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  1. professionally filmed shows for dvd / tv not released?

    I was at two of these (almost 3, Leeds not Reading 2010). I would say Download 2006 would be the best. There are already some pro shot songs of this out there (aired on Download TV/Sky Arts at the time) and the full set included Izzy on around 4 songs (including Paradise City) and Sebastian Bach on My Michelle. Plus major Axl and Tommy rants (Tommy threw his bass and it hit a security guard, Axl slipped during Sweet Child, stormed off), as well as Brain on drums. Axl's vocals here were amazing (was around the time of Rock Am Ring). It had it all. They even started 10 minutes early!!
  2. Amazing guys!!! I'm excited too. Looking forward to listening to these. Excited to hear your stories on getting into GN'R too. Well done both @troccoli @amaninjapan
  3. Well that speaks volumes. I'm admittedly a huge GN'R fan, so could be biased. But your friend has been to every Download and not particularly a fan of GN'R and can verify it. I went to MOR in 1996 (My first concert at 15!), and the capacity was way less then. Although some sources say GN'R didn't sell out etc.. It's because capacity was the highest they'd ever allowed, and they filled it to the hilt. Never seen it like that, ever. Seen GN'R there in 2006 (when it was in the track), but again capacity was less back then. Glad your friend was converted for one night :-) My friend used to hate GN'R and particularly Axl until we seen them at Leeds Festival in 2002. He's been a huge fan since that night (particularly of Axl lol).
  4. Just a note on GN'R at Download on the Saturday. I've been to a fair few Download Festivals, and that Saturday was way busier than I've seen for other bands. The closest to it was AC/DC in 2010, but GN'R had more people there. They have increased capacity at Download consistently over the years, and audience figures are always inflated (I.e. they never allow for people in the campsites/village/other stages etc). But crowd wise, it has never been that full. Let's not forget, no other bands played while GN'R played their last 2.5 hours or so, so practically everyone in the arena was Main Stage.
  5. 1) Perfect Crime 2) Better 3) Dead Horse 4) Nightrain 5) Patience 6) Locomotive 7) Hardschool 8) Rocket Queen 9) You Could Be Mine 10) Hair Of The Dog 11) Madagascar 12) Welcome To The Jungle 13) There Was A Time 14) Born In The USA (Springsteen) 15) Paradise City (Live Era)
  6. There may only be 18 left on their site. Although I think there were many unsold at first, due to the high price, since the prices have steadily fallen, there will be fewer of these unsold than you might think. There are plenty of die-hard GN'R fans worldwide. I've seen these in record shops etc. Any in record shops (physical or online) are technically sold, as they have purchased it to re-sell. Like when Best Buy purchased so many copies of Chinese Democracy. I live in a town of 60,000 in the North West of England, and there are at least 3 owners of one in my town. I honestly think after the recent sale of the individual items, that there aren't as many remaining as you might think. At current prices, it is actually a good deal. Just my 2 cents.
  7. I remember an article linking Igor Cavalera to GN'R back in the day. I was speaking to Joey Jordison about it in 2002 when he was touring with Murderdolls, and he said he had also been asked! He said a lot of big names were asked at the time, some auditioning, some not. Would love a 'Some Kind of Monster' style documentary showing the auditions from back then.
  8. AAAAARGH, it's impossible...but here goes! TOP 5 GN'R SONGS.. Estranged (Best song of any band) Nightrain (Best live song by far) Breakdown (Love the intro, outro, solo) One In A Million (Axl's vocals) Dead Horse (Vocals, solo, drum fills, that NUTCRACKER!!) (Live songs that would light a rocket up the set lists ass: Locomotive, Breakdown, Dead Horse, Get In The Ring, Perfect Crime, Hardschool, Perhaps, Shotgun Blues, Don't Damn Me, Hair of The Dog, I.R.S., TWAT, Back Off Bitch) .. one can dream lol