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According to Ticketek workers, promoters, newspapers...


- 4 concerts:

9 de Março - Nilson Nelson Arena, Brasilia


Second week of March - Morumbi Stadium, São Paulo


Second week of March - Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro


Second week of March - Mineirao Stadium, Belo Horizonte



- 2 concerts in River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires



- 1 concert on a stadium.


Source: T4F, Ticketek, Ticketmaster.

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WOOO awesome!!

I live in Uruguay, and they ain't coming here.. but I'm so going to try to go to Argentina!

Hehe, I wouldn't be so sure about that, my dear GN'R fan... I'm Uruguayan too and I live in Montevideo. In the last days I was told from an insight soand pretty reliable source that there have been some serious talks between those who arranged some of the latam concerts and GN'R itself to make a concert on March 18th. Where? obviously in the world's historical football monument called Estadio Centenario!! For now it may be called a rumor but it's almost confirmed by now!!! If the negotiations conclude successfuly could be the first time we won't have to travel to Argentina so presence a great concert!! the best rock band of all times could be visiting us in only 3 months!! just in case, book that date and cross your fingers!!!!!!

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So ... whatever happened to the South American tour?

I know Brasil is confirmed, but what about Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, etc. ?

The Uruguay show is less than two months away, and there is still no tickets on sale, no confirmation from the band, etc.

The only way to find out about these tour dates is to wade through a 38 page thread on HTGTH.

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The Uruguay show is less than two months away, and there is still no tickets on sale, no confirmation from the band, etc.

Wrong, my dear friend. A pre-sale for the Uruguayan show started today, and I have my ticket right here. Paid the most expensive one, of course. It costed me $3175 (uruguayan pesos), which is something like USD 158. There are a lot of different prices, even as low as $225 (USD 11,5 - and I swear I'm not shitting you!)

I will scan the ticket and post a pic of it so you can see I'm not lying :P

For those people from Uruguay who can understand this - the pre-sale is just for OCA Card users, and you can buy the ticket in 2 or 3 monthly payments. They are for sale in any RedPagos (I personally bought it in Cambio 18 - 18 de Julio y Magallanes). Hurry up and get it because they're selling pretty fast according to the people at RedPagos. I already know a lot of people who got it today. More info here, including a full list of prices (in spanish): http://www.montevideo.com.uy/nottiempolibre_99259_1.html (don't even bother to read the comments, most people who write there are just fucking haters)

And dude...... I can't wait anymore!!!! :lol:

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