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  1. Chinese Democracy "Easter Eggs" - Discussion

    Agreed. It sounds like it could've been on illusions. I'm surprised it's not played live during NITL.
  2. Chinese Democracy "Easter Eggs" - Discussion

    Chinese Democracy would've stood next to the rest of the GNR catalogue in the eyes of many more people had it been released sometime around 2000, and hadn't been overproduced and tinkered with so much. TWAT is up there with the greatest songs Axl has ever written... Prostitute, too. Catcher, also, etc.
  3. Chinese Democracy "Easter Eggs" - Discussion

    Nice job! You can definitely hear all the layers.
  4. Chinese Democracy "Easter Eggs" - Discussion

    Awesome. Id love to hear it
  5. Are GNR the new Rolling stones?

    No. The Stones still release music.
  6. Chinese Democracy "Easter Eggs" - Discussion

    Amazing. So much got buried in the final mix. The strings section, acoustic guitar, mostly. Imagine if in concert they did an extended jam, either in the middle, or end of the song, that featured that acoustic melody being repeated by Richard, with Mellisa playing the strings, dizzy repeating that piano riff, and axl doing some sort of subtle piano soloing? What a way to shake up the monotony of the setlist... it would be a show highlight for sure... i can hear it in my head and its glorious.
  7. The rest of GNR to Axl - "hey Ax, what do you think about us getting in the studio and laying down some ideas?" Axl to rest of GNR - for God sake, we got an album in the billboard top 10 right now, slow down and let's savor the success of appetite for a hot second! Geeze o petes!
  8. Trump Using "Sweet Child O Mine" at Rally In Montana

    I believe that was a wig on 2001. Why is Donny having a rally anyway? Does he know that he already won the election?
  9. It would be ridiculous if I said they weren't artists, you're correct. I didn't say that though. I was saying, you're artists, create something new and stop resting on your laurels (and I mean Axl, as slash and duff continue releasing music). I'm also saying, shake up your show a bit... Ok, they played slither... should've played it 2 years ago... SOYL... Ok, a throwaway from 30 years ago... black hole sun and witchita lineup... tributes to guys who left us last year... Ok, got it... drop them and add something else THIS year... change up the order of the songs once in a while. Anyway, back on topic, sorry lol
  10. No one cares about 30 years ago. GNR are like the beach boys now. People who actually know music want to hear their response to nearly 25 silent years of almost no original material. You call yourselves artists, create. New music or go wack your pud. (Most dangerous band in the world) lol. C'mon. Most predictable band in the world. At least shake up the setlist.
  11. The Guns N' Roses Album that could have been

    Scraped is hands down the worst GNR song of all time. Worse than My World. I don't know which song is worse, GNR Scraped or NIN With Teeth. Me and a friend who are big fans of both bands often discuss which one would we choose to listen to on repeat for the rest of our lives if we were forced to choose one? It's a sickening thought.
  12. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    Thank you!
  13. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    I know lol but which movie?
  14. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    The intro to HOB 2001 and Rock n Rio are amazing. Where is the sample pulled from of the guy talking "I believe in filth and stink and every foul thing blah blah.." come from? It's kind of cool lol