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  1. normal ticket 95 + 15 service cost Golden circle 125 + 15 service cost then you have the early entrance 325 vip 1050 I bought my tickets today in the pre sale
  2. YES !!! Guns is playing almost in my backyard !! After The Rolling Stones, Tina Turner and Sting, Guns is the fourth band that comes to Groningen !!! Damn I was stunned that Alter bridge came to the Oosterpoort and now Guns n' Roses comes playing in Groningen........ 20 minutes drive !! Big bands as you can see, almost never come to the north of the Netherlands, so this is big news !! In every regional paper you can read that Guns is coming to town !! The venue can hold 50 000 people, 95 euro ticketprice, golden circle 125 euro's. I hope they wil land there plane in Eelde, our regi
  3. not it's from the last show in Mexico, if i am not mistaken.....
  4. wenn 25 November the album does comes out............ we all look so stupid
  5. unless Izzy is coming back to the fold, we get nothing............ It's just a gig !!
  6. I read the book, it is fun and easy to read. Sorum sounds bitter about how things have gone, he feels betrayed by his pals. first with Guns and then with Velvet. But somehow i can not let it go, there is something Sorum says that catches me........ It doesend feels right this hole reunion thing...... When you start adding up, with the Adler story then Izzy about splitting the loot..... Now Sorum his book. Its all albout the money...... When they make a album, that does not make the expectation we al have. They lose a lot more, when they keep going on like now, and say yeah there
  7. oke i will start with ise and my michelle ptu and bob wil probely not make the setlist........ My son has seen SMKC already and loved it now Guns.....
  8. They need to !!! My 8 year old son wants to see them live, so they better come to holland paradisecity Nijmegen !!! I also would like to see them too
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