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  1. I've only got the Donington litho. I did get #69 of 200 though, which made me giggle 🤣 I even had a friend that went to London Night 2, and I gave him money to get me the shirt or lithograph. He got me the shirt. It's a cool shirt, but looking back I just wish I'd said to get the litho.
  2. Oh I know mate. It's fair enough, there's only 150 of them, and It's a sought after litho. Just kicking myself I didn't get one lol, as they had them when I was there but was trying to get the shirt in my size. Now wish I just went for the litho (and a spare to trade haha!).
  3. Ah cool. Don't blame you with that eBay offer. Good luck with the student debt, It's a nightmare! Hopefully you and Mcs953 or someone on here can come to a good deal for both 😊
  4. Hi mate. Just thought I'd let you know there's a London 1 on eBay. It's a bit steep, way out of my budget (wish I'd paid the £40 on the day! But went with the shirt). The list price is £1100, but said would consider offers. Thought I'd give you a heads up. Good luck.
  5. I know it's a long shot, but If anyone at the Ullevi is buying themselves a lithograph and wouldn't mind purchasing one for me, i would pay for their Litho for the kind gesture and cover postage to me in the UK. My Donington one is lonely (and a bit rubbish if I'm honest), and would love one or two others. I'd rather pay £100 and have one for me and whoever would buy me one, than £100+ on eBay for just mine (no offense to eBay sellers whatsoever, I get it, and I use it too..just can't afford the litho prices lol). PM me if you wouldn't mind doing that for me. Thanks
  6. What's the jacket to the right of the litho? That looks epic!
  7. Which songs should they add/drop?

    I agree with everything here. Would quite happily lose the covers for more CD songs (especially the 3 you mention, that keep eluding me live as well). Would also love to see the likes of Perfect Crime, Dead Horse, Back off Bitch, Pretty Tied Up, Breakdown etc being rotated instead of LALD & KOHD, but clearly that will never happen lol.
  8. Hi, yes I still have the tee, it is a size L. Are you in the UK?

    1. DeathCubeUK


      Hi, yes I'm in the UK. How much are you wanting for the shirt? I don't have any show specific shirts to trade unfortunately.

  9. New uzi suicide shirt wanted.

    Hi there. Just wondering if you still have the shirt? I didn't notice it at Download as was busy trying to get a lithograph. I'm in the UK and would be interested in buying it. Thanks
  10. Not really, it's by Leonardo Da Vinci and it's real name is La Gioconda. Axl knows his art, as would the illustrator, so it was great to see them use that for Florence. I understand what you mean, with it being in the Louvre in Paris, but good on them for honouring one of Italy's greats in his own country.
  11. Great thread. I just wanted to comment on what someone else briefly touched on. They don't pay royalties to Izzy for playing songs live, or any band that plays covers in bars/pubs wouldn't survive. You only pay if they are recorded and broadcast/sold. You can play anything live, the venues do pay towards costs but it's minimal. I really don't think that would be the reason anyway. Axl would not omit songs not to pay Izzy a small royalty. I would personally love room for more tracks like Dead Horse, Perfect Crime, Locomotive, Back off Bitch and some lesser played CD songs. I'm just glad songs like Estranged, Coma and DTJ are now regulars at shows.