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  1. A little late on the discussion here, but in regards to the newest video, I can honestly say I have no complaints at all; something I'm not sure has ever occurred with something GN'R related since 2001. They chose a great show with some cool song selections. Obviously, I will continue to whine until we get a new album, but sometimes I do give the band credit to put things in perspective. If, at the height of the DJ Ashba lineup in 2013/2014, someone had told me we'd have free, easily available pro-shots of: (1) Slash playing Chinese Democracy songs, (2) Axl singing a Velvet Revolver song, and
  2. He was the only guitarist I have seen that seemed to get worse as him time in the band progressed. In 2009/2010, there was still a lot of work to do, but it felt like he was on the way to getting where he needed to be (I also cut him some slack because Robin had some pretty rough nights in 2001/2002). That being said, when they came back in 2011, it seemed like his guitar playing took a backseat to his showboating antics. He's not a bad guitarist by any means, but has no "wow" factor that someone like Slash, Robin, or Buckethead did. Honestly, if Richard had gotten to play full lead (lik
  3. I'm all for bands and musicians trying different things, but the song DJ released under the "ASHBA" moniker really shows what he does; just adopts whatever style he thinks will get him the most attention: that shred album he released in the 1990s, mid-2000s bro hard rock with Sixx A.M., attempting to play GN'R material to cash in on nostalgia, or dance music. It does not seem like he particularly identifies with any of them (I would imagine his "truest" style would be closest to Motley Crue).
  4. As the last Guns n' Roses release for about 6 years (and for the general public 14 years), I can understand why someone would see it as a let-down. As a toss off track for a movie soundtrack, it works fine to me. Axl sounds spirited and (unpopular opinion) I actually like the guitar "call and response" between Slash and Paul Tobias. That being said, it's not a track I actively seek out. I only heard/hear it when I used to listen to the Greatest Hits album, or when it pops up on Pandora.
  5. That's what I always found when I talk to people who remember GN'R from the 1990s, but didn't know a whole lot about the band. He appeared in almost all of the Use Your Illusion videos, was in a majority of press and photos from the era, and played on their most well-known professionally released show (the Tokyo shows). I do not pay a whole lot of attention to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but it did seem strange to me that they did not include a member who was in the band during the majority of the band's most famous period. Even going off the "we only induct people who play on records" sta
  6. He was (and still seems) like a genuinely cool dude, and saved the band's ass on a moment's notice after Izzy left the band. In all honesty, I suppose it's entirely possible more people saw the band with Gilby than Izzy. It would have been interesting to see how the guitar chemistry would have evolved had he stayed in the band. Gilby is a much "tighter" guitar player than Izzy when it comes to rhythm and close to Slash's level when it comes to lead (maybe even as good on a technical level. Slash just has such an immediately recognizable tone). Izzy's biggest contribution to the band was s
  7. Someone has to keep the Gn'R flame alive. I suppose it will be The Rolling Stones...
  8. IIRC, Frank specifically said he had nothing to do with the AfD box set or "Shadow of Your Love" on the Appetite for Distortion podcast (I remember being surprised he answers the question so honestly). Maybe he's just goofing around here. @Gambit83 Am I remembering correctly?
  9. Actually, Matt discussed this a little bit in his book. Slash came and tried to jam with the band, and the whole group had a big "talk it out session" which was supposed to be about the direction of the band. Apparently, Axl and Slash couldn't meet eye-to-eye on anything, and it ended up digressing into Axl bringing up old memories of how Slash and Duff wronged him in 1983-1986/87. Matt said, after a few hours, Slash got out of his chair and just left the building. It was the last time all of them were in a room together.
  10. It sounds like he was just saying the band's touring schedule was uncertain beyond playing the Rock in Rio date. It does not sound like it was meant to be his status in the band was in question. The Azoff speculation, for those who have asked, started from a certain overweight wrestler (so take it for what you will). The wrestler claimed Azoff basically tried to "freeze" Tommy and Robin out of the band in 2007/2008 by blocking any of their communications to Axl. His hope was that it would put Axl in a spot where he felt he had to go back to Slash and Duff, and Azoff would be responsible f
  11. I'd say this is a rock bottom, but we have a thread discussing Steven Adler's sexuality, so I guess this would just a close contender. I have a feeling Matt's book will be the last Gn'R related news for the rest of 2020.
  12. We'll call this my unpopular Guns N' Roses opinion. I have never, ever, understood any love "One in a Million" gets. Outside of the infamous offensive lyrics (which sound like a teenager trying to be edgy), I would call it, at best, a "C-tier" Guns N' Roses song. Honestly, if not for the attention it got, I doubt any of us would be talking about it.
  13. First off my apologies. That came out blunter/snarkier than I meant it to. I love your podcast, listen to every episode, and think you do the GN'R community proud. I totally understand wanting to bring your personal feelings and experiences into the mix, but I felt that - given the current circumstances - Roberta really wanted to talk about the black experience unhindered. It felt like, on occasion, you were too quick to jump in with comparing things to being handicapped and/or Jewish (and I get that you qualified this by saying you understood those are different than the black experience), wh
  14. Glad to hear from Roberta again. She seems so sweet. The interview got really good when she was able to take control back from Brando talking about himself nonstop.
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