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Axl Rose Vs. Vince Neil

Haters Gonna Hate


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I love Axl and Neil is a joke, but Axl has that typical short man syndrome of talking a big game to overcompensate, but it seems like a lot of it was just that: smack talk. Vince by all accounts was more of a brawler type in Motley Crue's hedonistic days so he probably woulda knocked him out. The few times Axl publicly brawled - like St Louis - he was afforded the fact that he was on stage in front of thousands of fans and had huge bodyguards standing nearby. That's the sorta shit that fucks with your head.

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Its gotta be Axl every time. Here's a few more Axl vs. Vince scenarios that Axl would win hands down:

Who's sexier?

Who's more intelligent?

Who's had better looking girlfriends?

Who has more talent?

The list could just go on and on.............

Plus, Izzy said it best when he said "Nah, it was like being hit by a girl" in response to Vince hitting him.

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