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  1. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    I went to see nuGNr in nijmegen 06, was a great show. Axl sounded great and Izzy was there What i thought was that Finck was anoying, he did a bit of "Slash" gimmick on stage i didn't like that at all!! back then Axl was carrying the show !
  2. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    We will see..........
  3. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    SMKC will happen, Tod Kerns already put on instagram, See ya next year, gang! And also did Tremonti said that Myles wil be back with SMKC for 2018 !!
  4. He has a realy a bas sound that is special, and his punk back ground , really diffines him from other bas players. how he plays his bas is raw, i like it. he has his own sound, like Slash has. With SMKC, Tod kerns does a great job (really like his playing, and he has a great tallent) But it is not Duff....
  5. I really like Alter bridge (seen them last wednesday in Groningen) But to compare that, with world on fire ?? Alter bridge is a complete different band as SMKC !! and i like them both very much !! Tremonti is also a great guitar player but his style way different then Slash !!
  6. Is Axl getting bigger again ?? He was thinner in Nijmegen i believe ??!! nice video's tho
  7. Yeah that was great, the people there more singing than Steven !! Axl at least sings the hole fucking song !!
  8. I don't get what everybody is bitching about, this is Axl sounding 80 % of all the shows they played !! You now what is coming every show they play !! some highs some lows !! But it is what it is !! and still they killed it !! compare to the other bands, that played Rock in Rio !! From what i seen a great rockshow, they al worked there asses off !! We never get old Guns back, but i loved what they did !!
  9. From everything i seen so far, Alterbridge knocks everybody one there asses !! Great set !!
  10. Just seen a couple of video's from Aerosmith, fergie and Maroon5 . And i just can't stop thinking ehm... Axl isn't that bad afterall !!! Man those Brasillians are going apeshit, when Guns is going to fire on al cilinders ! If Axl is one his A game tomorrow, it's gonna be a historical show.
  11. Nijmegen : 1 Longest show 2 Slash AMAZING 3 Axl on FIRE 4 Anus ehh.... Angus 5 Great set list 6 we got Out to get Me !!!! 7 I was there (6 meters from Axl , Slash and Duff) Great great show , i wil never forget this. Oke we wil never hear Axl sing, like he did in the 80/90's. But it was good enough for me, had a great fuckin' time and the best euro's spent ever !
  12. https://web.musicaficionado.com/main.html#!/article/leslie_west_interviews_slash_by_joebosso The last chapter of the interview is interesting.........
  13. 08/21/17 - Ottawa, ON - TD Place Stadium

    Last time was in Nijmegen, and it was a fuckin' blast !!!
  14. Some day we wil now how it al came together, but i don't believe Slash does this to get his "lost 20 million" back. He wants to get out there touring and yes make a buck, but thats not his main reason to reunite. He had enough money left, to live his life in a luxery way he did. and keep it that way whit the money he makes with SMKC.
  15. Why does everybody think Slash needs money ?? After the split with Perla , He had a succesful run with SMKC and a Album !! That wil make a buck for the man !! He wasn't broke when Perla left.....