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Nice Pic :)


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They look like they're enjoying eachothers company. I wish we knew wat they were talking about. Those bitches don't even realize how lucky they are to be in the presence of such rock gods.

Those "bitches" are family of the band :rolleyes:

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The building behind with the blue light is the Radisson opposite the O2 where i was staying

Definitely taken in London the other night as he has the Union Jack patch on his knee. Great photo - just shows that if people thought it was an old photo that he really hasn't changed that much. He just covers up too much of what he still does have :no:

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this already made the rounds,no?

So you make a post claiming there's an existing thread, but are too lazy to post a link? Typical.

Anyway, very cool pic.

Thank you P.S. here is another one :thumbsup:


I cant believe someone has taken my pictures, instragramed it and reposted it. Jobsworth.

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