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  1. 52 minutes ago, DTJ80 said:


    I mean - I’m from Scotland and yeah, we have some castles as does parts of Europe.....maybe because I’m here I don’t see the world looking in and how they see us 🤣. Do Americans, Asians etc see Europe and think ‘castles’?!

    As I said....I’m probably WANTING to look to much into it just to have something to discuss. 🤣


    38 minutes ago, PatrickS77 said:

    Yeah. Being from Austria, same feeling here. Is that all they see in us? :wacko:;)

    The Czech Republic here, feel ya. :lol:

    And yeah, I'd bet that's one of the major characteristics or whatever. 

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  2. 29 minutes ago, DTJ80 said:

    Maybe I’m wanting to look too much into it but I wonder what the thought process was for the tour poster? Medieval/gothic buildings, hands with long nails etc. I did wonder if it was an inkling into prospective art for any new release. Could also be absolutely nothing I suppose.

    Cause Europe. You know, old castles, history etc. Don't look for anything else in it. Expect kangaroos this fall. 

  3. 2 hours ago, downzy said:

    The last time I visited Nightrain there was all of four people on it.  It's a ghost town due largely to poor moderation.

    Fernando won't come here anymore.   Apparently we committed the ultimate crime of allowing discussion of the leaks a few years ago, something he likened to facilitating the distribution of the leaks themselves.  I told him I don't need his empty and ignorant legal threats and haven't spoken to him since.  This was all in the context of me trying to explain to them that openly defending one of the worst GNR community trolls of all time isn't in their best interest from a PR perspective.  

    Keep in mind, people also discussed the leaks on reddit at the time so... yeah...

    What an absolute cunt. Telling people what they can and cannot talk about? 

    Why, god, why. Why us, why GN'R? Why couldn't F'nando have happened to some other band? 

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  4. On 3/29/2021 at 9:39 AM, kiwiguns said:

    Same of you are so blind, that you need to take off the rose coloured sunglasses. 

    Any attempt to force a group of people together, who for their own personal reasons, see no reason to, or have moved on in life, would not be beneficial for all involved. 

    Some of you live in a fantasy world and believe past members would return to the past and be the same people as they were in their 20's in a past century. 

    Time would have allowed this to occur naturally. Three people, have put the past behind them and are clearly different people and have put their issues to bed, have and are moving on in life. 

    For what ever reason, some past members and 3 current members have not been able to work out their differences. 

    Thats there business. 

    The fact some fans believe they can control or have a say in the matter or blame the bands management, shows the fantasy world they have created for themselves. 

    In normal life via, family, marriage, relationships or work, people can no longer remain in a partnership or environment and make a personal decision to partways and move on in life.. 

    Often the word toxic is used to describe an unhealthy relationship or environment.

    Its very possible, that all involved, personally believe, placing themselves in that position would not be beneficial to them as individuals. 

    While I actually agree with this, I still maintain that if I could change one thing, it would be – apart from Axl’s voice, which is the main thing – the management. Because if the main guy (manager) didn’t have an unofficial status of “Axl’s family”, he would be more unbiased/independent, and there’d be a chance that Slash and Duff would have a larger influence in things like PR and issuing old videos etc. A real manager would then have a bigger leverage, and the results would follow. The way it is now, there are just complete sycophants, who are not gonna compromise their lifetime welfare by rocking the boat unnecessarily as long as the dough keeps coming; therefore, we got squat. 

  5. Alas, there seems to be that black-or-white approach as in “people have leaked and downloaded stuff prematurely, so let’s keep everything secret ever since”. Also, let’s keep the image/legacy mythical, because that’s what must be modern these days, right? No footage out, just never ending teasers leading up to… nothing. 
    It’s in the similar b & w rank as the “we got fucked over by various former managers, so hey, why don’t we let a former nanny and her arrogant brat of a son run the band’s management – it’s in the family!

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  6. An obvious off-night for Axl, but overall good, I mean sort of 2016 good. Or as someone said, the 2017 is already there. Nightrain has been generally ruined with the over-accelerated tempo. Sorry has nothing to offer if not done with rasp, but Slash is always there to save the show…

    Otherwise, I don’t really know what to say. Thanks for another bit after 5 years, instead of a DVD that we should have gotten years ago? I’m definitely grateful for a 2016 footage, but overall, it still sucks. The quality, the mix, everything. However, this has been the GN’R standard for years, so I guess I should already be used to it and quit complaining. Disgruntled bastards we are, huh. 

    Maybe I’m too jaded. 
    I just can’t stop thinking about other bands’ standards…
    So thanks, I guess. This is as good as it gets. 

    Nobody owes you not one goddamn thing etc. 

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  7. 15 hours ago, kelv1nwc95 said:

    Hi guys. I hope I'm posting this help request in the right place. So, it had been years since I've been looking for pictures about this Axl's tattoo on his left arm. I could never find a good quality image when he's not with that lot of bracelets covering it and when I find the quality is very low.



    So, I'd like to know if someone has more informations (and of course a better ideia about the whole tattoo) cause, well, I'm trying to figure it out so I can tattoo it too xD.

    Here's a bit:



    Tbh I loved this particular 2002 look of his. 

  8. On 4/7/2021 at 6:25 PM, All Cautions Made said:


    Susan said on the last podcast that this cover will be included on the next record.

    This is the best critical review of the latest GN'R I've heard or seen. Better than a thousand words. 

    I also love one of the comments under the video: "Thank you by take care us. The new Singer is better than old one. We now believe even more." Evergreen! :lol:

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  9. 6 minutes ago, smokingarthur said:

    The simplest explanation here would likely be the most logical and therefore the most easiest explained: we don’t hear anything because there’s nothing to hear. 

    It surely is there as an option, and I definitely don't wanna delude myself. Only saying there are other possibilities, and just because the stuff isn't being vented, we shouldn't claim to know that absolutely nothing has been happening. 
    After all, anything is possible with these guys. 

    Normally, I’m one of the folks constantly making fun of the never-ending lack of new releases. 

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