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  1. Thanks Brando for keeping GN'R allive !! Great episode, keep up the good work !!
  2. That is wats gonna happen, SMKC has already some songs to work on for the new album. But something is going to happen with Guns, we are gonna hear something new this year !! we just have to wait and sit out the ride..........
  3. Setlist for 2020

    serial killer sucker train blues right next door to hell out to get me
  4. They give you goose bumps............... then it must be really good !!!
  5. The GN'R forum fans, are perfect for the band. Same crap, after every gig !! thats why they have a steady setlist !! Perfect match !!! I Hope they come to Europe next summer !! Going for the 3 time to the Not in this liftime Tour......
  6. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    I hope so !! he deserves it !! He also kept de legasy alive ! it would be great !!
  7. thats it boys and girls !!!
  8. Why can't they play knockin' like in the old days !!! this is boring.......
  9. Goddammit Slash is on fire damn !!!
  10. Guns looks better without the neon light do !!!
  11. Does have Axl a Bon Jovi look now ??
  12. They should drop Slither right now !! Man Myles does a better job at it....
  13. nah even at STP, they can't replace Scott !! also they can't replace him at VR....... Scott was such a great singer/songwriter, he was perfect for Slash and Duff at that time ! I would like that Slash played more VR, With SMKC, Myles does a great job on VR-songs, Axl not so IMO Scott is the most talented singer, in Slash his career IMO