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  1. My buddy was a main lighting tech on that tour. His story as told to him by security was the after msg Axl had pointed out a chick in the crowd he wanted and had security get her a pass and direct to his dressing room. Apparently security got it wrong and sent her Tommy’s room instead. Tommy sent her away and then Axl got pissed and disappeared abs that’s why Philly was cancelled. that’s what I heard anyway either way Axls head was certainly not in the game on that tour. He seemed spaced out, depressed and bitter. clearly wasn’t ready to be on tour
  2. Last night I went down the beach where no one could hear me put my headphones and just ran around singing and grooving like Axl would on stage. im a trained vocalist… zak Stevens fromsavatage and trans-Siberian orchestra fame is my teacher… been doing this since I was 9, have well received albums out… ive ragged on axls live vocals lots… I have an entire new appreciation for him. I’m 43 and workout physically and vocally everyday. To do what he does is really hard fucking work. He hits the notes and puts on a fucking show. would you rather not have your favourite band still selling stadiums and putting on great shows? bravo gnr! Great show!
  3. I don’t know why anyone cares if they debut it live… axls probably sang it 3 times since he recorded the vocals 23 years ago he will butcher it and no one other is on this forum will give a shit. release it proper
  4. Pretty much everything they played at rir3 were better than how they ended up on CD except CD IMO
  5. Yup absolutely. Their royalty checks hadn’t started coming at that point and they were all hungry to prove themselves… absolutely my favourite version of jungle hands down
  6. I admit to liking it more and more with each listen But if this isn’t a kinda of joke just prior to actually releasing something then Axl better up his meds
  7. The “what should I do with a …” line was the best part of that song. It’s my favourite Chinese era tune that slash plays on but good gosh why does Axl do everything ass backwards this is literally the least favourite song from the Chinese era and that’s what he chooses to get people excited for “new material 😫
  8. Bring back the gnr candle 😵‍💫
  9. I love Axl but he’s an insecure Narcissist with a persecution complex. ya the label pulled it from him and that sucks but entitled much??? They gave you 15 fucking million dollars and over a decade to give them something. The fucking ego is laughable. they pulled it and it has some wrong words and missing some artwork. Big fucking deal no one reads or cares about that stuff anymore anyway. If you needed the artwork etc. Do a post on your site and let whoever cares download it. Don’t pout like toddler. it did reasonably well but Axl shit the bed by not showing up and well just being axl.
  10. No seattle or Vancouver so I’m not bothering. If it’s not a quick flight away I don’t care. But I’ve seen them 16 times lol so I think I’m good unless there is a reason to excited and there hasn’t been one for a looonnnng time
  11. Not particularly. Lyrics sound like axl watched a cheesy made for TV movie on Middle East politics and wrote the first thing of his head no edits
  12. Ya he still doesn’t have a 7 octave range. the devil “long time” in TWAT is the lowest and the “anything for you” at the end is highest 4 octaves not sure what imaginary note in aint it fun they refer to having him hit 3 additional octaves higher but whoever wrote this is an idiot
  13. What do you think is the most appetite sounding song on Chinese? It’s a completely different album in so many ways. Attitude, execution etc id say IRS has the sleaziest sort of vibe to it in terms of groove and attitude, not so much the lyrics but the overall vibe. thoughts?
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