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  1. Eminem is kind of a whiny sissy, man. Dude is 50 and still crying about his mom. He’s got some lyrical talent, I’ll give him that, but I wouldn’t say he’s without fault... the production and music on a lot of his tunes is laughable (see lose yourself). He likes to start “beef” with people for no reason just to have something to rap about other than Vicodin and his mom... and this coming from a detroiter where everyone considers him a legend and genius. Lol I can’t stand him.
  2. What a loser. Dude couldn’t write himself out of a wet paper box. Oasis has a couple good tunes but his brother did all the writing. They ripped off the Beatles so hard, then, bashes George and Paul, the more talented half of the band. What a pussy. Go make up with your brother and stop being dumb with your “beady eye”.
  3. New Slash interview: New album hasn't started yet

    How so? Please explain.
  4. New Slash interview: New album hasn't started yet

    Another wasted opportunity. Should’ve released an album during the NITL tour. Now Axl will wait 5 years to quietly release material he wrote 25 years ago with Slash and Duff pasting parts over it and hardly anyone will know about it. Grab Axl a sleeping bag and a pillow, he’s resting SO HARD on those laurels! I really don’t understand anyone getting excited to watch an overweight and out of breath Axl perform that same exhausting set list again. Release something new or hang it up, hoss! Your schtick is wearing thin!
  5. New Slash interview: New album hasn't started yet

    When it comes to a new album, Slash is about as reliable a source as Richard or Dizzy.
  6. Mike Patton is not allowed to make fun of anyone ever after that utterly ridiculous performance he made on the very mainstream tv show Saturday night live. I remember laughing at the tv at how stupid he looked climbing up the wall toward the end of “Epic”. Not sure what he was trying to do there, look crazy? Wow, you’re crazy, man! Lol I always picture a crowd full of people calmly seated in the audience at snl, puzzled and shrugging their shoulders at each other. Anytime he makes fun of someone, they should just pull that video out on their phone, not say a word, and just hold it out in front of his face.
  7. Happy Birthday Melissa Reese

    Melissa = GNR