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  1. I thought Slash’s TWAT solo was great actually. I don’t expect Slash to try to imitate Buckethead, he has his own style of playing that he’s famous for. He played the solo in his own way, while still keeping Buckets melody in place and I think it worked really well. I wish he took that approach for the TIL solo and other Chinese solos which he doesn’t seem to try to recreate at all
  2. So in the description it says we’ll get The Godfather theme, SCOM, and TWAT at least. Hopefully TWAT is good, I don’t really remember how that sounded in 2016.
  3. Bad Obsession is one of those songs that would be great with Axls current voice since there’s no rasp. Hoping they bust it out because it’s just a solid tune in general as well
  4. There’s no way they’ll record a new album without Dizzy and Melissa so a back to roots record will probably never happen. It would be nice tho but I’m fully expecting a new record to include old Chinese songs though hopefully re-recorded from the ground up and not using 20 year old vocal tracks. But even more realistic than that I’m fully expecting nothing at all
  5. Funnily enough I think I've heard the alt lyrics Don't Cry on the radio a lot more than I've heard the original one. A station in my area used to play it all the time, can't blame em tho as I also prefer the alt lyrics
  6. My first GNR concert was the show they played this in 2014, and 7 years and 4 NITL shows later it still stands out as a highlight for me. Don’t think I ever heard the song before that night but I was really impressed with Axl’s performance. We definitely need more songs where he can rock out with his natural voice added to the set
  7. I’m kinda conflicted here. On one hand I was glad the tour didn’t come near me so I didn’t have an excuse to drop a few hundred and go. But with the new Vegas date and being locked inside for over a year I might just bite the bullet and go see my favorite band, even if it’s the same show I’ve seen 4 times already lol. I’ll probably wait until I hear how Axl sounds before I buy any tickets
  8. Honestly I like the version of Riad that ended up on the album, even more than the leaked versions tho I definitely prefer the short intro. The song itself is far from my favorite on CD, but I enjoy it enough that I won’t skip when it comes on. The verses are ok and I really dislike the immigrant song screams but the chorus is great and that’s what saves the song imo
  9. I really wish they’d stop using black and white for all the photos they post. Great picture of Axl and Angus regardless, it’s cool to see a casual Axl instead of what we see on stage
  10. OMG had an official release as part of a movie soundtrack, and I believe Silkworms was planned to be on the record at the time they were playing it live. If they play Hardschool live, it will only be because they want to release it officially. That won't ever happen tho but its cool to see they rehearsed it
  11. Out of every song that leaked, Atlas Shrugged by far has the most play time for me. I still wouldn't call it my favorite of the leaked songs, but I love the vibe of it and its been a regular listen of mine since it first got leaked
  12. Riad’s actually a decent song but it could be so much better without the Immigrant Song style screaming between the verses
  13. I mentioned this in the general musing thread but I'll mention it here too, I recently mixed the drum and bass track from the album version of Better onto the Bumblefoot's acoustic version that got leaked forever ago, and I think it ended up being my favorite version of the song. The drums and bass keep the song heavy, which sounds great with the acoustic guitars and the lack of overproduction. Not sure if I'm allowed to post it anywhere so I won't, but I'd definitely recommend trying it out yourself if you can
  14. Just put the drum track of Better on top of Bumblefoot's acoustic version and damn its badass. Favorite version of the song by far
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