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Chinese Democracy: The Drums

Vincent Vega

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I've read that Axl was obsessed with getting the drums on Chinese D--The title track, at least---to sound just like the drums of Smells Like Teen Spirit. That he really wanted to emulate Dave Grohl's sound on at least that song. I dunno if he wanted it anywhere else...But, if we're just going by that track, do you think he succeeded in what he was hoping to achieve with regard to the drums, at least on that song?

"The first task set to [Zutaut] by [Axl] was to help with the drum sound for the album's title track. Axl had told the studio guys that he wanted the same drum sound as Dave Grohl on Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. The production crew would claim they had it, but Axl wouldn't be satisfied." (Classic Rock, 04/08)

How do you feel about the drumming on CD as a whole?

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The album has some great drummers who worked on it. I personally love Josh Freese and I wish some of his playing was on the album. I still love Frank and Brain though. I'm excited to hear Frank's groove on the next album.

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