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  1. It could definitely be something for sure. It could also maybe just be that they’re on the same “EP” and that’s the only reason. We’ll have to see what codes the live tracks get to get a better idea I think
  2. So I took the time to look up all the codes for Chinese Democracy as a reference Chinese Democracy - USUM70842892 Shackler’s Revenge - USUM70842907 Better - USUM70842891 Street of Dreams - USUM70842909 If the World - USUM70842903 There Was a Time - USUM70842910 Catcher in the Rye - USUM70842912 Scraped - USUM70842913 Riad N the Bedouins - USUM70842906 Sorry - USUM70842908 I.R.S. - USUM70842902 Madagascar - USUM70842904 This I Love - USUM70842911 Prostitute - USUM70842905 So all the codes are within a specific range together, which could be a good sign for a new album with HS and Absurd imo but who knows. One thing I’ve noticed tho is they are definitely not in order and there are missing numbers so it’s not confirmed that there’s an album with 11 tracks separating the songs
  3. I always thought it might be about Izzy, especially if this song dates back to the mid 90’s while Slash was still there. I like your theory tho and I could definitely see that being the case. Too bad we won’t ever know for sure
  4. Someone was talking about it in the Hard Skool is coming thread yesterday
  5. Absolutely fantastic I love this song. When I heard about the bell yesterday I thought it would be cheesy as hell, and while it kinda is it definitely works. Thank you hard skool by take care us
  6. I really wish I could've been around for the release of these albums, was too busy not being alive yet unfortunately. Appetite was the first GNR record I ever bought and listened to, but it really was the Illusions that made me a lifelong fan. Hearing songs like Estranged, Locomotive, Coma etc for the first time as a young kid was something magical, it completely changed my perception of what rock music could be. They were a huge part of my childhood and are definitely my favorite albums of all time
  7. There have been a few rehearsals of the song that got recorded and posted online. One was in Mexico last year and it had the new bass intro plus a few seconds of Axl singing. A full instrumental rehearsal was heard a little while ago that showed off the new arrangement of the song
  8. I don’t think too many people would care about that as much as you do
  9. Had to pick up the Vegas litho while I was there last night, it’s definitely my favorite of the designs I’ve seen on this tour. Only the second time I’ve bought a litho at a show too and the quality of it actually seems a lot better than the one I got in 2017 Just got to buy a frame for it now
  10. Just chiming in to say Mammoth WVH fucking rocked. That was my first time ever hearing them and I am definitely going to be buying their album tomorrow
  11. My view of the stadium from the Mandalay Bay
  12. I’ll be at this show, so if Hard School gets played that’s why. You’re welcome
  13. I’d love for Hardschool to finally be played at this show. It might be too close to Absurd, I’m not sure how these things are usually spaced, but I think it could make sense if they plan on doing a physical release so they could get both of those songs on it.
  14. Listened to the Bumblefoot version again, and the out of time line is there too so it is definitely intentional. After a million listens I don't even notice it anymore either
  15. The first new GNR track with Slash in 30 years is Silkworms. How Absurd is that I am really liking the song too, and I’ve always hated Silkworms
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