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  1. I hope it happens in order to hear new music, but also, just to see what you will say then. I Honestly can't think how would you respond, your head would most likely just implode. Fingers crossed.
  2. Yes, they were existing riffs. But writing a song does not exclusively mean writing the instrumental part, the melodies are just as important. Even if most of CD instrumentals were written by other musicians, that does not mean Axl didn't write a considerable portion of those songs by coming up with lyrics, melodies and synth/keyboard parts (I think he wrote some part of the synth orchestration on a lot of songs).
  3. We don't know how much of the melodies were axl's. On the leaks you can hear axl trying to come up with melodies for a few songs: quick song, state of grace, nothing.
  4. I think ashba said that Axl would play him stuff that is was working on piano
  5. They should collaborate with this guy izzy stradlin, I heard is great, maybe they can do a song or something.
  6. Because he is a professional musician. The same Axl should give a shit and not take half a tour to start to sound decent, maybe slash could learn or write some solos like he did for better. btw finck is awesome
  7. You are wrong !! That's exactly what it is, an opinion, you might not agree with it, but it doesn't stop being opinion. As for complaining about complaints, I'm here to inform you that this is a forum, its what we are here to do, to discuss, debate and nitpick any and every little detail about this band. It may not be the most productive or healthy thing to do with our time, but if i don't complain about Axl not using is lower register enough at least once a day, I don't fell well
  8. it doesn't look that empty, looks like it is quite packed actually, at least from one of the streams
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