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Highway to Hell lyrics


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Ok, it's a silly question anyway, but even if it does sound like that to you, there is zero precedent for Bon ever using language like that in his music. Despite the fact that AC/DC music is almost exclusively about sex, drinking, and rock 'n' roll itself, the actual words used are quite clean.

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I didn't say he said "she's a n*gger", I said it sounds like it and was asking if anyone else hears it.

I read somewhere the word "n*gger" wasn't common in Australia at the time the song was recorded.

That's certainly not what the question sounded like, but I can hear how it doesn't quite sound like "season ticket." It doesn't sound like the other one, though, either. But I am quite certain it is indeed season ticket.

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You think that's bad? There are loads of forums I found through google with the same topic.

A local DJ has devoted hours to this topic on his show over the years. He's adamant that it's "she's a n*gger".

I've honestly never heard of this one before this thread :lol:

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Befroe this thread was made I always thought it was season ticket. I do understand the confusion, but it doesn't make sense. Ask yourself what lyric makes more sense? "season ticket on a one way ride." or "shes a ni$$er on a one way ride". The first one is the real one imo.

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Guest Len B'stard

It's gotta be season ticket, it makes the more sense when attached to on a one way ride. Couple that with the fact that the songs called HIGHWAY to Hell, makes sense, the travel motif, what the fuck would N***** mean in the middle of this song? Always thought it was season ticket. And Dalshes lyric sheet thing kinda ends the debate.

On a slight tangent, what is it with these rock stars and the fuckin' skidmarks on their lyric sheets? :lol:

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