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  1. Since Led Zep are playing next month, If they did by chance go on tour would Axl go with them since Led is one of his influences would it be possible?

    Led Zeppelin will never reform and go on tour. They do this every five to six years for some event honoring somebody of importance, and everyone thinks they are getting back together to tour, and like the times before this, Robert Plant has said that Led Zeppelin is not reuniting for a tour. John Paul Jones has also said that he will not perform in Led Zeppelin now that John Bonham is dead.

    The only person who has said he would reform Led Zeppelin is Jimmy Page.

    But IF Zeppelin did reunite, they would NOT ever bring an opening act. They wouldn't need one. They could play a 70,000 seat venue by themselves and sell it out. Bands of that calibur dont have opening acts.

  2. Getting rid of some of my one of a kind authentic signed GNR merch'! Open to serious offers.

    Anyone who knows me knows my connections with members of GNR so i don't collect fake crap stuff. These are either obtained by myself in person in 2002 or 2006 or from a very reliable source.

    All Complete with Certificate of Authenticity.


    A sheet of music " Its So Easy " that has been personally signed by Axl Rose, Slash, Matt Sorum, Duff McKagan & Izzy Stradlin'.


    A promo flat tin.lid ( approx 8" x 10") that has been personally signed by Axl Rose. This was promo only for the 2002 tour.


    A sheet of music " NIGHTRAIN " that has been personally signed by Axl Rose.

    PM me or email at guns2roses@london.com

    Sorry, that is all trash, plus your COA probably isnt worth the paper its printed on. COAs arent worth anything, anyone can print a COA on their computer claiming its a real sig. I got Axls autograph twice, once in 2002 and once in 2006 and both times he NEVER signed it 'Axl' he always wrote 'W. Axl Rose GNR '02/'06'

  3. Yeah, I'm pretty bored, so I sang over The Blues acoustic from YouTube. I should've put the volume lower on the YouTube video, so my voice is louder. But on the high parts you can definitely hear me. I think it's pretty good. Tell me what you think.


    Thats pretty shitty dude, you sound like you have a mouth full of water or something, and your gargling the lyrics. Just my opinion, but I wouldnt quit my day job to be a lead singer if I were you.

  4. Unless GNR want to do the amphitheater tour (outdoor theaters) they will not be able to play arena venues (like they did in 02 and 06) without a new album. These guys arent the Rolling Stones, where they can never release anything new again, and still play stadiums.

  5. It's stupid that he's even selling them now, cause he's loosing money. I would just keep them instead of loosing $40+ by selling them.

    Well, what would you rather have, a bunch of DVDs you dont want, or $20 bucks? That $20 bucks is $20 dollars more than he had last night, and that $20 dollars will probably just cover the shipping. He just wants to get rid of them, calm the fuck down. Its none of your business anyways.

  6. Holy fucking shit! What an awesome day today turned out to be. I just got back from the mail, and guess what I got?!?!?!


    It came in this normal looking brown box...


    When I opened it up, the first thing I saw was the awesome old logo...


    Here's a picture of the back. Notice the label says it's BACKBERRY SCENTED!


    Here's a look at the candle itself. Really smooth, creamy white.


    Here's a cool shot I took at a dutch angle. Kinda like Scented Candle meets The Third Man!


    Here's a video I made of me lighting the candle and watching it burn a little...


    Okay, first of all -- the candle is fucking awesome. It's everything I'd hoped it would be during the long wait. The blackberry scent is very strong, and quite refreshing. But don't worry! I'm not gonna hurry up and burn it all! I'm gonna save this baby -- burning it no more than ten seconds a day. I'd hate for this thing to run out before the album's actually released!

    Dude, you do know you can go to Hot Topic and buy these things, right? (Either that or Spencers) I have like 5 of these damned candles, because everyone bought me one for my birthday thinking that no one else was going to buy me one. They are like $10 bucks a piece.

  7. Steven Tyler is the most charismatic frontman I have ever seen, Axl is a close second (if I would have seen him live in their heyday, he might be #1). After that it is really a crapshoot, Marilyn Manson is up there, Johnny Rotten, Perry Farrell, Scott Weiland, Eddie Vedder, Kurt Cobain, just a few frontmen who I think were amazing in their own ways.

  8. i hate potheads, they are slower than retards, and its hell trying to talk to them. so on 420 i will be hunting potheads down and hitting them over the heads with shovels.

  9. its not really new

    What is the point of your sig? Trent was a douche bag for saying that..

    Its kinda true though. Robin is getting paid a truckload of money (well obviously more than Trent was paying him) so Trent said 'fuck you' probably because he was pissed that Robin would leave NIN for more money elsewhere.

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