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  1. Did he play more songs, beside Train Kept A-Rollin' ??
  2. I Don't have a grudge against Bumble !! But everthing that happend between 98 and 9-3-2015 under the GN'R name !!
  3. Izzy's shit is good, Slash his shit is better, toghether they are awesome !!!!
  4. It's a shame that both GN'R and AC/DC miss a key member for the writing progress !! Izzy and Malcome !! al tho Izzy can come back to Guns, AC/DC wil never be the same !!! I hope Angus doesn't make the same mistake Axl did !! Maybe WAR is the collaboration With Angus and Axl !! With Shitbag as the rythm gitarist!!!
  5. Like al those dudes didn't sound like Slash, Slash don't (thank god !!) sound like Bucket and Bubbelgum or finck !! And i like to think slash doesn't want to sound like them at all !!
  6. If Axl wants to kill the cow he is milking , he only has to take shitbag back........
  7. Slash, did say he prefers to play smaller venues, in interviews for the first snakepit album and in interviews for the solo album when he first goes on tour with Myles. He likes it, because he has more interaction with the crowd. Also the smaller veneus have better acoustic, for the sound of the band.
  8. When Matt came in for the illusions sessions, Axl told him how to drum the songs. He was constanly in the studio, to let matt play the songs over and over until he liked it. Thats why Matt sounded better with Velvet Revolver, he could drum how he liked it......
  9. Brent Fitz would do a great job behind the kit, wen they made a new album !! really enjoyed him in SMKC !!! But if the AFD 5 could get recording................ Steven is the number 1 Those 2 songs last year, are the best of the tour !!!!! And it came to close for AXL........... Maybe??

    I rather have interview from the star of the show, SLASH !! He IS the man, that saved Guns N' Roses from a wedding band to a stadium tour band !!! I really want to hear from him, what his feelings and emotions are. after a monster tour like this, he has bin to quiet all this time !
  11. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    I went to see nuGNr in nijmegen 06, was a great show. Axl sounded great and Izzy was there What i thought was that Finck was anoying, he did a bit of "Slash" gimmick on stage i didn't like that at all!! back then Axl was carrying the show !
  12. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    We will see..........
  13. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    SMKC will happen, Tod Kerns already put on instagram, See ya next year, gang! And also did Tremonti said that Myles wil be back with SMKC for 2018 !!
  14. He has a realy a bas sound that is special, and his punk back ground , really diffines him from other bas players. how he plays his bas is raw, i like it. he has his own sound, like Slash has. With SMKC, Tod kerns does a great job (really like his playing, and he has a great tallent) But it is not Duff....
  15. I really like Alter bridge (seen them last wednesday in Groningen) But to compare that, with world on fire ?? Alter bridge is a complete different band as SMKC !! and i like them both very much !! Tremonti is also a great guitar player but his style way different then Slash !!