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  1. Chinese Democrac-HEEHHEE starts now!
  2. You can't hear too much detail but you can hear his melody. Words can be written by anyone, an Axl melody is immediately recognizable.
  3. No thread for the sneak peak of The General?
  4. Better listed as 2018 Single on Wikipedia - error?

    Man, I didn't loathe DJ like the rest of the forum but god...Ashba Water makes me cringe.
  5. 2010 Puerto Rico Proshot Discussion **NO LINKS**

    Man I'd love to see this finally. Though as much as I'm happy to get any 2010 show, I wish it was one with a better setlist. No ITW, IRS, Shacklers, ect.
  6. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    2011 stage rehearsal. Band minus Axl did the full show, pyro and all, according to MSL. On video. San Juan 2010 if it's fully out there. That's all I know of.
  7. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    I wonder if the 2011 rehearsal video will surface. It's hardly ever talked about.
  8. Rocket Queen 2010 (Pro-shot)

    I agree wholeheartedly. Sure, it isn't Slash or Duff playing, but Bumble and Tommy weren't bad players and Axl was on goddamn fire that year. I'd love a soundboard or pro shot from pretty much any show that year, especially Bucharest or one of the London shows.
  9. Rocket Queen 2010 (Pro-shot)

    None of the clips that have been posted of this show over the years play properly over my Galaxy. If you want to assuage that issue and be able to hear it, watch it on your TV through Playstation or whateverthefuck or on your computer.
  10. Rocket Queen 2010 (Pro-shot)

    Isn't this the show MSL was waving his dick around about a few years back? Saying he and only one other guy had it?
  11. Best SCOM of NITL tour?

    The ones from soundcheck without any vocals. I love Axl, but Sweet Child was hit and miss in his prime. Last good ones were St. Petersberg 2010 and LA 2006