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Post your guitar playing

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Guest Sleeping Like An Angel

Nice work everyone.

I really admire people who can play guitar. I wish I could. It's a great talent you guys keep it up!

Improvised solo :

Your fantastic. Really enjoyed listening to your stuff.

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I remember I made a thread years ago of my guitar playing, and I believe it was GNR 1991 that was going to sing over my GN'R guitar covers. Old old thread i'll try and dig it up.

was that when you posted an instrumental of nightrain? that was fucking sweet



Woooow. I have none of these still on my computer and hardly play the guitar anymore sadly, This was back in HS when I used to jam with a few of my friends, nowadays I barely have enough time to party. I still dabble a little bit but nothing serious. Maybe i'll upload a quick something in a bit

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