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  1. Same here. Ordered 11/25 and not moved. Is it due to Canada Post though? As it seems they are yet to receive the items from the store? My tracking info shows the seller has created a shipping sticker, but Canada Post says there will be further updates once they receive the items.
  2. Thanks for clarifying. I thought it must have been him (or a producer/technician who sounds a lot like him lol). There were just suggestions that Axl wasn't there, earlier in the thread, so thought i'd mention it. Am I right in thinking you've seen/have footage of the rehearsal?
  3. Is it just me, or does the voice a few seconds in to the CD rehearsal track sound like Axl? Saying "Alright, here we go now"? I keep listening to it, and it sounds like his accent and deep speaking tone. Doesn't sound like Tommy or Ron.
  4. Do you have video footage of the 09 rehearsals? 😲 Or do you just mean some people may have it?
  5. Yes same. It's as though they don't want us to enjoy Christmas lol. Pretty sure he's trolling as well 😆
  6. I just emailed him about it. Hopefully he replies :-)
  7. I appreciate that Russ. Don't worry, there's no danger of me doing that. I agree, hopefully it will find it's way out there for anyone (like me) interested in it. P.S. Have you got any further than tracking numbers for the L&L set & Turntable? Musicvaultz seem a bit slow with their order processing.
  8. Just downloaded and listened to the Chinese Democracy rehearsal track and have to say it sounds fantastic! I find this really interesting and would love to hear some of the other tracks. You get a different perspective on the samples and instrumentation, and the recording is top notch! Not for everyone of course, but personally would love to hear more.
  9. Unfortunately, when I ordered, the bonus gift was sold out :-( They must have sold a few of these bundles. Or perhaps only the first few got the bonus gift?
  10. Thank you very much for this. Troccoli also very kindly offered, and is helping me with the shipping. Thanks again though, there's a great community spirit with us GN'R fans!
  11. Hi all. I'd really like to buy the Locked N' Loaded set with GN'R turntable but as hard as I've tried, I can't seem to get around the $544 postage to the UK. Making what is a great deal, into a bitter pill to swallow. It would mean spending almost as much on shipping than the item itself. Does anyone know of a way to save on shipping to the UK? Is there any service in Canada/US where they will receive the parcel from Musicvaultz etc and send on to the UK at a more reasonable cost? I can't believe the genuine cost to ship it here is $544. I could fly to Canada and collect it haha! Any help at all would be much appreciated.
  12. Hi troccoli, I'm wondering if you can help at all please? I tried to order the bundle with Turntable at Halloween but shipping to the UK is $544. I emailed musicvaultz but they said they can't do anything about the shipping charge. It's the same shipping from umusic and the GN'R site. Do you know of a cheaper way to have it shipped to the UK? Thank you :-)
  13. The site I went on shipped to the UK and I was going to buy it. Until I got to the payment summary and shipping was... Wait for it...$544.57 🤣
  14. I've only got the Donington litho. I did get #69 of 200 though, which made me giggle 🤣 I even had a friend that went to London Night 2, and I gave him money to get me the shirt or lithograph. He got me the shirt. It's a cool shirt, but looking back I just wish I'd said to get the litho.
  15. Oh I know mate. It's fair enough, there's only 150 of them, and It's a sought after litho. Just kicking myself I didn't get one lol, as they had them when I was there but was trying to get the shirt in my size. Now wish I just went for the litho (and a spare to trade haha!).