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  1. Rough couple of days for Crypto, I lost about £2000 in 48 hours I'm still up about £5000 since December but have now withdrawn my original investments just to be safe
  2. I'm not sure if it's old or new sorry. It was new to me and definitely just a podcast I was listening to not videos.
  3. There are 2 episodes listed on the page DTJ shared above: https://www.recklessroad.com/firstfiftygigs
  4. The value in Bitcoin is caused by the limited supply. There will never be more than 21 million bitcoin in the world. Dogecoin has an unlimited supply, they can just keep "mining" millions of new dogecoins out of thin air and selling them, so it has no real value at all. It would be much safer (imo) to put your money into the cryptos which have real world value or usage, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano etc, or even one of the crypto index funds. You won't make Lambo money, but it's more likely that you'll at least make a profit 8 days ago I invested £100 into the Bitpanda BCI10
  5. Just my opinion. They don't have a track record of releasing music lately. I wish they would.
  6. I bought and sold Doge about a week ago, lost about £200 total. Bought at its then all time high of $0.05 then sold when it dropped back to $0.03 or so the next day lol. I should have just held it but it is a meme coin afterall ADA Cardano has been doing well for me lately
  7. I'm always a bit of a csynic when it comes to WWE creative decision making and I honestly thought they'd have Lesnar come in at #1 and win that Rumble just to piss off the crowd and give Lesnar more heat. When Drew kicked his face over the top rope I about shat myself Was gutted when Covid put a dampener on Drews Mania tbh, I'd booked flights from the UK to Florida just to see him headline and show him some home team support Have to say I was disappointed that Edge won this years mens rumble. It was a decent Rumble, I just don't think they should be giving someone like Edge the win becau
  8. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that it took all 5 original members to create that Appetite sound - and I also think Niven was an integral part in helping them achieve the heights of their success too. I just get frustrated by the lack of forward momentum with GN'R. I've been a fan of Izzys solo music for 20 years and since day one I've thought "Wow, this could be a hit if Axl were singing it behind the GN'R brand". Instead of that we get GN'R releasing no music ever, and we get Izzy who refuses to tour as a solo act ever
  9. Personally I find the "GNFNR" forum to be laugh out loud hilarious at times, especially the Fat Axl thread I've never actually thought Axl was overweight, even when the media kinda ran with that angle after RIR3, but some of those face swapping gifs at GNFNR are ridiculously funny. Like Rovim said, Axl wipes his tears with $100 bills so I doubt he's losing any sleep over it and I hope that he just takes it as the trolly joke that it is For the record I also found the "MS Paint" thread at this forum hilarious so maybe I just have the sense of humor of a 6 year old lol.
  10. Can't believe soon has been banned Is it a temporary or perma ban? Hope the mods will reconsider. I've been a mod and admin on GNR forums for about 15 years so I know arguments and disagreements can flare up between users from time to time, but I genuinely think soon is a great asset to this community and I'm sure that whatever caused the ban will be water under the bridge given a couple of months time
  11. Fernando can sleep easy tonight knowing that I expect literally nothing from GN'R except a big shit sandwich Just joking, would love to hear new music with Axl singing, but I have absolutely no expectations of ever seeing such an announcement. My guess is we won't see an official release of any kind until at least 2025, probably even later Wish that weren't the case, but it is
  12. Saw on Twitter that it's Del James's birthday too, so happy birthday to you both
  13. Imo, they were fucked the moment they tried to undermine Izzys importance by getting him to sign that new contract. Izzy bailed and the band has been hamstringed ever since. If you need evidence just look at the lack of new music since the "big three" reunited in 2016. Is five years not enough time to write and release a single song? With the 20 or so musicians that have been in GN'R since Izzy left they've only managed to release one album. Izzy might not have had any "hits" since going solo, but it's pretty clear that he doesn't want to be a celebrity and he doesn't seem to care a
  14. For me I'd take anything with the AFD5, mostly out of curiousity about what they'd come up with. I'm definitely an Izzy diehard so take my opinion with a huge grain of salt, but I just think he writes the most relatable songs. I'd much prefer a simple RNR song about travelling or some shit, compared to the songs on Chinese Democracy or the locker leaks, where I just can't easily relate to the lyrics, nor do I find any of the tunes memorable. It might not be considered "genius" level songwriting by the Axl diehards, but to this day I can easily hum the tune to Baby Rann (and dozens of
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