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  1. yeah, actually 2011 (even with Axl's mickey mouse voice lol) and 2012 were fun years to see n' follow the band (or Axl Rose solo project as you prefer to call it) Bumblefoot used to talk with fans outside the hotels (and even play some guitar with them around), you could spot a band member here and there, get social media updates frecuently (even the #demented ashba bullshit was sometimes fun (and cringy of course but fun); so the band was more fan-friendly back then and I even had the feeling that Axl Rose was motivated by his friendship with DJ and they could release a new single anyti
  2. To me the NuGuns era (1999-2014) was fun and interesting because I saw Axl as somekind of rebel standing in his own against all the fans and industry pressure to have the classic line up back. At this point, it's fair to say that live shows were pretty boring since 2017, same setlist, just a few "new" songs here and there and nothing else. So Guns N' Roses died to me in 2016 when first leg of the NITLT tour ended and there was not any hint of new music on the horizon. After all Pitman was not wrong when said that the reunion was just a gross cash grab. Covid19, shootings and rio
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