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Best opportunity we have to turn this into a Peatl Jam forum


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Lets do it for a weekend. Its a nice protest and Im sure we will get some attention from the media.

No offense, but you may be grossly overestimating how "big" this forum is.


True, but I frequent this website "ultimate-guitar.com" and they have run far stupider stories. If we actually did it for a week, and we had a bunch of people email the website, I guarantee they'd find it hilarious and run the story. Then you retweet that to Slash and other former members and bada boom, we're famous!

But seriously, it would be very easy to get this known if we alerted people. It helps that its also a hilarious premise.

Well, I check sites like Loudwire quite a bit as they are good for updates on other bands I like, such as Dream Theater, Queensryche, AIC, etc. and I honestly do not recall the activities of a single fan forum ever being reported. Ever. Fan forums generally seem to exist apart from media sites like the one you mentioned IMO.


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