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  1. 11/02/17 - Detroit, MI - Little Caesars Arena

    I opted out this year, I saw the show last year at Ford field and it was great. Wasn't excited about seeing sane show twice (although seeing prostitute live would've been awesome! Everyone who's there, have fun! I'm saving my mojo for dead and company on the 24th, got 2nd row, and there's guaranteed to be no duplicate setlists for the entire tour.
  2. He revels in that stuff because it's his legacy. He didn't go on to create more relevant music after AFD like his former bandmates did.
  3. GNR do not have enough material to omit ANY album's songs from their setlist... in fact, they should probably throw another TSI or LIES song into the mix. If they can even alter their setlist just a smidge and toss in an old Illusion track or two, I'll buy a pit ticket for Detroit right now.
  4. How do we think Axl feels about CD?

    TWAT and Prostitute are among Axl's greatest songs, both lyrically and musically. CD absolutely did suffer from overproduction though, particularly with the guitar work... too many layers and overdubs. The endless noodling during the last verse on catcher in the rye almost ruined it (the demo was much better), and the loud, distorted rhythm guitars on TWAT drowned out alot of the beautiful orchestration. If this album had been released by 2001, before it got produced to death, and before any of the original Nu-Gnr members quit, it would've been a successful record, Slash or no.
  5. I agree. I'm in Detroit, went to the show last year in the pit, it was a great show, the first I'd ever seen with Slash, but I didn't even buy a ticket for next month's show, and neither has anyone else that I know who went last year. All of our reasons are the same... it's the same setlist, more or less, and I've already seen it. The only reason I'd care to go to another show would be to see new music played or to see Izzy back on stage.
  6. Chances of “Free Fallin” live?

    First and foremost, RIP Tom Petty. In regards to a Tom Petty cover, Square One, from Tom Petty's 2006 solo album Highway Companion (amazing album top to bottom) would be, lyrically, very fitting for Axl to sing, given GNR's history and recent semi reunion. Would never happen, but would be cool. Lyrics... Had to find some higher ground Had some fear to get around You can't say what you don't know Later on won't work no more Last time through I hid my tracks So well I could not get back Yeah my way was hard to find Can't sell your soul for piece of mind Square one, my slate is clear Rest your head on me, my dear It took a world of trouble, took a world of tears Took a long time... to get back here Try so hard to stand alone Struggle to see past my nose Always had more dogs than bones I could never wear those clothes It's a dark victory You won and you also lost Told us you were satisfied But it never came across Square one, my slate is clear Rest your head on me, my dear It took a world of trouble, took a world of tears Took a long time... to get back here
  7. Estranged from Rock in Rio 2011 (Discussion)

    Watch the first 30 seconds of this video and you will know why no one likes DJ HA-HA. nu gnr officially died when he joined.
  8. Lol good one. Maybe Gilby, Izzy, Tobias, Robin, bucket, ashba, slash and Fortus will all trade licks up on stage, backed by a quadruple drum assault of Steven, Matt, Brain and Frank, with a double bass tandem of duff and Tommy, and a keyboard bonanza of dizzy, Pittman, and Melissa! It'll be anarchy!!! WOWIE ZOWIE!!!
  9. What if - 2014 Guns now

    Dj Ashba would be hitting the opening chords to WTTJ, breaking in between to do Hulk Hogan ears, while Axl shouted "Do you know where the fuck you are?!?", to a handful of confused teens in an L.A. suburban basement.
  10. the doors

    I'm fascinated with the post Morrison doors era, that released 2 albums, other voices, and full circle. Imagine the song Ships w/ Sails with Morrison alive to sing on it... would've been their biggest hit I bet. I really dig Tightrope Ride, too.
  11. [Poll] Billy Joel or Elton John?

    Elton John hands down. Think of all the classic albums... tumbleweed connection, madman across the water, captain fantastic and the Brown dirt cowboy, goodbye yellow brick road, to name just a few... You can listen to most of these albums front to back without skipping any tracks. Musical genius, and arguably, best of all time. Amazing performer... John/Taupin < Lennon McCartney.
  12. This is the best unreleased guns track out there...
  13. What made u fall in love with gnr?

    Axl's tight, white bicycle shorts!
  14. Yes, it is wrong. You need counseling.