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Best Nirvana album



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Which one?

Also, I know Incesticide is not a proper release; But at the time it was released it was billed as one, and is still advertise as such.

My vote is for Incesticide. A year or so ago I would have said Nevermind, but from start to finish Incesticide is better.

More upbeat songs, and on a couple of songs you can see where nirvana got the "punk" label from; at times they almost sound like Bad Religion, imo.

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The great thing about Nirvana is that you can make a valid argument for any of their albums being their best.

I don't think there is one. For a band a lot of people (especially on here) claim to lack in musical talent, there's a lot of growth and diversity shown over the span of 3 (ok Sunny, 4) albums. I really love them all for their own separate reasons and I prefer one over the other on different days for different reasons.

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Nevermind is the best album, but right now I prefer In Utero.

That's my favourite one. Chuck Klosterman's essay on it- and about how it's the ultimate self-guilt record - is brilliant, btw.

Most of what he says is.

I've read all of his books, and I subscribed to Spin for the longest, just to catch his random review.

A top writer, imo.

probaly my second fave music critic.

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In Utero for me. Nevermind may have a higher consistency song-by-song but In Utero is more than that... Nevermind is still a great album though, and Bleach is very good too. I haven't heard Incesticide in years...I shold remedy that. The MTV Unplugged album is all kinds of awesome too, and last year's release of the Live at Reading is miles better than From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah (which is good though).

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In Utero.

Will never understand the love for this record.

I like it, but I think it is, hands down, one of their weakest efforts.

Nirvana for me (A who person grew up in the era)

1. Incesticide (tied) Nevermind

2. Bleach

3. From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah

4. In Utero

5. MTV Unplugged in New York

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I forgot about MTV Unplugged in New York. Their version of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" is just bone chilling.

Bleach is meh except for "Negative Creep"

Are you kidding? School is fucking ace!

I have to listen to the record again, last time I heard it I was like 12 and my tastes have changed a lot since then.

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I might like Nevermind if I could ever stop hearing about it. Plus I find most of the songs on there boring. In Utero contains my favorite Nirvana song, Milk It. Plus some of my other favorites, so I voted for that.

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