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  1. Is it from a different source as the pro-shot video?
  2. How bad did the CD tour do?

    Seeing them become a theater/club act in the US by 2012 was pretty sad. Their actual ceiling was higher than that, as I believe they could have been a solid headliner for a summer amphitheater tour with a well-known opener (not even a huge band, just a Buckcherry or Hinder-level act) but those venues all have curfews and Axl couldn't drag his ass on stage before 11 in those days, so the idea was a non-starter. But real arenas, nah.
  3. I'm sure Axl didn't approve, but he doesn't have to as long as they pay royalties. Many acts (Elton John, Aerosmith, Neil Young, R.E.M.) have complained about Trump using their music. They play "You Can't Always Get What You Want" at the end of Trump's speech and I'm sure the Stones didn't sign off on that.
  4. It's because those incorrect lyrics are taken straight from the End Of Days closed captions.
  5. In the Osaka 2009 bootleg you could hear the click track before Nightrain. Not sure what they're doing now.
  6. The current tempos aren't nearly as bad as the April 2016 shows where I thought they were playing WAY too fast. Once the summer tour started they got it under control though there are still some songs like Coma and Don't Cry which I think are played too fast. For other songs like Nightrain, speeding up a little bit is an improvement. As for Steven, I like him but in addition to his history of personal problems, to join the current GNR he would have to learn like 20 new songs and play for 3+ hours a night and I don't think he has the ability to do that.
  7. A piece of paper with a list of songs GNR played at the Forum six months ago with a couple of them crossed out...has a copyright holder?
  8. Apart from the crappy quality of the music, the fact that this song has Axl singing the "if we ever find it's true" part in both his low voice (that he used a RIR 2001) and his high voice (which he used in every other performance of that song that I know of) layered on top of each other when all the other leaks before the album was released just had the high part...that makes me think this is fan-made. The Rock Band version had all the lead vocals on one track.
  9. Did they put "I guess I guess I'll never fucking learn" on the teleprompter because Axl sings it every night or does he sing it every night because it's on the teleprompter?
  10. I'm guessing you weren't totally serious here, but I would be shirking my duties as a huge GnR nerd if I didn't point out that they played Riad at Summer Sonic Tokyo in '02, and they played every other CD song at the Tokyo Dome in '09. I'm sure there were a fair number of fans at both shows.
  11. I would have preferred Prostitute over Madagascar at MSG, if only because I've never heard it live before. But it's a hard song to sing and I don't think Axl pulled it off well in the few times he has performed it live. I'm excited to hear what Slash does on it.
  12. Guess the encore had to be shortened due to the MSG curfew. Hope we get TWAT and Don't Cry on Sunday, if we have to choose.
  13. I could see tomorrow's NJ litho being Sopranos-themed.