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Only one thing I'd change about this tour


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What the hell is going on with the video behind the stage? It completely interferes with the awesome music and image of the band. During this I love, all of my friends were laughing at the ballet video...what sucks is I can't defend it. The videos themselves look like stock footage. I get what they are going for, some visuals to set the mood. But the music does that. My advice would be don't put up video if the video isn't compelling or if it doesn't add to the song experience. Like images of MLK during Maddy works great. But Indy car racing? Crappy looking firework graphics during paradise city? Looks like a 1990 screen saver. That's it, that's all I will ever bitch about.

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I'll agree on the ballerina and a few others. Axl's got some strange muses.

Helicopters on the Fortus solo are cool though.

Yeah helicopter's awesome. Also love the Rocket Queen and Chinese Democracy ones.

Rocket Queen one's got tits. Tits rule.

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