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Do you think Guns should take the year off and get ready for a 2012 album and tour?

ITW 2012

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Do you think Guns should take the year off and get ready for a 2012 album and tour? I'd rather they take this year off than next year. They could use the time to get all their ducks in a row for a proper release of CD II and an End of The World World Tour.

CD II: Mayan Apocalypse

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Does every thread on mygnr have to become a petty argument?

Anyways back on topic, i agree that guns needs to do something this year, this band doesn't need a year off, they need to keep the momentum going, how bout a US tour with a tour edition of CD with a couple new songs & a Bonus DVD backing it. Sounds like a solid idea to me.

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A question about what Axl should do brings out the slash-lovers. Weird. Does insulting Axl make you feel better about yourselves? Or somehow make Slash more cool in your book? Instead of constantly bashing Axl, why don't u turn that aggressive behavior into a positive spin for Slash and VR? Go post in the VR board, and support that band!!!! This is music, support the bands that you love!!!!


I think this is an obvious answer. I think we ALL want new music asap rather than another tour. Even put out an album of the best 14 remaining chinese dem songs. Then go into the studio and start working on a new album with the band. Simple.

yeah man you are absolute true on the first part.

on the second almost, as they, GNR should put out all the songs that made it into the main file, and from all the rumors that I've heard B) there are at least 20 left if not more, and my guess is that there are even more, so putting out an album as a double one, is the way to get them all out, as it didn't work the 3 steps thing, as for 2010 they were supposed to get another one out, and on 2012 the last one of the trilogy. I believe it will be a major blow in the face of the world to put out yet another double album, specifically because GNR did it already, and to make it even hard to digest it should be stuffed with videos exactly as YUI at their time, and that will kick major ass! we all know that to make them on the top of the charts, all that GNR needs is one, yeas just one video, because the music is there! my guess is that even now with what ever song they'll chose from Chinese Democracy and make it a video as live performance, GNR will bring the rest of the world in their knees. yeas I know it could sound unthinkable but hey, that's GNR all about! yeas it will be crazy after 2 years to get put out videos for Chinese Democracy songs, but I would definitely do it! it will rock out just the pure fact of doing it, as all the press will get at their neck, and that's awesome, 'cause what the majority around here who past their teens and yet still live as teens inside them selfs is that teens dig everything that is bad talked about the press, how else would you explain why GNR has today so many fans in their real teens!? it's the rock n' roll attitude that GNR has, the mayhem they represent were ever and when ever they show up! yes fuckers - the bad mouthed - you forget that's what you liked about GNR in the first place and now you're all asking GNR to conform. this is maybe one of the last real rock band, because it's all about the attitude man! fuck the system while leaving on it! not running away from it, not submitting to it, but stand ones ground!

as the song ends:

Yeah this song is dedicated to All the Guns n' fuckin' Roses fans

Who stuck with us through all the

Fucking shit

And to all those opposed...


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A new Gn'R site in the style of NIN.com would be awesome too. I really like the 2012 tie-in that you've got there, it's kind of awesome but at the same time kinda seems attention whoring, ah what am I saying, the band posing on a mayan temple would be fuckin' awesome. I really just hope to hear some Robin on the next album. Maybe one of these days Axl will be listening to a moving track or watching an inspirational film get a spur of the moment urge to run into the studio and get something out there.

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