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  1. The CD era while not to everybody tastes could have resulted in another couple of albums. Instead, we get to wait 25 years between albums...
  2. I did you. All though I did dig 'Fire In The Hole' on Van Halen III.
  3. How come Guns doesn't sell their other albums on the official site?...just the locked & loaded boxset & the Appetite remaster.
  4. This upcoming leg is shorter than the Europe leg of last year. After the tour starts again in a few weeks and all the dates are completed...when will GNR be active again?
  5. I agree! Like I said very naive. But that doesn't mean they all played milk the cow.
  6. Songs about GNR

    Not sure. Around the time that song came out Metallica were wearing wristbands & extreme eye shadow after calling all the hair metal out for it in the '80s & early '90s. They tried to cling on to the grunge movement so desperately, especially with there imagery. Shame really cause they set the bar extremely high in the '80s for metal & hard rock acts, Metallica's '80s albums should be in every best ever metal & hard rock album lists.
  7. Slash and Gilby

    Baby your much to fast!
  8. I think this video is spot on. One of the problems I've encountered is if you defend Michael Jackson & disbelieve 'Leaving Neverland' you get accused of defending child abuse amongst other things all because of a couple of guys come out the woodwork years after his death and their 'alleged' claims against him. If your old enough to remember the Joey Chandler scandal and how that was exposed to be false because of Chandler's dad being taped confessed to setting Jackson up before any claims against MJ were filed or accused and Carrie Fisher had evidence against him because Chandler's dad was a doctor or dentist to the stars. Those two 'Leaving Neverland' guys have tried doing the same thing only years later, they noticed how much the MJ estate has made since he died and went after a slice. On the other hand, MJ didn't help himself and was incredibly naive but he never had a childhood and bounced the ball like the rest of us, he was a breadwinner for the Jackson family before he was in double figures.
  9. Looking forward to hearing new songs featured in the setlists in the upcoming tour dates.
  10. I quite like the Riad song. What would annoy me if I was Axl...was who in the blue hell used that Ulrich Schnauss sample?

    Tried to join but it says its too late!
  12. 15 songs released in 25 years...any upcoming EP or album that's loaded with cover songs is gonna disappoint. I'd be down with what DJones1225 said.
  13. The EP talk isn't really exciting me tbh. Much prefer an album with 12+ original tracks.
  14. Ed Sheeran breaks U2's tour record https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-49203859 Do you think Guns will go all out and wrap NITL after they have leapfrogged U2 & that little leprechaun Ed Sheeran?