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Angriest Songs You Know

Guest Sweet Tooth

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Guest banaszkiewicz

yeah...i guess i am kinda mad at the moment

so i need some suggestions

right now, i just have a shit load of eminem songs

help me out!

thanks in advance

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Depends on the anger really.

I find that if you can relate to the lyrics the song is even better because you connect to it.

Off the top of my head and because I'm a little buzzed.

Bullet by The Misfits and Violet by Hole is pretty angry shit.

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Kim is fucking intense.

Yeah it really is, freaks me out, great great song.

Just listen to Vulgar Display of Power really, great album.

And apart from Pantera:

Are You Dead Yet? - Children Of Bodom

Mask Of Sanity - Children Of Bodom

Fuck I love CoB.

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Dogs by Pink Floyd

...And Justice For All by MetallicA

You Gota Another Thing Coming by Judas Priest

You need to give us a better description of the angry you want. Do you want "GRRRR FUCK EVERYBODY AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR KILL KILL DIE" angry, or do you want angry with a specific purpose behind it? Does the music have to be really really intense and heavy? There are so many angry songs but not all of them are something that will drive you to kill. Ohio by Neil Young is a pretty good example. Definitely an angry song, but it's not something that pumps you up before taking a chainsaw to somebody's head.

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