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  1. Who is The King of Rock N Roll ?

    Prefab Sprout.
  2. Didn't Slash & Fergie do a halftime show a few years back? That went down like a lead balloon.
  3. I can easily see Guns putting another leg together come February/March/April 2020. Or they could see 2020 as a chance to put out new material & a brand new tour to promote that album to the masses. Hell we might even get another couple of albums by say 2025.
  4. Happy Bday CD!

    I'm approaching 20 years as a fan, maybe that's why I appreciate CD for what it is I don't know. Still...the road is long! With many a winding...

    True. 'Burying It' must be out the question by now.

    Why do Guns just flog Appetite on their merch site and ignore all the other albums?
  7. 15 new songs in 28 years. 

    1. rocknroll41


      It’s really 17 new songs if you count The Plague and New World Tune, but nonetheless, your point still stands.

  8. Still, prefer Brain or Freese over Hawkins.
  9. They might as well go for the record that Ed Sheeran broke a couple of months ago. Counting this leg and another 3-4 legs, can break the record and then focus on the next record. Although I feel when Guns releases that next record I feel they could have another three-four year tour to support that album.
  10. So...we due another leg around March? Maybe a trip around Europe?
  11. That's one of the best litho's for a while.
  12. GNR playing Dead Horse has made a couple of news articles online what's gonna happen when they play a new song on a 3 1/2 year tour?
  13. Very similar to the Mexico dates. Safe as possible.
  14. Why the negativity towards Axyl and GNR?

    If the guys aged backwards they would get ton more praise from the fan base. Including those who think Slash's hat is glued on, Axl not being in prime Bruce Lee shape and Duff's outlook on life since his sobriety.