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  1. Shame that the tour is ending just as it's really kicking into gear. Sorry to tell the Euro fans that it's gonna start all over again next June. The 20-song sets, the weak Mickey voice, but it'll be good by July. My bold prediction is they play TWAT tonight.
  2. Catcher! First time since the Forum in 2017 I think
  3. Based on the Mexico 2020 setlist they might play it next. Too bad the streams are all shit
  4. The confetti might be a COVID risk. All that paper blowing around could transfer droplets from one person to another. Not sure how likely it is but it's not worth risking.
  5. I don't really think pyro is that important to the overall GNR live experience. It's nice to have but it's expensive and they have a cool enough stage and video screens. They're not KISS.
  6. Well the two Vegas arena shows in 2016 were a pretty big deal...what's weird is that there's a football stadium in Vegas at all.
  7. The current version of You're Crazy is really good but it amuses me that they had to add the drum intro to differentiate it from The Seeker.
  8. His mother still being alive is shocking. It's sad that she lived to see both of her sons pass away.
  9. Guessing they won't do a tribute to Don Everly tonight...
  10. They're all taking rapid COVID tests backstage. But in GNR world, "rapid" takes two+ hours.
  11. Sorry for anyone I disappointed with my optimism. Given the weak setlist and performance I'm not sure if I want to go to Metlife. If COVID wasn't a thing I still would probably just grab a cheap seat and go but not sure if this is worth the risk. Were a lot of people masking at Hershey?
  12. If this stadium has a hard 11PM curfew then prepare for a 22-song setlist. Sorry guys, it might be better than Mexico City but not by much.
  13. Well, GNR probably wouldn't play a Slipknot cover because Corey told a ridiculously embellished story in a radio interview a few years back about how he went to the Boston 2002 show, GNR had breakdancers on during Jungle and he walked out during Axl's 15-minute piano solo. And then later ( I guess this would have been 2006) he put his nutsack on Axl's piano at a festival. But I'm sure they were on better terms with ZZ Top.
  14. Looks like some of the prices for East Rutherford have dropped. $99.50 for seats in the 113/139 section and I swear those were still over $200 last week. Not biting yet!
  15. I was there, my first GNR show, and I really wish Better, IRS and TWAT hadn't leaked a few months before. It would have been amazing to hear GNR songs for the first time live. When they played the new Chinese Democracy intro, I was super stoked thinking it was a brand new song I had never heard before, and was a little disappointed it was one I was already familiar with. But I guess it was my choice to hear them beforehand. Downloading motherfuckers.
  16. There is no other act anywhere that would schedule a stadium tour and not do any promotion for it. Even someone as famous as Taylor Swift is going to be all over the media promoting a tour because...that's just what you do. You don't stay famous and popular by being invisible. But this band feels that for certain logistical reasons they just can't ever do any promotion. OK, enjoy your 1/3rd-full bowls, Axl.
  17. Casinos will pay a lot of money to get top acts to perform at their event centers. It's about getting people in the door so they will gamble. Maybe a little bit of money laundering too, I don't know. I drove an hour and a half each way to that Bethlehem gig. It was fun but I was bummed that they didn't play Civil War. Also killed my first ever piece of roadkill on the way there.
  18. He should do Kimmel again. That would be a softball interview. Stern would ask him about Stephanie, "One In A Million," the riots, all that stuff Axl wouldn't want to talk about, and he wouldn't accept preconditions.
  19. They have that clock on my account for the next event I have tickets to (a wrestling show in September). It's for everyone, don't read anything into it.
  20. Where did you hear about the Reading show? There's gonna be at least three shows close enough for me to go to, but they can't be doing a show at Metlife AND also all these tertiary markets in the northeast.
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