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  1. I really don't love Atlas Shrugged. It's very consistent with some of what I consider the weaker songs from the Chinese Democracy era...no real chorus or hook....some good parts but it meanders. I feel the same way about Prostitute and the General. To me Monsters is far and away the strongest track of the potential new releases and would be an anchor on a new album. I think State of Grace has some potential, and we had no idea about Monsters so maybe there are more quality songs we haven't heard. Even so an album like this is solid: Absurd Hard School Perhaps The General Monsters State of Grace Atlas Shrugged 1-3 more songs I am seemingly in the minority but I absolutely love Absurd....I think the instrumental in that song is among the best of any GNR. It is a weird song but in some ways a GNR original that would fit on Spaghetti Incident. I think Perhaps is Great, Hard Skool very solid and Monsters is a top 10 GNR song. The rest are just okay...I think the General is a bit weak which is probably why they made it a B side. It has some interesting things to it. This "slow drip" process is a bit weird and takes getting used to but in some ways is more exciting than getting one album. It woudl be nice if it wasn't over a 4 year period but I will take what I can get. Also, I highly doubt they will call it CD 2 or anything like that. I think there is a significant chance it is titled "Guns N Roses" which was a rumor awhile ago.
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