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Why is there an official video for Bad Apples?

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I know this forum has been around for a lot longer than when this was uploaded, so did maybe someone figure out what the deal with this was? There are some edits to the song with some soundeffects and a weird Axl vocal that are not on the studio version. Right at the end it says "The David Geffen Company 1993". Supposed to be released 1993 but scrapped? The video is lazy as hell with basically just using the DC video and changing it a bit. And then someone from the official GNR camp decided to upload it a couple months before Axls first show for the CD tour? So many questions and no answers


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When you used to go to "big box" retailers that started selling CDs and cassettes (think Media Play, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, etc.). a lot of times they would set up televisions with different music videos playing. I would guess this was just another one of those to get Guns N' Roses some more "air time." 

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