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  1. Its not a hive mind, they're actual people behind those statistics, (except for the bots), and a company is free to listen to those voices and make changes as they see fit. Are we a hive mind because everyone on this forum thinks GnR should release new music? Or are we all individuals, all equally entitled to our opinions, and a lot of us just happened to form the same opinion? I think the same goes with cancel culture. If 50k people call someone out for being a racist they're probably a racist, but there will be 50k people on the other side who disagree and voicing their own opinions abo
  2. Oh FFS. I'm going into hibernation, someone wake me up when it's safe to go outside again
  3. I've been binge watching classic WWE this last week. Started with ep 1 of Raw from 1993 and just working through them, or at least I was for a few days and then my missus took over and skipped ahead to the 2000 era, booooo Instead of the storytelling being told in the ring I'm now having to watch the 80 year old Mae Young give birth to a hand Edit: Added some pics from Google Photos.
  4. Anyone else been making travel plans for when Covid is finally over? My holiday plans went up in smoke earlier this year but Im hoping to get to USA next year, so get your shit together America I hate flying, and I can't drive, so I've been looking at travelling USA by train. Its a lot cheaper than I thought it would be. $120 for a train from Florida to New York. $200 for a train from New York to LA. Not sure exactly where I wanna go yet, but I could see so much more of the country going by train.
  5. Getting sick of friends/family sympathising that me & Krystal (my gf) haven't had kids or got married. We've chosen to do neither, but in spite of saying this for 15 years we still get told "Oh you'll grow up one day and settle down" (or some BS variation). Really boils my piss "Oh but you don't know real love until you have a child of your own" Bite me. I'm rolling a fat one and booking flights to wherever the fuck I want, enjoy wiping the shit off your kids ass for the next 18 years
  6. Have made a ton of progress on my garden lately. Its starting to look more like a garden and less like a wild jungle Have put in about 30 meters of stone border around my lawn, a few hundred liters of landscaping bark, built the rockery (which needs plants still), and also put in my pond complete with a little waterfall. Have also planted more trees, we've about 40 planted now. My girlfriend bought those cheap plastic orange lights to go around the pond, but they won't be there much longer. Have a feeling they might accidentally fall in the pond and break one day soon
  7. Didn't realise kids got paid when parents divorced. Gonna have to phone my divorced parents about this tomorrow lol
  8. Doesnt look like theres anything new unfortunately, but it might be fun to watch if it has some multi-cam videos for songs. Hope everyone is staying safe 😷
  9. Anyone who hasn't yet listened to Billie Eilish's "When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go" is missing out in my opinion, it's a pretty unique sound and my most listened to album this year
  10. Sorry Ive not been around much lately, I've been too busy in the garden The photo isn't great quality unfortunately, you can't even see my lovely trees (there is one right next to the shovel in the bottom left and I can't even see that one in the pic lol). You can see the state of my lawn, it's just weeds and lumpy grass everywhere I've decided that all around the edge of the garden I'm going to have low maintenance gardening, so I've just been digging up the topsoil, putting down fabric, covering it with bark, and then planting the odd bush, plant or tree. I'm really pleased wi
  11. downliner


    My favourite podcast is This American Life, have listened to it for years and I enjoy their storytelling format more than most other podcasts. My favourite episode is Who You Gonna Call. I've gone back and listened to it a few times
  12. Just finished listening, nice job guys Your (Brando's) content always comes across as more conversational than the usual Q&A interview format, its great.
  13. Zero cases on our island off the coast of Scotland but the panic is still very real. Shops running low on essentials like toilet paper but I've not had issues getting food fortunately. The community spirit where I live has been really uplifting, we have Facebook groups setup to make sure that everyone isolating has everything they need, and 10% of our islands population is now registered as a volunteer, including me Over 1000 volunteers within the last fortnight, and our hospital staff are being given free accommodation in B&B's close to the hospital, and all the pubs/hotels etc have give
  14. The panic buying is crazy. I manage the website for a trade supplies company in Australia and our online sales have blown up over the last few days. They've increased tenfold at least. Folk are buying gallons of isopropyl alcohol, face masks and toilet paper like it's going out of fashion.
  15. Universal and Disney world in Florida closed too now. That's my Wrestlemania holiday buggered
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