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  1. I don't think management could give any less of a fu** than if this forum changed its name to mytaylorswiftforum.com and we started discussing her hair everyday.
  2. I think it ranks right up there with some of their best periods of inactivity. Very impressive in my opinion.
  3. I think he was. Like he says in the film, Axl called him round his apartment in the middle of the night and they spoke for 5 hours. Wall conducted quite a few interviews in similar fashion with Axl around 89/90. He wrote The Most Dangerous Band in the World basically off the back of them.
  4. Did no-one else notice the name of Duff's manager in the email around the 3 minute mark?? Snake Sabo? Never heard of that before.
  5. I'm most interested in the fact she said she is a "member-member" of the band.
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