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  1. Ok, I have never heard this before... Probably way too bizarre but has anyone EVER heard this rumour before? This seems to be a respectable site and the stories about Hendrix and Fogerty are accurate so I don't doubt their seriousness. I would hardly think Axl would have considered joining the army considering his attitude at that time but it would have been something to do after dropping out of school, and it would have appealed to his aggressive side. I just wonder where they would have got the rumour from when in 30 years of being a massive GnR fan I have never heard an inkling of it. It must just be from the tattoo.. I found one guy writing a comment in a thread on another site where he simply states Axl did serve in the military, so perhaps among some people in the army it's common knowledge that Axl served https://kmhk.com/a-veterans-day-salute-to-rockers-who-served-their-country/
  2. I remember when it came out, summer of 91 it was all over MTV. First GnR song/video I got into and "broke" them for me and started 10 years of obsession. I remember Izzy, Axl and Slash looking really cool and thinking who's this typical-heavy-metal-looking meathead drummer, although I like Matt. Great video. Nearly 30 years ago...Jesus..