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  1. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Seriously what's the problem? You pay hundreds of dollars for a ticket, you record footage on your handheld device like 99% of the worlds population do & upload to YouTube and you get it taken down? Users on YouTube always seem to shafted somehow.
  2. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Think there's a lot more control in Axl's voice nowadayz compared to the Illusion tour because he doesn't wail like a banshee for 2.5 -3.5 hrs, he must try & sustain a level so that he doesn't winded.
  3. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Are the Axl/DC videos still up on YouTube? They seem pretty popular & have good comments regarding Axl's performances. Have copyright trolls took them down also?
  4. NITL Tour DVD/Blu Ray ?

    Imagine professionally recording all NITL dates and not releasing a Blu ray/DVD. We could try raising this argument to the bands management but Fernando would some how blame us for it. Check out the Metallica site. They put up the live recordings on the website for like $7. Guns need to get real & fast. They could put all of the live recording up on GNR.com & at least a few live shows for streaming but its never simple for this band. Why does everything have to be ass backwards.
  5. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    The various rock journalists on many sites sure do love an Alan Niven quote slapped on their website that's for sure. Even when Niven is saying stuff like Guns never split up when he was in charge, I try my best to hide my cringe.
  6. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Bring em in guest spots & maybe slowly feature them more often. I don't mind Melissa, Frank & Fortus get a pass from me for being loyal for a number of years & Fortus guitar skills are underrated.
  7. Metallica’s Kirk Hammett says the band are “uncomfortable” with how long their new album is taking https://www.nme.com/news/music/metallicas-kirk-hammett-says-the-band-are-uncomfortable-with-how-long-their-new-album-is-taking-2477094 This is a band who last released an album in 2016. Does this make you frustrated with Guns progression towards a new release?
  8. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Guns N' Roses concert...Axl playing The Incredible Hulk's 'The Lonely Man' as an intro the concert or to a song.
  9. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    A dilemma when Axl & Guns decide if Bucketheads contributions should remain on future material. I'm torn (I'm all out faith this is how I feel) do Guns scrub Bucket's immense talent from the next album & let Slash loose with the tracks & maybe add an extra layer...what's the deal?
  10. Word on the street is that UMG owners Vivendi is selling out 50% of UMG's share capital whatever that means, its worth like 50 Billion though whoever has got that hiding behind the sofa. Not sure how it will affect the artists on the label...who knows!
  11. Maybe Slash should have stuck around back in the day instead of throwing his toys out the pram. Saying that...I'm glad Guns experienced with the sound more rather than...meat & potatoes rnr.
  12. Why can't all three original members reach out to Izzy beggers balls in hands and say what's it gonna take for Izzy to join back up, get all of current Guns to write songs together & bit of recording and see what they can produce even if its only like half an album of say 12-14 songs.
  13. What's the chances of Slash heading out on tour again after October small tour has been & gone? He can't seem to settle long before touring or recording again. Hope Guns can jump in the studio get an album out in next 12-18 months although fall of this year is a long shot...it would awesome.
  14. What do you guys expect from the upcoming album? Will it feature tracks that are on par with 'Better' & 'There Was A Time'? Will it be heavier than CD?