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  1. where's the @Powerage5 review at i've only listened once through but i definitely liked it - time machine, parchment, and hell on earth stood out most. obviously an album that will reward repeated listens so i have some more ahead of me.
  2. If I dish it out I gotta take it! I'll give you that IDLES' last album wasn't great, but agree to disagree on the others.
  3. shame, IDLES, Fontaines D.C., Post Animal, Kikagaku Moyu, Black Midi, Thee Oh Sees, Pond, Pottery, King Gizzard - most of the innovative and exciting new rock these days is in the post-punk or psych space. Pretty much every band that is hailed as the new rock-n-roll saviors are mad boring to me.
  4. AMOLAD and Final Frontier covers were tight but I see the point about back to back albums with the black background. So be it. I'm mad pumped about this. @Powerage5 - you think there's any chance at all they convert the 2022 dates to Senjutsu shows, or finish those out and then do a totally separate tour in late 2022 or '23?
  5. I think it's totally out of production. The idiots (myself included) who I used to drink it with every now and then with in college have looked on and off over the last few years for nostalgia purposes and no dice.
  6. you mean to tell me this isn't dropping on the 15th? dumb as hell
  7. hey when is that project with bootsy dropping is that known yet? last i saw anywhere was december but no specific date
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