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  1. Yes, the only problem in 2001 was that he didn't have the stamina to sustain the tempo. He was out of breath, but the voice was there.
  2. Show me a singer who is just as old and doing just as hard songs and as much and still having the same voice. Axl's voice is shot, it is what it is.
  3. Threads like these is why I love mygnrforum. All this speculation is comedy gold. I see the funny side. Thank you everybody.
  4. A lower register would have benefited that performance for sure, it was Mickey Mouse for most part. How old are the vocals on that track anyway? He doesn't get there live.
  5. I kind of think that when you are involved with people that use drugs, it's kinda given that there's going to be violence and volatile behavior. Specially when there's a whole mix of different chemicals and people with mental health issues already. It's not going to be a walk in the park.
  6. Being a Guns n roses fan is like being that kid who gets picked up last from the kindergarten. Even the fucking Abba kid gets to go home before we do! What a time to be alive!
  7. Can I just have a new album? We can discuss how recent or new the songs are after the fact. Sick of this shit.
  8. There is a new album coming! I can feel it in mah plums. They got a nice blue hue on them when there's an album nearby, I'll tell ya. Soon is the word, only this time it's final! Hallelujah!
  9. And you know, not every Guns song has to be everyone's cup of tea.
  10. Got to admit, so am I. It may not be exactly "The General" but as the farmer says in Babe, "that'll do, pig, that'll do".
  11. I like OMG as it is, but wouldn't mind a slower take that Axl could actually sing without gasping for breathe, as he was already struggling with that song when he was 20 years younger! Those lyrics are some of his best work!
  12. Sure, and he did say on an interview that he doesn't want people to think that this song is about that person and that song is about this person anymore, rather that the listener takes it for whatever. Which I can understand, it's just that his turmoils have been so public, it makes you wonder who is he pissed now and so on.
  13. The lyrics were written by Axl? If so, who is the person or persons it was originally intended? One would think those negative feelings might go away over the years. But instead he still thinks this is a "song that should be heard". And it's just about what a terrible person somebody else is. Kinda wish he had gotten over whatever caused those feelings by now. Of course it's possible he doesn't think like this anymore and they put this out there just because so much money and players have been put into it that it makes sense to try to get some money out of it still.
  14. As many have said, you can't make this shit up. Of all the songs they chose this one... I was really hoping for new songs in veins of ChiDem but instead I got this shit. Now I wish they had stuck with the normal routine. Now it's out there. They even took out everything that was cool about Silkworms, like the "what can I do" line. And Axl's screams come from a keyboard? Screams which he can no longer do and don't even fit with the lower tone he sings it now. Total car crash as far as I'm concerned.
  15. Jesus... finally some new music!.. Only I liked the demo so much more. Axl doesn't even sound like himself! Disappointed is the word. I can't even.
  16. Chidem One more thing, he did good with Chinese Democracy!
  17. Got to get off this board again. Nothing new happens here as is the case with the band too. No new music, just endless touring with endless talk about how Axl's voice is getting worse and worse with age.
  18. Hey maybe Axl's voice is so shot because he has been recording and singing his heart out for the past year! New album with top notch Axl vocals is on the way! Right?!? ....I'll get my coat.
  19. I mean it's always epic to see them come out with Welcome to the Jungle, and for a 60 year old Axl it's impressive to be in that shape and still do some running around. But the voice really isn't there. Sure he tries, but it sounds really bad. Sad really. Could they please call this the retirement tour?
  20. Sad how these days to hear "new" material, one has to rely on some fans rendition of the song, like in the case of Atlas Shrugged. I listened to that youtuber Aien's take on the song. I'm sure if I was able to hear Axl singing it, I would be very into it. Now it's just kind of meh... the name makes it sound epic, but until I hear the real version, I can only shrug my shoulders at that song. Dammit Axl! Put it out there, this is ridiculous!
  21. Chillax everybody. Breathe in and out, breathe in... and let it go. Close your eyes and imagine a nice ocean view with a sunset. What's that over there in the horizon? Looks like... it looks like a new album. Relax. Breathe. You can almost see it there but oh look. There it goes, going, going... aaaaand now it's gone beyond the horizon. Let it go. Just breathe in... and out. You can feel a nice warm wind blowing in your hair... the sun is going down. You feel relaxed and content. It's all good. Breathe. Peace comes over you. There is nothing to hold on to, just be in this moment. Feel it. Breathe. And let go... namaste.
  22. On an ordinary day Not in an ordinary way All at once the song I heard No longer would it play For anybody Or anyone That needed comfort from somebody Needed comfort from someone Who cared To be Not like you And unlike me That gets me every time. As I think it's about John Lennon and how his song was cut short. Luckily people can still find comfort from his songs, even though he no longer plays them for us. Great lyrics Axl, great lyrics.
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