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  1. at least we r over with the new song shit for the new shit song
  2. Argentina youtube no hardskool video... spoty shows the song but wont play it
  3. nice boys next.. nice boys.. please nice boys ... im the only one hoping it right? Ja
  4. https://www.facebook.com/kristie.miyamoto/videos/623510235307870
  5. Axl said it was put together by mr dizzy reed, and mr chris pittman... Rio III
  6. from a tv show in argentina, this guy was "the fan" of Wanda Nara, Mauro icardi´s wife, from PSG
  7. Heard it. LOVE THE SONG SINCE THE 1ST TIME I HEARD IT ON 2006 AS CHECKMATE. And i love ALMOST everything they did new, BUT.... the drums... they fucked up... the previews drums were PERFECT. The new ones not... But hey I STIL LOVE THIS FCKING SONG I need to know if its frank, brain or josh
  8. here comes the best song in the world... like tenaciuos D says
  9. https://gunsnroses.lnk.to/hardskool This is the supposed link that takes u there, only works on /hardskool and /absurd lets just pray this band suprise us in a good way this time... i prefer 99 great vocals than 2021 medium/bad
  10. Just saw this on a page, it says there is a link for hardschool. that will later on lead u to the song...what u think??
  11. 4 f*ck sake im so sick n tired of freakin wichita
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