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  1. Chronology as best I remember it: January 2001: Riad n' the Bedouins, Chinese Democracy, Street of Dreams (then known as the Blues), Silkworms played live at Vegas show. Madagascar played at Rio. September 2003: IRS played on Eddie Trunk's show by Mike Piazza, but somehow the audio doesn't come out for over a year April 2005: Low-quality radio rip of IRS leaked online Feburary 2006: High-quality studio version of IRS leaks as well as a clip of the first minute of so of Better. The full Better comes out a couple of weeks later. March-April 2006: TWAT leaks, as does a demo of Catcher in the Rye featuring Brian May May 2006: Better, IRS and TWAT played live for the first time. IRS has a new guitar solo that wasn't in the demo and TWAT has that intro with the choir. Also Chinese Democracy has a new long intro and Street of Dreams and Madagascar have noticeable differences from the versions played live in 2001 and 2002 May or June 2006: Lower quality demos of IRS and TWAT (supposedly from 1999) leak March (?) 2007: Studio version of Madagascar leaks May 2007: Studio versions of Chinese Democracy and Street of Dreams leak for the first time, along with revised demos of Better, IRS and TWAT June 2008: The Skwerl leaks come out, with the first studio version of Riad and the first time we ever heard If the World and Prostitute, along with (new?) versions of the six songs already leaked August 2008: Shackler's Revenge leaked as "Chicken Dinner." It officially is released for the first time in Rock Band 2 in September October 2008: The final album, along with the first appearances of Sorry, Scraped and This I Love is leaked on file sharing networks but in a weird chopped up format with lots of audio errors designed to anger the consumer into purchasing the album through legitimate means. The major labels were doing this at the time to dissuade piracy. November 2008: Chinese Democracy released December 2009: If the World, Shackler's, This I Love, Sorry, Scraped, Prostitute, Catcher all played live for the first time
  2. Is it from a different source as the pro-shot video?
  3. How bad did the CD tour do?

    Seeing them become a theater/club act in the US by 2012 was pretty sad. Their actual ceiling was higher than that, as I believe they could have been a solid headliner for a summer amphitheater tour with a well-known opener (not even a huge band, just a Buckcherry or Hinder-level act) but those venues all have curfews and Axl couldn't drag his ass on stage before 11 in those days, so the idea was a non-starter. But real arenas, nah.
  4. I'm sure Axl didn't approve, but he doesn't have to as long as they pay royalties. Many acts (Elton John, Aerosmith, Neil Young, R.E.M.) have complained about Trump using their music. They play "You Can't Always Get What You Want" at the end of Trump's speech and I'm sure the Stones didn't sign off on that.
  5. It's because those incorrect lyrics are taken straight from the End Of Days closed captions.
  6. In the Osaka 2009 bootleg you could hear the click track before Nightrain. Not sure what they're doing now.
  7. The current tempos aren't nearly as bad as the April 2016 shows where I thought they were playing WAY too fast. Once the summer tour started they got it under control though there are still some songs like Coma and Don't Cry which I think are played too fast. For other songs like Nightrain, speeding up a little bit is an improvement. As for Steven, I like him but in addition to his history of personal problems, to join the current GNR he would have to learn like 20 new songs and play for 3+ hours a night and I don't think he has the ability to do that.
  8. A piece of paper with a list of songs GNR played at the Forum six months ago with a couple of them crossed out...has a copyright holder?