv series through my TV and it got a few episodes to download and I'm on my Xbox at the same time, it will handle it but I notice some lag in areas and it will jump at certain points, I just found that pausing my download on my TV while finishing up on the Xbox works for me. During Quarantine I'm so glad for my Xbox because otherwise I'd be bored out my mind.
  2. How many other big rock bands would take & put up with Fernando's crap until they fired him?
  3. What's wrong with maybe a few gigs with Izzy or a few or maybe a dozen at most! Shake things up a bit!
  4. Anybody notice any promotion for these shows? Posters in Citys etc.
  5. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Could Guns in 1996 make an album that would be on par in quality to Metallica's Load & Reload?
  6. How long have we been strung along with the follow up to CD? I get lineup changes have thrown a wrench into the works but you have to question they're true intentions when touring becomes there main focus for almost five years & completing previously recorded material, if they have recorded between tour legs then fair enough but who really knows!
  7. Little early in the year, no?
  8. Do you know what they should do? Have a three-hour meeting & seriously look at what they are doing in regard to a new album, all things considered. Kidding aside...if somebody complained to the band's management about lack of new music and they responded...it would be turned into a negative thing and it would be my fault for spending hundreds of dollars on live tickets, merch & old music.
  9. Maybe the band will drop an album this fall!
  10. Love Hard School. Got to say I love the drums from Oklahoma.
  11. Most GNR dates for a couple of years doubt they will come close to 2017 but I will hardly be surprised if they added fall dates later on down the line.
  12. James Hetfield Returns

    Neither did I...its just his eyes look a little puffy.
  13. Not surprised they didn't drop some new material. Is it not best to drop that on an actual GNR gig and not a festival? Axl look's to be in better shape than the 2-3 previous legs. I hope he can keep that off & stay motivated come to the next gigs that are quite far spread out.
  14. James Hetfield Returns

    Look's like he put the alcohol down & picked up the weed instead.