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If the World


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Not sure if this has been discussed before, but I've been pondering the lyrics to If the World, which by the way is a kick-ass "experimental" GNR track ... something I'd like to hear a helluva lot more of.

Looking at the lyrics, they're pretty melancholy and convey a sense of longing about lost love, the protagonist seems to be thinking about the end of the world (or of life itself) and the meaninglessness of it all, because he had the thing he wanted most and didn't realize it until it was too late.

If the world would end today

All the dreams we had

Would all just drift away

This is the key section that I think could refer to Stephanie Seymour:

I never thought all the love I was lookin' for

Could ever be so close to me

But you're the only one

I have ever loved that has ever loved me

It's well-documented that Axl was crushed after Stephanie left, and the section above suggests that he may have not treated her well or taken her for granted while they were together, but after she left he realized she was "the one". Also this part below implies that he didn't realize how much she meant to him (and that he didn't "show" his feelings properly) until it was too late:

I never knew the way that you looked at me

Would ever mean so much to me

But in my heart I found

The feelin's that I've never shown

And now they've

Got the best of me

Thoughts on the lyrics, or just the song in general?

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Guest Broskirose

I love when Axl sang it at the Tokyo 09 show and added the lines "If there is a cure for this, I don't want it". The way he sung that added part was badass


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