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  1. Yes unfortunately I even contacted Music Vaultz and GNR.ca at the time to see if they would ship it cheaper, and every time I contacted them, digital sales uk responded. Was really weird. When I finally got through to MV and .CA they said shipping was fixed. If like Russ's link to What HiFi shows, the GN'R turntable is being released here in April, it might be worth seeing if they do a similar bundle for the UK (or asking GNR.co.uk if they will try and bring the price somewhere towards the Canadian deal). Good luck with it mate 👍 If you are able to get the turntable with it, do it, it's really awesome!
  2. Hi mate. I can't figure out how to post photo's but I used Music Vaultz, but I had it shipped free to troccoli in the US, and he shipped it to me here in the UK, which saved my bacon with costs. Unfortunately, MV charge CDN $549.78 to the UK, so total comes to $1399.77 (£800). It's still a £425 turntable and the L&L box set for £375, but you will probably have to pay import charges. I was charged for the turntable but not the box set..go figure! Hope this helps 👍
  3. That's awesome Russ! I said to my wife the turntable was worth over £400 on its own, now I have the proof lol. Even getting it all shipped to the UK (with Troccoli's very kind help), I got a great deal with that bundle! 🤘 Kudos to the reviewer for the great puns at the top of the article!
  4. Yes I know what you mean, they do have a mind of their own. I knew you'd appreciate the ending 😊
  5. If I type a man in Japan though, it doesn't auto correct to armani japan? Amaninjapan (just typed it with no spaces and my Samsung still spells it correctly).. Just noticed it a few times that's all. You could be right though, as depends if certain words have been typed before, which auto correct remembers, so I get your point, Pornographic Universe 😜
  6. Wish I'd have seen it. I understand. I'd certainly be interested in buying a signed one (or unsigned), so if/when you decide to sell one please keep me posted. Thanks 👍
  7. Wow! They are a thing of beauty 😍 Would you consider selling one of them? If so, please let me know. Thanks 👍
  8. Not sure if you're just doing it for a laugh, but you realise it's A MAN IN JAPAN, nothing to do with Giorgio Armani? 😉