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  1. everything is fine as long they play "The Dissident" great song !! and my 5 year old son, loves the song too !!
  2. This is gonna be good year !! seeing Guns this summer again, and a new Conspirators album !!! Great !!
  3. Nice interview with Tod Dammit Kerns !! It's a nice guy ,that i al ready noticed at severall interviews. This only confirmed that !! Really great that he is as exited about guns like we are, even if SMKC would end it. I hope they get together soon and make a kick ass album !! I also had bad times in my life, when my father and mother got divorced. guns pulled me through that time !! and i thank them for it !!! Now 24 years after that bad happening, Guns still is a big part of me !!
  4. Rumor of a new album???

    If guns write just one song like blackbird, there back in the game !! Myles is fucking good, i have seen him 3 times with Slash and 2 times with Alterbridge. I hate to say it but, he knocks Axl out of the park !!! He can't touch Axl in the 90' , axl was incredible then !! But then again, Axl has a one of a kind, voice . Nobody can do that , but isn't that wat we love about GN'R ?? The Voice, The Guitar and the magic of GN'R !!
  5. What sort of music video would GNR do?

    I want a titts and ass video!!! like they did with it so easy, thats GN'R!!!
  6. jah youre right, stil great to hear the interview tho !! thanks man, keep up the good work !!
  7. Man you had a bad conection, realy hard to hear wat Rod is saying ! but cool to hear some thing from Rod, they made a good album together !!
  8. Michael Elvis Baskette !! WoF sounds Great, and he made Slash, go for the best performance !! even when Slash thought, he did the best he could. Michael got even a better performance out of him !! Also Slash his tone on WoF , is excellent Also his work with Alterbridge, i like very much. Also i think Mike Clink, is not the man they are looking for. The line, that they have no saying in the arrangement for the new album, triggers me! Because thats the only way, they can record a new album.
  9. Did he play more songs, beside Train Kept A-Rollin' ??
  10. I Don't have a grudge against Bumble !! But everthing that happend between 98 and 9-3-2015 under the GN'R name !!
  11. Izzy's shit is good, Slash his shit is better, toghether they are awesome !!!!
  12. It's a shame that both GN'R and AC/DC miss a key member for the writing progress !! Izzy and Malcome !! al tho Izzy can come back to Guns, AC/DC wil never be the same !!! I hope Angus doesn't make the same mistake Axl did !! Maybe WAR is the collaboration With Angus and Axl !! With Shitbag as the rythm gitarist!!!
  13. Like al those dudes didn't sound like Slash, Slash don't (thank god !!) sound like Bucket and Bubbelgum or finck !! And i like to think slash doesn't want to sound like them at all !!
  14. If Axl wants to kill the cow he is milking , he only has to take shitbag back........