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  1. I couldn't see this posted anywhere but I think this is an extra part of that interview.
  2. I wonder how much the outside writers made from these credits, e.g Chris Weber, West Arkeen. Obviously the albums sold millions and millions but I still wouldn't have imagined that much, but I remember reading an interview with Timo Kaltio where he said he went from being almost destitute to being able to buy a place in Highgate (a very posh area) in London literally overnight.
  3. Just a heads up for people with access to Sky Arts, they are showing the Las Vegas 2012 show at 1130 (I think) tonight, and then a half hour documentary about GnR. Probably nothing we haven't seen before
  4. I don't think management could give any less of a fu** than if this forum changed its name to mytaylorswiftforum.com and we started discussing her hair everyday.
  5. I think it ranks right up there with some of their best periods of inactivity. Very impressive in my opinion.
  6. I think he was. Like he says in the film, Axl called him round his apartment in the middle of the night and they spoke for 5 hours. Wall conducted quite a few interviews in similar fashion with Axl around 89/90. He wrote The Most Dangerous Band in the World basically off the back of them.
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