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  1. It really is endless, just when I think I'm going to be content with finishing one bands discography I get hooked on another couple and the cycle begins again.
  2. I've been toying with it for about a year, and decided to hit purchase over the weekend. The box the records comes in is really well done, and the book upon a quick glance is very detailed. I respect the choice but they have so much that wouldn't make it onto the Hits albums and their early deep cuts are amazing.
  3. I have acquired the Queen coloured Vinyl box set, playing the first album now, the sound is pretty good, and the packaging is amazing.
  4. Forbidden did at one point I believe get a vinyl release.
  5. Tony Martin is my second favourite Sabbath singer behind Dio. Amazing albums, even Forbidden has its moments.
  6. I didn't dive into a lot of new music in 2020, but I did discover "new" music to me. Actually new in 2020: Ozzy Osbroune - Ordinary Man [The title track is my favourite track by him... including Sabbath] Halestorm - Vicious Stripped and ReImagined AC/DC - Power Up Deep Purple - Whoosh! Sons Of Apollo - MMXX Purchased but unlistened Blue Oyster Cult - The Symbol Remains Bon Jovi - Bon Jovi: 2020 Discovered in 2020 Yes - Close To The Edge Yes - Relayer Yes - Going For The One Nightwish - Once Drea
  7. So a somewhat local record store posted they had Whitesnake's Lovehunter so I had an impromptu shop and picked up some absolute gems! Whitesnake - Lovehunter Michael Schenker Group - Assault Attack UFO - Lights Out Yes - Going For The One Black Sabbath - Seventh Star Black Sabbath - The Eternal Idol A great way to kick off 2021
  8. My dad gave me his records a little over 3 years ago when I really started getting into vinyl, his was a combination of his and his sister's. From his taste there was Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Pink Floyd, among others. While his sister's was purely from the 60s and earlier, mostly Beatles and their individual side projects. Although I was surprised by finding a very well taken care of copy of Live After Death by Iron Maiden, another nice surpise was Screaming For Vengeance and British Steel which I suspect were my moms since she was the Priest fan when they were big.
  9. An hour and a half to 2 hour show with hits being rotated in and out of the set would be ideal, I loved the 3 hour shows because I got to hear a ton of music and I don't mind how Axl sounded in 2017. Even reformatting certain tougher songs that have to be done could be cool, like why not an acoustic rendition of Sweet Child O Mine yes it isn't what you want to hear but you still hear it, like The Who did for Won't Get Fooled Again on their latest tour. Although I don't see Rocket Queen getting dropped, nor YCBM. I feel Estranged could be alternated with November Rain as their big ballad of th
  10. Agreed, I'm not a huge Pink Floyd fan, but I completely agree it is by far the strongest of the albums I've heard (Dark Side Of The Moon, Animals, WYWH, The Wall.)
  11. Recieved the following from my family for christmas: Rush - Fly By Night Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Queensryche - The Verdict
  12. I want to first acknowledge that I do want a new album very much, but I do feel like if they can't capitalize on a new album by touring currently it wouldn't be worth it to release it currently. If they had already released a reunion album then I'd be on the train of why haven't you released one during the lockdown. But seeing as they haven't yet released a reunion album I don't think it would be right in a way to release one during the lockdown. That being said if they released CD2 or some compilation of demos from the CD era it would be fine but not a proper album at this time.
  13. 2020 in terms of new music for me has mainly been playing catch up but I can say the following tracks have been some which I really enjoyed: Ordinary Man - Ozzy Osbourne - This track frankly is my favourite track which Ozzy sings on at any point in his career, it is a beautiful ballad and the music video is one of the few which I will actually watch (I hate the concept of music videos). Realize & The Mists Of Time - AC/DC - Power Up is a great comeback for AC/DC and these two tracks are the ones which I enjoy the most, Realize being a brilliant rocker which calls back to the 8
  14. Especially with Myles being picky about song shelf lives this would be super awesome!
  15. Yes - And You And I, such a powerful and beautiful track
  16. Yes they should, although all talking should be done prior to the track beginning, and band introductions should be seprarate from the track whenever possible.
  17. I haven't gone alone to one yet, but this potentially would occur once we are allowed to have them again.
  18. November Rain, Estranged and Don't Cry, although when I hear them often the impact is lessened.
  19. I've been toying with the Queen and Rolling Stones Box sets for weeks. This while incredibly helpful makes them more tempting which isn't ideal at this time xD
  20. Over the last week: Europe - Wings Of Tomorrow AC/DC - Power Up AC/DC - Ballbreaker In progress: Iced Earth - Alive In Athens, although this one is being split over multiple sittings due to it being 3 hours.
  21. Probably my final Vinyl purchase for the year, unless I come across some of the records on my instant purchase list, is the 5 vinyl box set of Iced Earth - Alive In Athens. It came in today, the set looks beautiful, I'm deciding on how I approach it since the album is 3 hours long. That cover art was created for Vinyl.
  22. Nightwish - Ever Dream (Live At Wacken 2013)
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