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  1. Oh, how terrible @marlingrl03 ,happy you are ok , earthquake 7.0 is impressive, yesterdey here had few places had earthquake too, and places that never was earthquake, but not many like Alaska intensity, here was just 3.0 and much people no noticed this , cause the seismologist said that an earthquake less 6.0 not are very noticeable , again i be happy you are good , was just an scare:)

    1. marlingrl03


      Thanks girly! Yeah there have been a lot of aftershocks so hopefully that ends soon. My cat Barley is still very very scared and hiding under the sofa poor thing. I had a lot of things crash and fall and it freaked him out. He thinks it is going to happen again. 😿

    2. Ratam


      Oh, don't think you was things crash, i think was most light movement , but yes 7.0 earthquake doesn't a joke, poor thing you cat , i hope not happen again, my best wishing to you and you beautiful 🐭🐹stay strong , my best vibe to you✊👊