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Taylor Swift


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I respect your opinion - but i'll ask before you make you make your final judgement - Download her album and listen to it at least twice and forget about all the media attention all the "hype" etc. and you just might find two or three songs that you really enjoy.

I never thought i would enjoy any of her songs;but i was out having a good time one night somewhere and her album was the soundtrack to it; at the time i didn't know who the artist was, all i knew was i was having good time and the music fit the mood.

i'm convinced that sometimes if people would just throw away all their pro-concieved notions on 'popular/radio' music, they could see why it is popular or at least give it some credit.

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Contrived songs for 12 year olds. When I saw the Facebook group "Bad Day? There's a Taylor Swift song for that" I spat blood. Plus, she's an absolutely horrid live singer, which takes away any credibility her music may have had to me. I can't stand artists that can only sing in the studio.

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No significant artistic gap between her and the likes of Avril Lavigne or Michelle Branch. Sure, I like fun candy pop from time to time, but the accolades couldn't be more undeserved. Puppy poop writer, pedestrian performer, piss-poor singer, passable guitarist, etc.

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Have somehow managed to avoid ever hearing a note from her. :shrugs: Her performance in Valentine's Day was...well, at the risk of being offensive, the only word that springs to mind and covers all the bases is 'spastic'. Does she behave like that generally?

Oh shit, I just admitted to having seen Valentine's Day, didn't I? :(

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That song lyrically reminds me of Saving Jane's Girl Next Door from a couple of years ago, and another song of hers that I can't remember the name of at the moment reminded me of it melodically too. It might be a misconception, as I've only heard three or four of her songs, but as far as I can tell, she's going for a really unoriginal sound. :shrugs:

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I saw the Crossroads with Def Leppard and she did do a good job on "When Love and Hate Collide", other than that it's pretty generic and interchangable with Shania, Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, and maybe Trisha Yearwood. New generation of country I guess, now that they're all older. Dixie Chicks have the best harmonies going, but I think the controversy and not the music got them the Grammy. And they blew Stevie Nicks off the stage. Which Taylor def. didn't do... "Rhiannon" was out of her league.

I do like her songs, but Grammy award winning album?

I like Sara Watkins (Nickel Creek was unbelievably good), Neko Case (better than Swift by miles), Emmylou Harris , but the all time is Dolly Parton, who's got a powerhouse of a voice... another all time being Patsy. And I still like Loretta Lynn's "Van Lear Rose" that she did with Jack White. Alison Krauss - also awesome... the Robert Plant CD was good, but she's got enough on her own that makes it worth seeing her. Jessi Colter and Wanda Jackson, old school favorites.

But Grammy for best album of 2009? Dave Matthews was on there because he lost a bandmate, otherwise U2 would've been on there, and PInk. It was a strong year for Black Eyed Peas,Lady Gaga, and Beyonce. I think Kanye influenced the voting outcome... ever since then people in general took notice of her.

She should be thanking Kanye for that Grammy. It drove sales through the roof.

But not all albums of the year result in classic albums. If you look at the stuff from the 80s and 90s, maybe 3 or 4 classics. But in the 70s, almost all of them have become classics.

If anything, it's rarely the case. Joni Mitchell's never won a Grammy for album of the year, but a smooth jazz cover version of it did.

Wasn't Chinese Democracy eligible?

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  • 2 years later...

Bumping because I LOVE Taylor Swift. :wub:

What do you love about her?

I just always thought it was a gimmick of yours, or that you thought she was pretty. Do you listen to her music too?

I thought people would think that, which is why it's funny. Yes, I do listen to her music though, her CDs have been in my car since I bought them.

I also think she's very talented (even if not to everyone's music taste).

Haha once I saw this thread I'd it'd have to be you who had bumped it :lol: @ Aaron

You knows. :xmasssanta:

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Wife is a fan. I think she has sexy hair ! She sings to mostly teens, which is her money maker. I have always wondered what happens when she gets older and has to market to an older crowd? Sometimes you looks hot, and sometimes not.

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