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new Avenged Sevenfold song "Nightmare"


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I used to love this band but I hated the last album. That said, the new song is sweet. Killer solo, and Shadows actually screams a little again. It sounds like a good mix of the old and new stuff. Enjoy

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have they found a new drummer?

The drummer from Dream Theater is filling in.

Fuck! If I'd known Portnoy was doing this I would've followed this properly. Awesome drummer, he's all over this, best possible guy to fill in for The Rev, even if it is only temporary. I really wasn't a fan of Avenged's earlier stuff, and got into their stuff after City Of Evil. This is great :)

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I love Avenged Sevenfold but on the first listen this song didn't really do it for me, maybe I got too excited when I heard they got Portnoy... I actually thought maybe they would incorporate some more progressive shit WHICH WOULD BE FUCKING AWESOME AND EXACTLY WHAT THIS BAND NEEDS but I was way off. They have one of the most talented drummers in the biz and they aren't utilizing him, kind of a shame, but at the same time I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up

I'll probably still buy the album, and give this song a few more shots to sink in, but right now I just feel very underwhelmed :shrugs:

Nothing To Say or whatever its called blows this out of the fucking water

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I gotta say I dig the new song. It reminds me of Justice era Metallica in a few spots. I think the guitar work is once again where they shine. I have a feeling this album will be a lot better than the last one which I thought was awful

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