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  1. I have tickets for the postponed gig in Lisbon this year as it would be the first time my gf would see them live. Thank goodness she hasn't seen any of these Selects or else I would end up going alone.
  2. "ADD BAND MEMBERS TO START MULTIBALL READY"? Are you guys really sure it was Slash behind the making of the first pinball machine? 😄
  3. Lisbon 2006, 2010, 2017 Prague 2017 Paris 2017 Berlin 2018 Madrid 2018
  4. I love Move to the city on Live Era. It's gotta be one the best showcases of the band's musicianship, instrumentally wise. When Axl goes "Ladies and gentlemen: the band!" I'm in for a ride.
  5. Many great intros were already referenced but I would like to add Reading 2010. Certainly one for the ages! Fairly noticeable how his whole body shakes from the ferocity in that scream.
  6. It's really refreshing knowing there are new bands out there still capable of embodying that old blues sentiment and somehow mix it with modern day elements and production, resulting in one badass combination. Do get it when you can
  7. Sweet! Only now did I find out about this thread. So, here are my latest additions: Plus, I finally pulled the trigger on AFD Super Deluxe and got it in the mail today. I'm also waiting for John Denver - Poems, Prayers & Promises.
  8. "Been through too much?" Man, that Coursera - 'Learn how to edit videos in 3 simple steps' must have been tough.
  9. That's just...lame. I mean, the guy could literally release Civil War from any given show and arguably no other song in the world would do a better job right now.
  10. Video - UYI Documentary - Rock In Rio '91 (both nights - remastered) - Ritz '91 - Pantages '91 - Inglewood '91 - Wembley '91 - East Rutherford '92 - Turin, Italy '92 - Argentina '92 (remastered) - Milton Keynes '93 - Nijmegen '93 - Hartford '93 - Making F@cking Videos (I, II, III - remastered) - All UYI videoclips in 4K Audio - UYI I (RE) - UYI II (RE) - Live Era '91-'93 - UYI I Demos - UYI II Demos - Stockholm 17/08/91 - Mexico '92 - Slane '92 - Prague '92 - Muni
  11. It's interesting to notice how almost every official video's thumbnail is all about Axl but reality says otherwise Overall it was solid, song choices were pretty obvious. If they're going for the hits they better dig that 2016 footage.
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