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Gordon Comstock

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Holy shit. This album is fucking immense.

Godsmack have never strayed too far from their 'sound' but there is definately something different with this album. It's much more intense. This is quite possibly going to be the 'album of the year' for me.

Just a little FYI - if you ever have a chance to see Godsmack -- DO IT! They are definately one of the best live bands I've ever seen. Very good live show.

The new album, The Oracle:

3. War And Peace

6. Devils Swing

7. Good Day To Die

8. Forever Shamed

9. Shadow Of A Soul

Best songs are, in my opinion, 'Devils Swing' 'Cryin Like A Bitch' 'Saints and Sinners' and 'Love-Hate-Sex-Pain'

The drums on 'Devils Swing'..... Wow.... that song is just pure aggression. 'What If?' is also a pretty awesome song.

Anyone else really into this album? Who else here likes Godsmack? If you haven't listened to them a lot, give this album a chance, all the songs in the tracklist are linked to youtube postings of the songs.

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Yeah liked this album a lot too. Picked it up on Tuessday and have had Cryin' Like a Bitch!! and Love Hate Sex and Pain in my head for most of the week. I like all of Godsmack's previous albums and this one is no different. I'm sure I'll only grow to like it more and more each time I listen to it.

Is it me or does Love Hate Sex and Pain have a really familiar guitar riff? Maybe I'm imagining things but it sounds SO familiar to me....

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