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New Headphones


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So in the next few weeks (maybe Christmas, who knows..) I'd love to get new headphones as my old crappy ones are pretty much done for. I'm just using these for my iPod but I'm so sick of shit little ones that I'd like to get fairly decent ones.

Ok so last year or something like that I was thinking along the same line, so as an idiot I blew 60 bucks on Apple in-ear headphones...and they were pretty good for the like one time I got them in my ears, and the time after that they broke or something :rolleyes:, so a repeat of that wouldn't be too appreciated..

I was lookin' at the Shure E2c or something like that, but the wierd over-ear cable thing is just kinda stupid and it put me off.

So you know...any advice would be awesome and I'm kind of looking in the 150 buck range.


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I'm currently digging a pair of sony In-Ears i picked up, really loud, crystal clear bass and not too sore on the ol' wallet.

The best pair of headphones I've ever had was this Philips set with noise reducing technology. It would block out just about anything, I could sit on a plane and only be aware of my music, it was fantastic.

Unfortunately, head/earphones seem to break with surprising regularity and those ones died within a couple of months.

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I could sit on a plane and only be aware of my music, it was fantastic.

It wouldn't be 'fantastic' if the plane goes down and all you hear is your music.

:rofl-lol: well, at least Id die happy. That was just a for example (okay so I did use it on the plane sometimes). But they were really great headphones, I was gutted when they broke.

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Shure E2c really are the way to go dude.

Incredible quality cable and the sound quality is out of this world.

And dont let the unorthodox over-ear thing concern you. After putting them on 3 times it really is very easy :)

Yeah I guess, but I dunno...do you look like a complete knob when you wear 'em? :huh: But I saw you plugging them in another thread so sounds like they'd be pretty good.

I was looking at some $140 Sony ones the other day but have no idea what they were.

Oh and by the way I'm looking to buy Ear-phones (probably in-ear ones) rather than big headsets, I hate the big headset ones <_<.

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