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  1. Just a heads up, all 19 disks have leaked now according to Discord.
  2. Yeah for real, has a Finck version leaked since last night?
  3. Yep, he said watch out for a film soundtrack later in the year, then an EP after that. It did strike me, Alice Cooper has a nightly show on that station so there could be a hint of truth to the EP rumour, depending how close he is to the band these days.
  4. It was the host that said it. He played Yesterday, then after the track finished started talking about new material. I have no clue what their sources might be but he sounded pretty confident in what he was saying.
  5. In happier news, Planet Rock (UK radio station) have just said that new material is coming towards the end of the year. Said something along the lines of "I don't know about a new album, but keep your eye on film soundtracks towards the end of the year, and an EP early next year".
  6. Definitely in the minority but I am most excited to hear a proper stereo version of Silkworms. I've been waiting for that for over 15 years! Do we know if Bucket is on the AFD recording at all? I'd pay good money to hear studio versions of his Nightrain solo.
  7. Anyone know what he is recording? This does not look like a low budget side project at all. That's a Steinway grand piano. Could it be..?