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  1. Sad how these days to hear "new" material, one has to rely on some fans rendition of the song, like in the case of Atlas Shrugged. I listened to that youtuber Aien's take on the song. I'm sure if I was able to hear Axl singing it, I would be very into it. Now it's just kind of meh... the name makes it sound epic, but until I hear the real version, I can only shrug my shoulders at that song. Dammit Axl! Put it out there, this is ridiculous!
  2. Chillax everybody. Breathe in and out, breathe in... and let it go. Close your eyes and imagine a nice ocean view with a sunset. What's that over there in the horizon? Looks like... it looks like a new album. Relax. Breathe. You can almost see it there but oh look. There it goes, going, going... aaaaand now it's gone beyond the horizon. Let it go. Just breathe in... and out. You can feel a nice warm wind blowing in your hair... the sun is going down. You feel relaxed and content. It's all good. Breathe. Peace comes over you. There is nothing to hold on to, just be in this moment. Feel it. Brea
  3. On an ordinary day Not in an ordinary way All at once the song I heard No longer would it play For anybody Or anyone That needed comfort from somebody Needed comfort from someone Who cared To be Not like you And unlike me That gets me every time. As I think it's about John Lennon and how his song was cut short. Luckily people can still find comfort from his songs, even though he no longer plays them for us. Great lyrics Axl, great lyrics.
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