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  1. Has Frank gotten worse?

    Then you have to listen better and read better !! I never complaind about Frank, he does a great job !! The only thing is, he isn't Steven and has not the feel that Steven has. Especially with OTGM and My Michelle.......
  2. Has Frank gotten worse?

    I don't hate Frank, he does a great job. But he has a hard job to match the level of Steven and Matt !!
  3. Has Frank gotten worse?

    The best performance of the NILT tour was, when Steven took a seat behind the drumkit , thats how GN'R must sound !!! It was the same drumkit btw, and i never believed that a drummer could be such a difference in how a band sounds !!
  4. Mean Bone?

    "Serial killer" is my fave of the album , Rod is great on the album. Live he was a bit to much for me... ALG is a Great Album !! Great
  5. All do, the best fuckin' Rocket Queen i heard in years !!!!
  6. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    Got my tickets for Amsterdam
  7. Epiphone Limited Edition Slash Firebird

    Fuck isn't ugly it's nice !! But i like the les paul anaconda better !!
  8. He Axl !!!!! Do you here that man behind the drumkit ???? Take it !!!! Really love Driving rain !!! Great Band !!! Slash loves to play with these guys, you can see and hear that !!
  9. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    Slash is coming to the same venue, as the last 2 times, he came to the Netherlands. And I have no Doubt, it wil sell out in no time !!
  10. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    Thrilled to see them in Amsterdam, my 6 year old son wants to see him too !! And he wants to here beggars !!
  11. Thoughts on Street of Dreams?

    Would like to here what Slash does with this mofo!! Should be great do !! I always liked the first version.
  12. Ain’t Going Down

    thats a real pinball tune, not a guns song thats worked on. with a few samples they "made" a song, you can clearly here that !!
  13. I have seen SMKC 3 times and Alterbridge 2 times, the man delivers !!! Never been dissepointed by Myles, if you expect him to be Axl.... then you wil be !!! But he is simply not Axl, and i think Axl now, would like that he had the range Myles has now. It would be a lot easyer for him to sing on this tour !! Axl sounds like a whiney cat on a lot of songs these days, so you would think, that Myles would get some likes over here........... wel i like him, come on Conspirators !!!!
  14. Guns n' Roses politiks saying : I want to make a album !!!!!! or i'm going to record with the conspirators !! and I am not gonna wait to long !! Thats what i read out of the interviews lately