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  1. The lack of a proper video and promotion is the sole reason, look at Rammstein's Deutschland at 202M views.
  2. It's easy to think that Axl is not too excited about the song compared to Absurd when also noticing the words he says before and after they play it, also his body language when playing it. Kinda lame.
  3. Coma is way too fast, or is it the stream that is glitched?
  4. https://www.facebook.com/dorihanjurado/videos/925562041639668/
  5. Damn, Axl dancing through the whole SCOM solo, he seems so thrilled these days.
  6. It was Pink, now they're playing Paradise City with Dave Grohl.
  7. Yeah now I'm remembering some fallout, can you elaborate more? Something about not paying enough so they went for a cheaper option right? Those helicopter takes would make sense due to the aerial views I saw on the Pinball screen.
  8. The 2016 Dodger Stadium show is filmed, with shots from above the stadium too, in the pinball they released last year or in 2019 they use shots from that night, it's a shame they didn't release it, it was a good show.
  9. I think that echo is only on for the wttj scream and maybe others.
  10. I miss all this part: What can I do? With a bitch like youYou know that it's trueAll I have I ask of youI'll be dammedIf it's not trueA bitch like you
  11. If you put it that way, what the fuck is happening .
  12. They're the same vocals from the previous leaks tho... Guitars are amazing btw.
  13. He should bring back the "So what can I do, with a bitch like you", reapeating "Absurd" is kinda strange.
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