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Best opportunity we have to turn this into a Peatl Jam forum


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I do think this is a genius idea. Particularly if it can get to a news source like Rolling Stone to report on it:

"Guns N Roses Fan Forum Turns Into Pearl Jam Land!"

"GNR fans have been fed up for years, and it seems now they have finally done something about it. Frustrated with the lack of new music and seeming care from the band, fans of the Guns N Roses site MyGNR have abandoned the once dangerous rock and roll band and turned towards more engaging artist Pearl Jam. Says one forum member: "I got sick of waiting and waiting for New GNR to progress as a fully formed band. Axl treats his fans like shit and there seemed to be no reason to continue dedicating a forum to them. We decided collectively that Pearl Jam is definitely more worth our while.

We contacted Axl Rose for a statement, to which he promptly told us to "fuck off!" Don't worry Mr. Rose, it seems that for once everyone finally has. David Fricke at Rolling Stone reporting."

I mean, that would be so much fun. Also, its maybe a last ditch effort to say to Axl "hey, we really are hating this" and maybe it'll actually get him to see he truly is losing his fanbase. Obviously this wouldn't need to be a permanent thing. But if we kept it going for a week and people were actively trying to get this story out there, it could be a lot of fun. As GNR twitter said, its not like we have anything to look forward to for awhile.

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Lets do it for a weekend. Its a nice protest and Im sure we will get some attention from the media.

No offense, but you may be grossly overestimating how "big" this forum is.


True, but I frequent this website "ultimate-guitar.com" and they have run far stupider stories. If we actually did it for a week, and we had a bunch of people email the website, I guarantee they'd find it hilarious and run the story. Then you retweet that to Slash and other former members and bada boom, we're famous!

But seriously, it would be very easy to get this known if we alerted people. It helps that its also a hilarious premise.

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Is this just another day ... this god forgotten place?
First comes love, then comes pain. Let the games begin ...
Questions rise and answers fall ... insurmountable.

Love boat captain
Take the reigns and steer us towards the clear ... here.
It's already been sung, but it can't be said enough.
All you need is love.

Great song.

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